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TopVisitas, promote your web

Posted by mintsteven on 2010/8/30 2:00:00 (3392 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Free promote your website in

Modules also translate into Spanish

Visit us at

[In Spanish:]

Promociona tu Web libremente en

Traducimos modulos al Español

Visitanos en

Xoops 2.4.4


NewBB Forum

3 updated with new theme

Posted by irmob on 2010/8/27 22:10:00 (3737 reads) | Posted on YAXS
We design new theme for with xoops 2.4.5

There is big resource for mobile phone application, news and mobile review

Visit Site:

Resized Image

Module used:
Smart section
my album

Special Thanks of Voltan the administrator of Persian XOOPS support for designing this theme.

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New design portals Zepce.Ba

Posted by Albin on 2010/8/27 22:10:00 (3930 reads) | Posted on YAXS
See the new look website Zepca.Ba
Used the modules news, newbb, myAlbumP, yogurt and other ...

Resized Image

Be sure to see the new templates for the block in News section on the front page. Please ask you to leave your comments ...

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Swayamsat Updated to xoops 2.4.5

Posted by nmshah on 2010/8/27 2:10:00 (3299 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Swayamsat is an organization dedicated to the behavioral, emotional and mental growth for individuals, couples, children, teens, families and Corporates for the advancement of their personal growth through education, intervention and guidance.

Its website has been updated to xoops 2.4.5

Modules used:
1. Defacer 1
2. Simpliwiki 1.1
3. Publisher 1
4. xforms 1
5. tadgallery 1.3
6. piCal 0.93
7. User Profile 1.58
8. X-Aggregator 2.25
9. mytabs 2.2
10. Protector 3.4
11. Tellafriend 1.05
12. xoopscare 1.4
13. cbb 4.03

I will like to thank the entire xoops community for all the help I have received here. I had no idea about web design till a couple of years back but with all the help received here I have successfuly built sites using xoops.

Special thanks to all the module developers and to ghia and mamba for putting in all the efforts....

Visit the site here

And kindly review this website specially the design part and suggest ways to improve it...

Thanks again...

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New Free Theme: InsBusie

Posted by insraq on 2010/8/26 1:30:00 (3855 reads) | Posted on Themes
The design comes from one of my abandoned design concept. It is not the client that abandoned the design, I did. I don’t like it, but other people might like this style so I spend a few hours making a theme out of the concept.

I integrate Superfish menu and slideshow into the theme, and they can be modified by editing tpl/ *.html.

You can do whatever you want to the theme, including resell and redistribution. It is also OK to use it to a commercial project. I don’t really care. All files are licensed under GPL 2.0 except for the demo photos in slideshow.

Grab your copy or view the demo on this page.

Resized Image

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Obituaries Module version 2.2

Posted by mariane on 2010/8/25 16:10:00 (3713 reads) | Posted on Modules
Obituaries module is a free XOOPS module based on Birthday module (developed by Instant Zero) and changed by me with the precious helps of Mowaffak (arabxoops), and Trabis.
(to learn more about the module you can visit this link)

Now, again with the collaboration of Mowaffak, a new update is done for the module:

- Added option to order users list by name or date (Hervé/Mariane)
- Added edit link in obituary page (Mowaffaq)
- Added jQuery recent obituaries block (Mowaffaq)
- Display a default photo in case no photo attached in the obituary (Mowaffaq)

You can see the module working in this website

and you can download the latest version 2.2 from here

The module is available in: English, Arabic, French, and Italian, and any other translation is most welcome

Many thanks for Mowaffak for this great update, also thanks for Trabis for previous helps, and sure a big thanks for Herve who's developed the Birthday module, on which the Obituaries is based.

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Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre, created with Xoops

Posted by playsome on 2010/8/23 12:00:00 (4120 reads) | Posted on YAXS
The Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre website has been launched and is proud to be powered by the XOOPS CMS.

The purpose of the website is to keep the local community of Whitlawburn updated and informed about events and services held in the local Community Centre.

