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Membership 1.01

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/2/5 5:44:25 (3528 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Membership 1.01
Membership maintence and groups shopping cart!
Sponsored By OSIA

Membership is a module which maintains your user groups for paid access through XPayment to your website. You can set which groups people are to expire from and expired to as well as groups you can purchase access to. It is complete with permission and is a basic Groups Cart for XOOPS 2.x.

This module utilzes other module, these modules are XPayment and Profile. This means you will need to have these modules installed as well to use this module. There is also a cron in the modules folder you can find the file in /modules/membership/cron and should be set to run at least once a day. But it doesn't matter how oftern you run it.

Download: - 46Kb

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Adslight 1.09 - Ads with Payment Options

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/2/4 14:08:22 (4619 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Adslight 1.09
Advertising Shop & Sales Cart with XPayment
Sponsored by My Kleinanzeigen 24

Adslight is a module that allow your clients of your website to list advertisements for items for sale, exchange or barter. It has an XPayment implementation that allows for people to both pay for items in the category it is assigned to or advertisements themselves charged on a day by day fee to the expiry date.

Complete with permissioning system and multiple language translation this is continued work by XOOPS France to continue this product to support the functionality of the new platforms available. You can charge itemised categories a day to expiry fee based on currency and function of the module with XPayment (See XPayment 1.22).

New Features:
  • Payment for Advertisments
  • Payment for Items
  • Categories base permission on sales and costage

Download: - 848Kb

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New Site and new modules

Posted by timgno on 2011/2/4 13:52:03 (3753 reads) | Posted on YAXS
New look and new site TXMod Xoops modules that use jQuery library.
The new version of the theme uses features, such as ui jquery toggle function, the function button, the function tabs, scrolling news and themes with scrollTo cyrcle and jquery. Added flags for multilanguage.


Codelink v1.35: Demo - Download
Latest version of the module codelink for links, buttons and banners of the site with revisions and new administration interface, use the jQuery library to be accessed with the new toolbar.

Imprint v1.01:Demo - Download
Imprint that identifies the registered office of a website or business by entering all relevant information through this new form. They can use in both basic and multipage in using the database.

TXMod Xoops - timgno


Free Xoops Design Sd-079-PurPur

Posted by sinnedesign on 2011/2/4 3:52:07 (3627 reads) | Posted on Themes
Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-079-PurPur. The Free - Theme is Sponsored by sTravel . - Thanks!

Resized Image

Here can you find the - XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-079-PurPur.

And here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Have Fun with the new Free XOOPS - Theme and Nice Weekend.


Webcams 1.09

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/2/4 3:07:46 (3438 reads) | Posted on Modules
Webcams 1.09
Webcam chat rooms with free, group and private chat!
Sponsored by

This was a module I formed over a few days it is a remake of the busines example from eSensual Networks which is in the process of rebadging to iStreaming Networks.

Currently there is no payment option with this module, it is freely distrubuted and you can get test accounts from the company providing the server bandwidth and hardware.

We have developed this in conjunction with David from iStreaming which means he has also requested an xPayment option as well which will be looked into over the next number of months.

Resized Image

iStreaming offer a managed backend service for websites that want to provide for their members a high quality broadcast style video chat. Free and pay per minute rooms are supported.

iStreaming service attaches to your existing website via a customizable video chat Player we provide. You can use Flash H264 video and Speex/MP3/HE-AAC audio or Windows Media video and audio.

All billing for your members is done on your website using your merchant account. Our secure gateway API allows you to update, create, and query member information in our database.

Download - 385Kb

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CKEditor 3.5.1 - Now Supporting JQuery!!

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/2/4 0:20:00 (5430 reads) | Posted on Hacks
CKEditor 3.5.1
Supports JQuery & Ajax

This is CKEditor for XOOPS 2.5 & and upgrade for 2.4, in the orginal release the jquery adapter was never implemented which meant it was not possible to use JSON or AJAX to retrieve or set the value of the editor with Javascript.

This is CKEditor 3.5.1 with JQuery Support, You can read here for more information on this.

