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[Free] xFresh XOOPS Theme

Posted by AngeloRocha on 2012/1/24 22:52:45 (5881 reads) | Posted on Themes
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Ladies and gentlemens, I bring more than one template for XOOPS:
xFresh Theme, theme with a modern look for personal websites.

See Here: http://bit.ly/xeS8ol

Download Here: http://bit.ly/x2xZvx

I hope you enjoy.

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[Commercial] xLight XOOPS Theme

Posted by AngeloRocha on 2012/1/24 22:51:55 (3347 reads) | Posted on Themes
Resized Image

Hello! I bring to you one more theme for XOOPS.
xLight Theme, 1/2/3 columns, menu, slide and many layout variations.

See Here: http://labs.angelorocha.com.br/

Purchase: contato @ angelorocha . com . br or http://bit.ly/zssNQs

Enjoy ;)


New site xoops in Brazil Moto Mastter

Posted by leomissao on 2012/1/19 12:10:15 (2914 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Hello guys. I would like to present to you the Moto Mastter site made ​​with XOOPS 2.5.4

Resized Image

Using modules:

FmContent 1.1 - Manage static content.

ExtGallery 1.09 (added upload button in admin area) - Photo Gallery.

MyTube 1.05 - Displays Manager.

Liaise 1 - Forms Generator, Version GuxBrasil

Theme developed using Theme Factory (mini framework for creating themes for XOOPS).

Special thanks to Angelo Rocha.

See you next time...

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Xoops Html Classes v1.1

Posted by timgno on 2012/1/19 12:10:00 (2969 reads) | Posted on Hacks
In the previous version, I included only three classes in the package, it will include 19 excluding of course the form tag we already use with classes xoopsform. It can then use these classes directly in xoops since I added the needed files from libraries that attract the same classes in the core.


It 's always recommended to test in locally, using a virtual server like WampServer, in tutorials, in the same section explains how to integrate them in our files for xoops.

In the class/xoopshtml folder, are included these class files:


It is considering whether it was necessary to include other classes, as more and more, than mentioned above, the html tags.



Soon it will be appropriate explication for this created a tutorial in the tutorial section of my site

Timgno - TXMod Xoops Team

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FREE Xoops Theme Sd-087-Travel

Posted by sinnedesign on 2012/1/17 10:13:55 (3354 reads) | Posted on Themes
Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Xoops Theme Sd-087-Travel. The Free XOOPS - Travel Theme was made with friendly help from maketravel.

Resized Image

Here can you find the XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-087-Travel

Here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Have Fun with new Free XOOPS Theme!


MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) 1.48 Beta

Posted by Mamba on 2012/1/16 7:54:55 (5913 reads) | Posted on Modules
The XOOPS port of MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) has been updated to the latest version 1.4.8, and is ready for testing as Beta.

Resized Image

As with every Beta, please do NOT use it on a production site.

The original XOOPS port has been done by Jobrazo, based on an 'old' porting code from bluetopia

Some features of the XOOPS port:

- Based on MRBS Meeting Room Booking System 1.4.8
- Web/Intranet based - Available from any workstation through a Browser
- Simple to follow, Web based options and intuitive presentation using css
- Flexible Repeating Bookings
- Authentication with your existing Xoops user database
- Ensures that conflicting entries cannot be entered
- Reporting mailoption for create / edit /remove of bookings
- Selectable DAY / WEEK / MONTH views

Requirements: XOOPS 2.5.x and ModuleAdmin

To Do: Update documentation and translations

Download: SourceForge

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The Dutch speaking XOOPS community has moved!

Posted by flipse on 2012/1/15 17:08:03 (2940 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

The Dutch speaking XOOPS community website has moved to a new domain, NLXOOPS.NL Despite of the fact xoops.nl could still be used we have chosen to move to a new domain. Owning a new domain gives us independency, we want to leave the past with quarrel and a painful lawsuit behind.

All existing xoops.nl user accounts still work on NLXOOPS.NL, just use your familiar username and associated password to login to the new website.

Existing xoops.nl forum posts have been migrated to the new support forum on NLXOOPS.NL Please use the NLXOOPS forum for new threads or follow-ups to existing posts.

Filling the downloads section on NLXOOPS.NL is still work in progress. In the meantime it is possible to download modules from the xoops.nl repository.

Moving to a new domain cost us a lot of work, we are still busy fine-tuning and eliminating imperfections. In case you notice a failure or problem, please let us know!

Was signed by the core members of the Dutch speaking community,
Renetjuh, Shine and Flipse

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Common Utilities 2.1.43 beta 3 released!

Posted by BitC3R0 on 2012/1/14 15:15:53 (3252 reads) | Posted on Modules
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Common Utilities 2.1.43 beta is available for download!. In fact it has been available to download from our site for several days, however we have dedicated this time to test its functionality in a production environment to verify that everything works properly.

This release includes fixes to problems reported so far, but since version 2.1.40 have been very few reports.

We have also made ​​the following changes:

- User Manager enabled.
- New Block Manager. It allows better management of the blocks and creating custom positions. Now you can add blocks anywhere in your theme with just create a position and enable it to smarty. It is also fully compatible with XOOPS block system.
- Fixed a problem that arose with the jQuery plugin for cookies. Because some servers file name recognized him as a threat.

Common Utilities can be downloaded from the microsite.

Note: We've also updated our other modules, it is recommended to download the new versions. You can do it from this link.

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[Commercial] myBlog XOOPS Theme

Posted by AngeloRocha on 2012/1/13 14:57:32 (3222 reads) | Posted on Themes
Resized Image

Hello! I bring to you one more theme for XOOPS.
MyBlog Theme, 1/2/3 columns, dropdown, 3d slide and many layout variations.

See Here: http://labs.angelorocha.com.br/

Purchase: contato @ angelorocha.com.br or http://bit.ly/zssNQs

Enjoy ;)

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