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APCal module news: 2.03

Posted by Dedale on 2012/1/9 18:14:16 (3776 reads) | Posted on Modules
APCal version 2.0.3 is now available at

It now includes the Spanish version.

We also improved the box in montlhy view to fit within the browser window and we fixed a minor bug during the insertion process.

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Goth - XOOPS Free Theme

Posted by AngeloRocha on 2012/1/8 22:29:37 (2667 reads) | Posted on Themes
Resized Image

Hello! Bring a template for XOOPS, Goth Theme.

See Here:

Download Here:


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X-REST 1.52 - Rest API with JSON, XML & PHP Serialisation Response

Posted by wishcraft on 2012/1/8 18:58:49 (3084 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Rest API with JSON, XML & Serial Response
Community Release by Fibredyne Pty Ltd

X-REST 1.50 is a REST API for XOOPS 2.x series. It will work with earlier version of xoops as well upto XOOPS 2.5. It provides a full REST API with JSON, XML and Serialisation Responses. It uses the standard plugin set for the other APIs as well as this one to provide a streamlined solution to APIs on your site, the plugins are compatible with all other API by chronolabs. You may be familar with a REST api such as the ones at Google, Twitter, Facebook etc, this is just the same but allowing for API Action on your own website.

There is two reserved variables on the REST API which are the following: xrestplugin & outputmode.

To call a REST API Function you must know the filename of the plugin, say it is called plugin.php then the following call will call the function on the API. ./xrest/plugin/?var1=example1&var2=example2 or for an XML response you would call ./xrest/plugin/xml/?var1=example1&var2=example2 and of course for PHP Serialisation you could call ./xrest/plugin/serial/?var1=example1&var2=example2 - you can also POST to the api where you can call the following folder for the plugin function where the variables defined in the plugins XSD var1 and var2 are posted using cURL or other systems headers. In this example the variable xrestplugin would equal plugin. You can change the output mode where JSON is the default, by specifying in the variables outputmode=xml for xml output, outputmode=serial for PHP Serilisation output and the standard where you don't need to specify is JSON for outputmode=json for JSON output.

New Features Include:
  • XOOPS 2.5 GUI with About & Dashboard
  • Cache Cleanup Preloader
  • Result Cache
  • XOOPS Blue Room Classes

Some Features Include:
  • Database Access permissioning (Needs to be implemented in plugin)
  • XOOPS User Permissions
  • XOOPS Group Permissions
  • Universal Plugin Set

System Requirements:
  • XOOPS 2.5.x

Download: - 110Kb
Mirror: - 110Kb
Comments & Bugs: ... id=343538#forumpost343538


XPayment - Payment Transactions Solution for Any Module

Posted by wishcraft on 2012/1/8 11:04:51 (2270 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Xpayment 1.42
Payment Transactions Solution for Any Module or cart
Sponsored by Chronolabs co-op

Xpayment is a module that allows you to write customised payment gateways, as well as having modular hooking stratum in the module with a second plugin section for modules and responses to invoices in any module to control invoice and transactions for any module needing a cart.

Complete with Gateway plugins you can easily customise this module for your payment gateway in a few files. There is many benefits to using xpayment as the standard for intergrating payment into your modules. It has a modular plugin system for gateway invoice responses so your module will know when an items has been paid for.

Check out this video to better understand XPayment 1.42

This is the new standard for gateway and payment solutions with XOOPS.

We have a translation project underway this archive from time to time will be patched to include more languages - currently comes with the 1.31 in other languages. - I ask that all that have translated the module for other languages please make the new constants marked at the base of the language file marked for version 1.33.

There are no known bugs and the module has been declare stable in its SDLC - in this version; 1.39 is the first version that will be released which is compatible with XOOPS 2.5 Series and later.

