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Tabphex XOOPS theme (commercial)

Posted by aph3x on 2010/12/21 22:40:00 (3571 reads) | Posted on Themes
APH017 CMS Theme

APH017 Theme is a 2 columns fixed width theme for XOOPS. It features 6 different color variations all in one theme, and a 7 item horizontal menu.

Its slick and simple design makes it fit an array of web sites from blogs to article orientated web sites, from corporate portals to community ones.

The package also contains few system templates and few modules templates for a better integration in theme's design

Some of the templates included are: "news_article.html" "news_index.html" "smartobject_rating_form.html" "system_block_login.html" "system_userinfo.html" and few more

The templates included haven't suffered too many modifications and only few key elements where edited to make their integration in the theme flawless

Theme can be viewed live HERE

Theme can purchased HERE

And of course, subcribers to any of THESE membership plans, can download it HERE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Darkwave Theme

Posted by timgno on 2010/12/20 11:20:00 (4351 reads) | Posted on Themes
New series of themes for a project in which included some new features such as the use of javascript to round the corners and some effects to the menu with css.

Resized Image

- Thickbox
- Javascript menu navigation
- Javascript round corners of images
- Effect submenu css - Transparent


Demo: Darkwave
Download: Darkwave

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UHQ-IceAuth v0.8 Released!

Posted by iunderwood on 2010/12/20 11:13:52 (4132 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

UHQ-IceAuth v0.8

This is the first update to the IceCast authentication module I've made in the last 9 months. This fixes one annoying bug and supports GeoLocation in my previously-released UHQ-GeoLocate module. I have been running this for several months on my own radio station PowerFrag.FM and it's been a solid performer.

Pretty documentation is in the works, but is not finished yet, and won't make it until v0.9, I expect.

From the changelog:

==[ version 0.8 ]====[ 2010.12.20 ]==

* Intros won't go to pot if they're used on a mount with a time limit.

* Module: If an intro is being used, be sure to set a content-type header when sending the intro downstream.
* Module: Tabs for Auth Records and Accounting Records have been renamed to Authentication and Accounting, respectively.
* Module: Includes are using more explicit file definitions, relying less on assumptions.
* Module: Admin section uses Frameworks for the header, if available.
* DB: uhqiceauth_authtrail, added support for geolocation by country code, region, and city.
* DB: uhqiceauth_authtrail, extended user agent length to 128 bits.
* DB: uhqiceauth_uabans, extended user agent length to 128 bits.
* DB: uhqiceauth_accounting, table has been removed as it hasn't been used in several revisions.

* Module: Initial support for geolocation by IP. Requires UHQ-GeoLocate in order to leverage this feature.

* Development environment now XOOPS 2.5.0!
* Updated the module logo!

It can be downloaded here: ... inglefile.php?cid=1&lid=3

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IXTFramework 1.0.4 Final released

Posted by algalochkin on 2010/12/20 1:02:20 (3323 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

IXThemes Project offers you the NEW Release of IXTFramework Module for XOOPS.

Resized Image

What's NEW in 1.0.4 Final Release:

- A new CATALOGUE submodule has been created.
- THEMES submodule has been updated.
- New icons for ALL submodules (for RMCommon GUI) has been added.
- Horisontal menu bar in the RM Common Utilities is used jet.
- Activate Theme (Set default theme) from a THEMES table is possible jet.
- Description field in the SLIDESHOW SCENARIOS table has been added.
- Addon Links from Index/Dashboard into submodules has been added.
- CONTROL AREA3 (Chameleon Mode) field in the ASSIGNS table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the PAGE LAYOUT table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the TOP BLOCKS LAYOUT table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the BOTTOM BLOCKS LAYOUT table has been added.
- Some comments in code has been added.

Resized Image

STANDARD IXTFramework Features:

- Full support jGrowl redirect messages for XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x;
- A XOOPS preloads property is supported. (for XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x);
- Check an incorrect theme structure;
- Compatible with CMS: XOOPS 2.3.3, XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x;
- Compatible with Modules: RM Common Utilities Rel.#2.098 by Red México;
- Intuitively Clear Interface;
- jQuery Tooltips with a Slide Effect (XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x);
- 5 Preestablished Theme Assigns Styles;
- You can create 3000+ Assigns Styles;
- Unforgettable Index Page of the Module;
- All Icons in One Style;
- Absolutely FREE.


You can download IXTFramework 1.0.4final in ZIP-archive or in 7Z-archive.

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Top Geek Awards - vote for Wishcraft

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/12/19 22:51:27 (3030 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Simon a Roberts let alone his hard line punk rock approach and years of romphing the town with a 2 foot mowhalk still is one of the founders of the internet with IPv4 and many other aspects of the modern web.

Even though he likes to fight he forgives easily and forgets quickly. Currently in australia there is the Top Geek Awards and we would like you to cast your vote.

Simon Roberts (wishcrafts) Voting Profile!!

Please if you use my software please vote for me cause it is the passion and love of code and my clients and users is why I continue and always will love my xoops!