Simply replace the files in your existing 2.4 series or upload to XOOPS 2.5 and you should have CKEditor 3.5.1 running all fine.

This was developed for formuss who could never find a way of using JQuery with the editor, I would like to congradulate him on his new bubba!!

Download: here - 743Kbs

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Ajax File Uploading 1.01 - Form Object

Posted by wishcraft on 2011/2/4 0:14:21 (5135 reads) | Posted on Hacks
Ajax File Uploading 1.01
Form Object for XOOPS 2.4 & XOOPS 2.5

This is a replace for the XoopsFile object that allows for files to be uploaded without refreshing the page. That means you can recieve a file before the form is submitted.

This is good for any preview environment that offers a wide range of options for the environment where you are recieving the file.

If a file is successfully uploaded the form object returns a path and filename for the file.

This was made from this example:

Download: - 17.7Kb

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"XOOPSer of the Year 2010" and "Innovator of the Year" Voting OPEN

Posted by Mamba on 2011/2/1 19:00:00 (6591 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Last year we have voted for the "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award" and "XOOPSer of the Year"

It's time to do it again for 2010

Please review carefully all 2010 XOOPSer of the Month winners (Feb. 2010 till Jan. 2011), read their interviews, and why they have been selected "XOOPSer of the Month", and who out of them made the biggest difference for XOOPS:

Aitor Uskola (Aitor)
Benoît Puissant (Solo71)
Christophe Capitaine (Burning)
Dirk Herrmann (dhsoft)
Hossien Azizabadi (Voltan)
Hossien Azizabadi (Voltan)
Jamal Benaissa (Corbatis)
Mirza Mrkaljevic (Bleekk)
Niclas Einarsson (Mazarin)
Philippe Masson (Philou)
Stephane Gorteau (Tatane)
Sushang Yang (ezsky)

The same for "Innovator of the Month Winners" (Feb. 2010 till Jan. 2011):

Aitor Uskola (Aitor) - Theme Configurator
Alexander Galochkin (algalochkin) - IXTFramework and continuous innovations around his themes
Christophe Boceno (Kris_fr) - Morphogenesis and ZetaDigme themes
Christophe Capitaine (Burning) - XOOPS Resource Book
Davide N. P. Rossi (dnprossi) - xNews module
Eduardo Cortés (BitC3R0) - RMCommon Utilities 2 and MyWords 2
Ian Underwood (iunderwood) UHQ-GeoLocate and UHQ-IceAuth
Luis Marcelo Zanlucki (Lmzan) - various Websites
Michael Albertsen (Culex) - Comments System and his Radio Commercial
Mohd Hilmi bin Ngah (NovaSmart) - AMS Module
Ricardo Costa (Trabis) - myMenus 1.1
Ruoyu SUN (insraq) - theme designs
Sushang Yang (ezsky) & Christophe Boceno (Kris_fr) - Slideshow module
Yu Pin Lin (Sugar) - RB Framework and SNS Module

This year we have added a "Wild card", i.e. if people felt that somebody should be on the list but currently was not because he was not originally as one of the award winners, people had a chance to submit the name using this form, and we were going to add one person with the most recommendations to each category.

This year these are:

XOOPSer of the year:
Gerard Vanderveken (Ghia)

Innovator of the Year:
Simon Roberts (Wishcraft)

Congratulations to both our "Wild-cards" winners!


* Sunday, Feb. 6 midnight - Deadline for Submitting "Wild card" names
* Monday, Feb. 7 - voting begins
* Sunday, Feb. 20 midnight - voting ends.

Please vote here:

1) XOOPSer of the year: click here

2) Innovator of the Year: click here

Please remember, this is not a competition, but just showing our appreciation to people who've made a positive difference in XOOPS community .

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WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter # 40 (January 2011)

Posted by Mamba on 2011/2/1 8:20:00 (6780 reads) | Posted on World of Xoops (WOX)
WOX - World Of Xoops

Welcome to the January 2011 issue of WOX (World of XOOPS) Newsletter - our first in 2011! (see here previous versions

Official Alpha 1 of the Xoops Engine Released!

