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Debugging XOOPS With FirePHP/Firebug 1.7

Posted by Mamba on 2012/3/12 7:40:00 (3560 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
XOOPS FirePHP/Firebug package has been updated to version 1.7, and includes the latest FirePHP class.

FirePHP is a Mozilla Firefox plugin/extension that merges with Firebug and enables you to log to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP method call. All data is sent via response headers and will not interfere with the content on your page, therefore it is ideally suited for AJAX development where clean JSON and XML responses are required.

Frankblack was frustrated with debugging his AJAX applications using just the standard Debug Mode, therefore he ended up using FireBug + FirePHP as addons for Firefox, and he rewrote XOOPS class/logger/render.php to output the XOOPS debug messages to FirePHP, resulting in a very flexible solution. Trabis contributed as well, and now we have a solution that is very helpful to XOOPS Developers.

Resized Image

For more info, please read the Tutorial that is included in the package.

Requirements: XOOPS 2.5.x

Download: from XOOPS SourceForge

Issues/Feedback: on XOOPS Forums in this thread

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Solving ajax giving cross-domain error or responding empty

Posted by culex on 2012/3/9 13:23:20 (7074 reads) | Posted on Hacks
When assigning XOOPS_URL to a javascript variable in eighter preloads or specific pages.

Most often the browser will deny your request and return only an empty respond. But not give error. This can be seen in FireBug's console when the requests is returning code "200 OK" but text is in red color = empty result. Very annoying

The problem is between Xoops Cookie and browser. I noticed this when being logged in to a xoops page and closing the page without logging out. When re-opened the ajax running in my preloads (in this case XIM and Smallworld) was denying sending messages or posting to the wall.

Also this is a problem if you log out from and open

There are as I see this 2 solutions.

1) Everytime you finish browsing do log out.

Another solution is to define the javascript var used in ajax requests according to actual browser adress.

Add a function to your page (if you add to include/functions.php remember to include this page in preloads or the page your working on)

     * @Get url of smallworld
     * @returns string
function smallworld_getHostRequest() 
$protocol strpos(strtolower($_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL']),'https') === FALSE 'http' 'https';
$host     $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
$script   $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
$params   $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
$currentUrl $protocol '://' $host;

In your page reset the var like this
// Check if request url is with www or without
global $xoTheme;
$urltest smallworld_getHostRequest();
$xoops_url XOOPS_URL;
        if (!
strstr($urltest'www.')) {
$xoops_url str_replace'www.'''$xoops_url );

$script "var smallworld_url = '" $xoops_url "/modules/smallworld/" "';n";

The var smallworld_url will now be according to your browser adress and this way not result in ajax cross-browser error.

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Free XOOPS Theme Sd-089-Reisen-Green

Posted by sinnedesign on 2012/3/9 13:22:52 (3799 reads) | Posted on Themes
Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-089-Reisen-Green . The Free XOOPS - Theme was made with friendly help from Leitner Reiseportal.

Resized Image

Here can you find the XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-089-Reisen-Green

Here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Nice Weekend and have Fun!

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XDBluestar: FREE template for Xoops

Posted by tatane on 2012/3/7 12:47:18 (3615 reads) | Posted on Themes
Xoops demo presents a new theme for Xoops FREE.

Resized Image

XDPerpetual is based on the default theme and psd Bluestar Travel.Il consists of two colonnes.Compatible with Xoops 2.4.x and more

Compatible with : Resized ImageResized ImageResized ImageResized ImageResized Image

Download: here
See: here

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4 design updated, Feedback needed...

Posted by nmshah on 2012/3/7 12:46:40 (2919 reads) | Posted on YAXS
I have updated my site with a new design.

The site is now using xoops 2.5.5 and the following modules

1. 3 instances of publisher (hacked to use common js, css files for all the clones)
2. Extgallery
3. Xoopsfaq (Having some issues with not being able to display categories based on weight)
4. Replaced Pical with APCal (Thank you DEDALE for all the updates to this module)
5. xForms

Also added the wibiya toolbar to the website.

I am not that good with color combinations, so kindly suggest if there is something that I can change to make the site more pleasing to eyes and easier to use.

The next on my todo list is to replace discuss with facebook comments on the blog section.

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Tutorial: Inheritance of xoopsForm

Posted by Mamba on 2012/3/6 21:10:00 (4578 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
French XOOPS user br_750 recently published a nice article about inheritance of xoopsForm class. Here is the English translation:

What is inheritance?

Inheritance is a concept specific to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), to create a new class based on an existing class. The new class "inherits" the properties and methods of the class it inherits from, called "parent" class. The inheriting class is called a "child" class.

This definition is very short and you can enhance your knowledge of object-oriented programming on the Web:

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New Module Twitter Beta 1

Posted by timgno on 2012/3/5 17:45:13 (3654 reads) | Posted on Modules
After a brief tutorial on streaming data of the users of twitter, I created this module so as to have a sorted list of images, title and text of the tweet that friends sent in real time on our site.

This beta 1 is very light but can be changed at will using the css style file, included in the css folder of the module.

The research has a limited number of queries to the search so as not to block the servers too.

After this version will probably be another one that also provides for the registration, login, and the creation of applications using a special form directly from the module.