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XinCodes 1.02 - Inviter Code System for Profile 1.62

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/12/19 11:50:00 (3009 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image

XinCodes 1.02
Inviter Code System for Profile 1.62
Sponsored by AFS Espania

XinCodes is an inviter module for XOOPS 2.4 and XOOPS 2.5 which allows for your registered users to invite someone to the XOOPS Site with an invite code for them to use with Profile 1.62 for a verbose registration.

You need to set it up in Profile 1.62 with an SQL validation as well as scheduling a cron to execute every minute or so codes are marked claimed and taken offline for customer invites.

You can set the array for generating a code with the preferences as well as the total number of invites and the length of elements for the code to be produced.

This module was a concept taken from tracker cms titles for large system security when you want to control the people registering at the site. You can limit the amount of codes people can use as well as the elements of the code and number of elements. Currently Captalised Alpha Numerical Sequences.

(1) First install or upgrade to profile 1.62 (See attached Archive you will need this for validation.

(2) Install XinCodes 1.02

(3) Add Validation field name ‘invitecode’ to profile module as a validation type.

(4) Add SQL Validation Script to Profile 1.62 (Remember to change the prefix to your database prefix)
SELECT count(*) as rc FROM `prefix_xincodesWHERE `codeLIKE "[value]" and `active` = "1"

(5) Add Cron to CronTab on Cpanel or Server box for every minute (Remember to check the path name to compair.php) - (On a window box you have to schedule a task the php executable is located normally in c:/program files/php but the extension and call location will also be different)

Otherwise this is the normaly chrontab (Cronjob) you need to run, remembering to change the path to the file to be the full path (Inclusive of XOOPS_ROOT_PATH).

/usr/bin/php -/home/yoursite/public_html/modules/xincodes/cron/compair.php

Download: - 48Kb

Demo: - Must install.

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X-Center 2.13

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/12/19 11:50:00 (3556 reads) | Posted on Modules
X-Center 2.13
Multilingual Tagged Content Pages

X-Center is a content module for XOOPS 2.4 and later, it uses the latest techniques to hone easy to present content on a standard page. it has an Inheritable block and all the accessories for Tag and other features. It also supports X-Language and multilingual pages with the same ID.

With this powerful module you can easily make content with any xoops site with version 2.4 or later. This is the only and must have for content with XOOPS.

There is no need to upgrade from 2.07 to this version unless you are having language storage issues.

Fixes Include:
  • XOOPS 3.0 Compatibility
  • UNICODE Storage (Undone)
  • Templating Issues
  • RSS Bug in category adding.
  • Upgrade not firing producing garbage output.

Some of the features include:
  • Multilingual support of X-Language
  • Support Tag 2.3+
  • Inheritable block
  • SEO Clean URL
  • PDF Support
  • RSS Feeds
  • Optional Secure JSON Forms
  • Optional Sitemap Module Plugin
  • Optional Tag Module Plugin

Download: (13Mbs)


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Profile 1.62 - Verbose Validation Edition

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/12/19 11:40:00 (3285 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Profile 1.62
Verbose Validation Edition
Sponsored by Child Share and AFS Espania

Profile 1.62 is a version of Profile module for XOOPS that allows for a verbose registration to be done.

This has a field for validation that allows for Text Match, RegEx or SQL Validation to be used to prevent people registering with your website without having validation data of sometype such as an existing email address or an invite code or some regular expression statement.

Featuring still Multiple Fields, 2 Types of validation - one which uses JSON; the other that uses the Field $_POST validation method.

Simply upgrade your existing XOOPS 2.4 or 2.5 to XOOPS Profile 1.62 to experience the difference. We can really recommend XinCodes 1.02 for a user based invitation to be done.

Download: - 108 Kb

Demo: Pre installed at or try and put in my email address for validation. Notice how it unlocks the form wherever it is.

--=[ Example SQL Validation for a basis of pre-existing users email, remember to change 'prefix' to your database prefix ]=--

Select count(*) from `prefix_userswhere `emailLIKE "[value]" and `level` > 0

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Google Earth Web v1.25

Posted by timgno on 2010/12/17 13:30:00 (4282 reads) | Posted on Modules

After a bit of time and for some requests that I have done, I expanded the module to display maps of the earth with the latest updated version of Google Earth Web v1.25, have added some functions and a search field. Others will be added later.

- Search Field for all sites
- Deleted file permission.php "unnecessary"
- Textbox for Keywords search engine
- 2 Textbox for width and Height of earth map

Download: here

I hope I have done something pleasing.


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Aquariophilie Portail

Posted by aquaportail on 2010/12/17 13:24:37 (2486 reads) | Posted on YAXS
I'm proud to present my french aquariophilie website (aquarist). It's based on an old Xoops version 2.0.1x with major modifications and enhancements.

Resized Image

A full url-rewriting had been integrated with hard coding, with an fine H1, meta description and page title for each page with the specific canonical url (meta canonical) in a lot of pages to avoid duplicate content.

Some new modules were developped to get new functionnalities, like the species guide AquaBDD or some easy listings like this public aquariums (try to change the order with postal code, town, ...).

Aquaportail use many modules : newbb, news, smartsection, wordbook (totaly change a lot of things), wf-links, ...

In wordbook and the species guide, JQuery Autocomplete suggests some results and accelerates access to data.

If you get any question, don't hesitate.

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