New Features Include:
  • Unpaid Key Duplication Prevention

Some of the current features include:
  • XOOPS 2.5 Admin GUI
  • Send Reminder Notice of Invoice
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Invoice discount coupons
  • Control Panel Toolbar
  • Control Panel Invoice Filters
  • Centralised Language Constant's
  • Automated Tax based on IP Location - IPDB
  • Fraud Testing on Transactions
  • Invoice ID Protection
  • .htaccess SEO
  • Fee Compensation
  • Security Deposit
  • Secure JSON Payment Button
  • Email Permissions
  • Gateway Permissions
  • Diverse Modular Plugin
  • Plugin Gateway systems
  • Modular Plugin and Action hook
  • Easy Form Post from any module
  • Itemised invoicing
  • Multicurrency
  • Tax Itemisation
  • Recursive Billing with Cron

Payment Gateways Included:
  • Paypal
  • Zombaio
  • CCBill

Bugs Fixed:
  • Payment Template - Distinction of Options.
  • XoopsFormSelectGateway - Fixed Object Refereer.
  • Admin Hijacking System Icons.
  • Invoice Export in List in Admin + Filters.
  • Payment Gateway Language file not loading.
  • WSOD on ID provided for Invoice
  • PHP Versioning Error with JSON Adaptorl
  • Invoice Status not being marked Paidl
  • Gateway Transaction Cursor Not being marked
  • Mailer Fields being Specified
  • Template Formating

Download: (272 Kb's)
Sourceforge: (272 Kb's)
Comments & Bugs: ... id=343529#forumpost343529

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bXpress forum 1.0 beta available!

Posted by BitC3R0 on 2012/1/6 17:04:11 (2886 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

bXpress Forum 1.0 beta is available for download. bXpress allows to create a forum section in XOOPS quick and easy.

Light in its use and operation, bXpress is designed to be fast and functional without the complications that other modules present. Just install and within minutes you will have your forum section performing according to your needs.

Some of its features:

- Short URLs
- Attachments
- Moderators
- Individual permissions for forums
- Permissions by category
- Announcements
- Sticky posts
- Report messages

Requires Common Utilities

Download bXpress Now!

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FREE Xoops Theme Sd-083-Easily-Blue

Posted by sinnedesign on 2012/1/6 17:01:30 (2492 reads) | Posted on Themes
I'm happy to present my new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-083-Easily-Blue. The Free XOOPS - Theme was made with friendly help from Domrep Travel.

Resized Image

Here can you find the XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-083-Easily-Blue

Here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Happy new Year and happy XOOPSing!

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Happy New Year 2012

Posted by XoopsCouncil on 2011/12/31 8:06:30 (17380 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

Wishing all XOOPSers around the world a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

May 2012 be the best for all of you and for XOOPS!


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3 news templates FREE for Xoops

Posted by tatane on 2011/12/30 10:25:31 (3990 reads) | Posted on Themes
Xoops Demo presents three new themes and suitable for FREE Xoops


Resized Image

XDGrey is based on the default theme and template consists of three templatemo_162_gray_company.It consists of three colonnes. Compatible with Xoops 2.4.x and more Compatible with: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Downloads : here

See : here

Resized Image

XDClassified is based on the default theme and template Classified. It consists of three colonnes.Compatible with Xoops 2.4.x and more Compatible with: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Downloads: here

See : here

Resized Image

XDBlack_wall is based on the default theme and template templatemo_335_black_wall. It consists of three colonnes.Compatible with Xoops 2.4.x and more Compatible with: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Downloads : here

See : here

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XOOPS Translation Teams using Transifex - calling for Volunteers

Posted by Mamba on 2011/12/29 14:10:00 (4928 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

We've started building XOOPS Translation Teams using a Web-based tool called Transifex (

Who could volunteer to help us with that?

If your language is not there, please let us know and we'll add it there.

We would like to have at least one native speaker on each team. Of course, we can have more than one Coordinators for the team.

Please register on

and apply to the following teams in:

Below is the list of current languages, and people who have volunteered to help with translations and coordination. Obviously we need more, so please volunteer.