Discussion Thread


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myAlbum-p 3.04 - Categories Gallery with SEO for XOOPS

Posted by wishcraft on 2012/3/5 9:40:00 (4437 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
myAlbum-p 3.04 - Categories Gallery with SEO for XOOPS 2.5
Community Release by Chronolabs Co-op

MyAlbum-p is a module for displaying images in a categories gallery. Base on permissions, users can submit content to myalbum-p as well as vote on them as well, complete with .htaccess SEO and tag module MyAlbum-p offers the best in gallery modules for XOOPS 2.5 & later.

Watch this introductory video on MyAlbum-p 3.01b:

Many bugs have been fixed in 3.04, please report any further bugs in this forum. The .htaccess has changed so please replace this in your main .htaccess in the XOOPS Root Path so you can have SEO Clean URLS.

XOOPS with myalbum-p Offers a range of choice and solutions the following module includes these features:

  • XOOPS 2.5 Gui
  • Photo Management
  • Categories
  • Permissions
  • Voting
  • Tagging
  • Editor of Choice
  • GD/GD2
  • NetPBM
  • ImageMagick

Bugs Fixed:
  • Category Titles not Populating
  • Images not uploading
  • SEO Paths Sometimes Empty
  • WSDO on htaccess
  • Tagging on Editing
  • Ranking voting of image
  • Topten populating by hits or rank
  • Thumbnail Creation

  • XOOPS 2.5
  • XOOPS 2.6

Download: (614Kb)
Sourceforge: (614Kb)
Comments & Bugs: ... id=344576#forumpost344576

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6 updated and optimized

Posted by kerkyra on 2012/3/5 9:38:47 (2980 reads) | Posted on YAXS
There has been an update on my site The update involves aesthetical as well as optimization improvements.

Most of the modules of the site are heavily hacked to serve my needs regarding their look and feel and the php code is altered to improve stability, usability and optimize the database queries. The rest are custom made modules made from scratch.

To my surprise optimizing the catads modules as well as smartsection saved my up to 30 db queries in the front page! And there is room for more..

The site also uses my hacked version of backend.php for centralized rss feeds. No other core files have been altered.

Moreover I used URL rewriting for most modules.

There are still lots of improvements to be made but since its usable right now and in a fair level I decided to publish it as it is and keep working on it in my own time. The sure thing is that this one is better than the previous version.

Unfortunately the site is only in Greek right now but you can get the general idea. I hope you like it

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X-Forum 5.84 - Multifielded Forum with Extras, Multisite & Multilingual

Posted by wishcraft on 2012/3/5 9:36:28 (5524 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
X-Forum 5.84
Multifielded Forum with Extras, Multisite & Multilingual
Community Release by Chronolabs Co-op

X-Forum is a completely extensible forum module for XOOPS, this is the complete stable release of the first version of 5 series, it includes multiple fields specifiable per post on individualized forums much like profile module.

It has the ability to aggregate categories and forums to languages as well as domains with multisite 1.40 or X-Language. This means you can have forms and forum which only display on particular domains or under certain languages.

Designed for XOOPS 2.5 and later version, it was written in response to problems with earlier forum titles, that had in some cases installation issues. With a broad range of options. X-Forum is a great solution to your forum requirements, complete with RSS Features and image management. It will utilise a wide range of options and allow your community to discuss issues, raise topic and solution. Complete with .htaccess example and SEO with a medium URL.

With X-Forum you can have all the convenience of the modular newbb path without the result. Based on CBB with a sound environment that even your grandma can use, I know mine does this is solid stuff coming directly to you under GNU Licenses.

**Fixed** Complete with Easy Path SEO Guide and help in the preference, you can even with some simple SQL Injections transfer your old CBB 2.x or 3.x over to X-Forum with ease. NOTICE!!! The .htaccess has changed since version 5.78!! - this is included in the /docs path of the archive.

* You will have to get the Framework TCPDF from the XOOPS SVN.

New Features:
  • d3 Forum Migration Extra
  • NewBB Forum Migration Tool
  • CBB Forum Migration Tool
  • XOOPS 2.5 Admin GUi
  • Post Approval System in Admin

Refactory Done:
  • Warnings and Notices
  • No More Art Object - XOOPS 3.0 Compatible *
  • TCPDF - Used for PDF Generation
  • Multisite Support
  • X-Language/Multilingual Mode

Bugs Fixed:
  • Globalisation
  • Multifielding
  • admin_header.php - wflinks renamed to xforum
  • Search
  • ***SEO Path Information
  • Extras Class not Found in Objects for Multifielding
  • Post missing from populate URL
  • No View for Admin of Pending Posts
  • No View for Admin of Deleted Posts
  • PageNav postioning and Post number hightlight
  • .htaccess Bugs (Jumpbox, Main Options, Quick Reply + All Others)
  • WSDO for view forum ctrl+bug
  • WSOD for Block Last topic
  • Extra Fields Missing From Compact Display
  • Old Social Network Adds Removed
  • PDF Output now available

Download Now: (765 Kb)
Sourceforge: (765 Kb)
Demo Now:
Forum Thread for Bugs & Comments: ... id=344597#forumpost344597

Beta for XOOPS 2.6 of X-Forum

Download Now: (747 Kb)
Sourceforge: (747 Kb)
Demo Now:

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