2012 Google Summer of Code - Project Ideas Page

Multisite: Adding multisite capability "out of the box", with users being able to manage/update several website from one central location

-nImprove security of XOOPS to minimize hack possibilty. We can add some functionnality for Xoops Authentification like: password expiration based on a number of days when the password is valid, creatennew account with a temp password that user must change during the first connection
- Change the default chmod (777) by a more secure chmod (755). This include a modification of Xoops installer thatnfor the moment don't change the chmod.
- Change module architecture for separate scripts and entry point. Actually module have all their file set in the modules/ directory. The goal is to haventhe script set in a secure directory and in modules/ directory we retreive only file that check security and include the secured script.
- Embedded security protection against XSS and sql injectionnto free module developers from security concerns

- WURFL driven Content Adaptation support for controlling view rendering on Mobile phones and otherndevices.

PDF: Adding PDF class that use Xoops Model Object for simplify developer work.

Log system:
- Log all event on the Xoops site: StandardnAdmin manipulation (change settings, install/update or delete a module).
- Create administration console for search, clear or create some report.

Forms: Change Xoops Formnclass to allow customisation by developers and inherit from it for change the default work.
Add Ajax verification instead of old javascript validation.

BBCode: Manage allnBBcode in Administration for easy adding of new ones.

Editor system: Manage editor in admin area (install, uninstall). Configure Editor toolbar and create different editorntoolbar.

Database: Add more database drivers. Full PDO integration for multi-database support

Internationalization: New i18n service with nativenmulti-language support using Gettext , with with customisable behaviour (language fallback, only show requested language, etc.). XLIFF import & export of multilingual content for integration withnTranslation Management platforms used by professional translation agencies

CCK - add content types as well as additional fields to existing content types, similar to CCK innDrupal


- Improved ORM will enable crossing-module hook to allow interactions between modules without hacking each other

- Improved basic module builder fornusers to create their own modules without programming skill

- Make Theme inheritable, allowing webmaster creating a new theme dependent on a parent theme shared by other themes, which isnconvenient for webmasters and powerful for multi-site applications with great potential

- Supporting multiple template engines thus customized template engine and with template inheritance.nIntegration of Smarty 3

- New Hook mechanism

- new Plugin system

- new comment and new notification system

- provides RESTful API to manage pages/content

- addn"enterprise” features like i18n, l10n, versioning, workflows, ACLs, with easy reverting to old content, contributors list to contents, etc.

- Integration with a Zend Framework/Symfony

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