Resized Image

The website uses a customised theme based on the default xoops theme, the site also uses several modules including:

Article 2.00RC (some templates customisation by myself and code fixes by trabis to get it working alongside RM Common, thanks trabis)

xcGallery (with jquery lightbox added)


Quickpages by bitc3ro

Mastop publsih

Mastop go2



and some static html modules using Xuups dummy module.

Thank you XOOPS and the XOOPS community.

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XOOPS Bug Hunting Week

Posted by Mamba on 2010/8/23 2:50:00 (3271 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Now that XOOPS 2.4.5 has been released, the focus is now on XOOPS 2.5.0, with ForMuss and Trabis leading this effort. You can check for latest changes in our SourceForge SVN

And since they are working on it as we speak, this is also a great opportunity to report bugs to our Bug Tracker, and most importantly to help us resolve these bugs.

Therefore this is an official call for help in hunting bugs and solving them: the XOOPS Bug Hunting Week

Please use our Bug Tracker, and use these very simple guidelines on how to report a bug

Please also review existing bugs in our Bug Tracker and help us in resolving them.

And if you have any patches or useful hacks, please let us know as well.

The individual who resolves or assists in resolving the most issues will win a XOOPS T-Shirt!

[EDIT]: Let's discuss the "XOOPS Bug Hunting Week" in this thread here

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Simple Theme - XOOPS free theme

Posted by AngeloRocha on 2010/8/21 19:00:00 (3499 reads) | Posted on Themes
Good weekend for all xoops users, just wanted to share with the community a new theme that I've created. I hope, you'll enjoy it:
Xoops Simple Theme

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image


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xDonations 1.96 BETA 1

Posted by zyspec on 2010/8/20 22:39:38 (3361 reads) | Posted on Modules

xDonations 1.96 - BETA 1

Accept Paypal Donation with IPN Notifications

xDonations is a XOOPS 2 module that allows a site to accept donations from Paypal and track donations using the Paypal IPN notification.


  • Manual entry of 'offline' donations to keep the Treasury in sync

  • Search / Display Transaction History

  • Display / Clear IPN History

  • Allows the administrator to set the default currency

  • Selectable donation amounts (and default) configurable through Admin

  • 3 XOOPS blocks

    • Accept donations

    • Display donors

    • Display recent donations

  • Ability to use custom donation button

  • Let donors Show / Hide their name (give anonymously)

  • Ability to automatically add donors to XOOPS group

  • Ability to automatically give donors a specific XOOPS ranking

  • Provide users with a 'landing' page for Thank You or Cancelled transactions

  • Set Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly goals

  • Language string define can be translated using XOOPS language files. BETA release includes English and French.

  • Test features:

    • IPN connection test

    • Track various levels of Information (Info, Errors only, etc)

    • Log file to track history

    • Test configuration using Paypal Sandbox account

New in this release:

See INSTALL.TXT for a more complete change log.

  • Added:

    • Australian Dollar as a default currency option

    • Language constants to improve translation capability

    • New constants to enhance error tracking capability

    • Ability to display/clear IPN log in Admin

    • Ability to search/display by Transaction ID in Admin

    • Variable sanitation in various places

    • Support for xdonations_ipn.log file in XOOPS upload directory

  • Changed:

    • 'edit' and 'delete' icons in Admin to use Crystal graphics

    • Html code to improve W3C compliance and readability

    • Date entry in Admin Treasury to use XOOPS javascript calendar

    • Mysql file to use 'ENGINE' instead of 'TYPE'

    • Mysql to add table indexes to improve performance

    • Mysql queries in various places to reduce number of db calls

  • Removed:

    • requirement for FormSolution class, removed file

Important Notices:

Please read the INSTALL.TXT file for installation and configuration information. You MUST change configuration settings (Paypal URL, Receiver Email, etc) before using this module.

This is a BETA release. Backup your existing site before installing this module. This release is not recommended for a production site. Read the BETA.TXT file included in the release archive."

Please test this module and report any issues to We'd also like to know if 'it works', so please send a PM to ZySpec so we know that it's been tested.


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