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar_SA)- Coordinators: arabxoops , mariane
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (bs_BA)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) (bg_BG) - Coordinator: ep98
Chinese (China) (zh_CN) - Coordinator: hunnuh
Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) - Coordinator: tad0616
Croatian (Croatia) (hr_HR) - Coordinators: sadistiko
Czech (Czech Republic) (cs_CZ) - Coordinators: ZPC
Danish (Denmark) (da_DK) - Coordinators: anderssk
Dutch (Netherlands) (nl_NL) - Coordinators: Cath22, flipse, Ritchie, poehoes
English (United States) (en_US) - Coordinator: Mamba
French (France) (fr_FR) - Coordinators: Philou
German (Germany) (de_DE) - Coordinators: computermobil, gizmono, Sittel
Greek (Greece) (el_GR) - Coordinators: ksilas, kakos
Hebrew (Israel) (he_IL)
Hungarian (Hungary) (hu_HU)

Italian (Italy) (it_IT) - Coordinators: txmodxoops, Defkon1
Japanese (Japan) (ja_JP) - Coordinator: keiichishiga
Korean (Korea) (ko_KR) - Coordinator: wanikoo
Malay (Malaysia) (ms_MY) - Coordinator: ybk78
Norwegian (Norway) (no_NO)- Coordinator: Runeher
Persian (Iran) (fa_IR) - Coordinator: voltan
Polish (Poland) (pl_PL) - Coordinator: tomaszstempkowicz
Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR) - Coordinators: Andrax, Edipinho
Russian (Russia) (ru_RU) - Coordinators: Deka87, MACTEP
Serbian (Serbia) (sr_RS)
Slovak (Slovakia) (sk_SK) - Coordinator: chaoos
Slovenian (Slovenia) (sl_SI)
Spanish (Spain) (es_ES) - Coordinators: bitcero, oswaldo
Swedish (Sweden) (sv_SE)
Thai (Thailand) (th_TH)

Turkish (Turkey) (tr_TR) - Coordinator: ThE_lAmP
Vietnamese (Viet Nam)

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WURLF 2.01 - Mobile Computing Theme Repository/Switcher

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/12/29 14:09:23 (2435 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
WURFL 2.01 - Mobile Computing Theme Switcher
Community Release by Chronolabs Co-op

WURFL is a module that will allow theme designers to implement themes customised for Mobile Computing. WURFL is a XML Database that this module will import and allow for propogation of it resources on User Agent based browsing of mobile phones.

WURFL is a world leader in Mobile communication data and this module utilizes WURFL from sourceforge (see. This module is now complete with Theme Switching depending on the capabilities of the mobile computing device whether it be phone or pad.

This module will propogate data on the <{$wurfl}> smarty tag as well as other tags which names are specifiable in the preferences now. These assocative arrays are on depths, you can set which providers you require for data to conversely populate on the source.

Watch this video to understand more about WURFL 2 Series!

Taken from

Welcome to the WURFL
the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe
by Luca Passani, ScientiaMobile

So... What is WURFL?
WURFL is a Device Description Repository (DDR), i.e. a software component which contains the descriptions of thousands of mobile devices. In its simplest incarnation, WURFL is an XML configuration file plus a set of programming APIs to access the data in real-time environments. The main scope of the WURFL Project is to be an independent central repository of device information, which Open-Source developers from around the globe can utilize to build their mobile web applications.

All the information listed in WURFL has been collected by ScientiaMobile and the community of WURFL users from many different countries. WURFL can be used in any application, free or commercial. In the spirit of the originators of the project, open-source developers who adopt WURFL should share device information with the rest of the community. This will help WURFL to grow better and better every day.

WURFL is deployed by companies such as Facebook and Google. Carriers around the globe deploy it in mission-critical environment with fantatistic performance and reliability. In terms of adoption, WURFL is today more popular than UAProf solutions and solutions from commercial DDR vendors.

This will allow theme designers and module writters to search for data regarding mobile computing and allow for knowledge in the theme of RSS, CSS, Display Size, Image Types, Sound Fontage, and other data such as SMS and MMS.. As well as information about CHTML or XHTML sources.

Please enjoy this module as I have enjoyed writting it.

Download: - 1675Kb
Sourceforge Mirror: - 1675Kb
Comments & Bugs: ... id=343353#forumpost343353

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