This year we'll be celebrating 10th Anniversary of XOOPS, so it's a great way to start off  with the official Alpha 1 release of the Xoops Engine - our "next generation" architecture for XOOPS!

Xoops Engine, as the new brand name for this new architecture, supports open and extensible engines with its multi-engine design. As for now there are three engines available:

Xoops: the official engine with new architecture utilizing Zend Framework as the primary library and Smarty as the default view templating engine, as well as some third-party libraries like jQuery. Demo will be hosted;
Lite: a lite version of the 'Xoops' Engine with no MySQL required, aimed for high performance scenarios;
Legacy: for backward compatibility to support legacy XOOPS modules and templates.

Some selected features that were most requested by the community are now part of Xoops Engine:

* Built-in cache mechanism for high performance
* Clear MVC with AOP and event hook
* Extensible URL rewrite for better SEO
* App/module clone w/o code change

As always, as the first thing in each newsletter we wanted to express our gratitude to all of you who have donated moneyey to XOOPS Foundation! We truly appreciate your trust and support!  This month Ian Underwood remains the biggest supporter and donor - thank you Ian! If anybody else would like to donate - please don't be shy!

Highlights of the last month:

  • XOOPS Innovation Award - for people who create something very unique and innovative for XOOPS. This time the award goes to to   Sushang Yang (Ezsky) and his friends from China and Christophe Boceno (kris_fr)   from France for their work on the Slideshow Module.  It's great to see developers teaming up and working together on modules!
  • XOOPSer of the Month Awardis given to XOOPS members who show extraordinary dedication to XOOPS, and go the extra mile for XOOPS. This month, it goes to Dirk Herrmann (dhsoft) from Germany, for keeping the XOOPS Germany local support site operational, and for development of DH-Info and CBB 4.0


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Xim 1.02 final

Posted by culex on 2011/2/1 7:44:32 (7949 reads) | Posted on Modules
Finally Andrax and Culex have decided to release XIM (XOOPS Instant Messenger). The module started as individual messengers, Andrax(XIM) & Culex (Instant Messenger) but as the 2 was working to do almost the same, ended up as a teamwork to add as many features to the project as possible. After some difficulties and a LOT of tweaking, modifying, debugging and testing, we now feel it is ready to share with Xoops Community, officially that is.

XIM is an instant messenger á la facebook/gmail messenger. Originally it was made to look exactely like facebook messenger, but sometimes design takes a different route, besides this is for xoops and not facebook so styling is in small areas different but in all, it works in same way.

Frontend.: It features a small block or a footer bar to show all online users. When clicked on the name the messenger window opens. The messenge box accepts xoops codes and smilies, and will in the chatwindow show your avatar with your messages and the other persons avatar with his/her messages.

You can change message sound or use no sound, as well as change your status (online, away, busy, or offline). If you're busy and you recieve a message the other person will recieve an automatic message back that you're not there or your busy. If you're offline your name will not be shown in the block.

The windows are specially skinned from admin-side. (sticky, White, Black, Alert, Default) and they are fully drag'n droppable.

When clicked on the message-windows name (the name of the person your talking to) you'll be taken to this persons profile.

It has icons in top right corner for minimize, dock and close window. Minimize will reduce the size of XIM window to minimal but still keep in dragged position on the screen. When docked the windows will be show with avatar in the footerbar (bottom of screen). If the message window is docked the avatar will blink when this person writes you, if window is in screen it will shake slightly to catch your attention.

You will from admin settings be able to choose full footerbar (full width of bottom screen) or tiny (well smaller than the width of the screen)

Admin: In admin you can see module info. When a new update is ready (bugfix, critical or normal) you'll automaticly see this message in admin + description of changes and a link to download. You'll be able to see activity statistic (todays most active user, overall most active), Send message to all users. This will allow you to send a message to all users in the site. This message will be shown as message from Admin with a special avatar for system message and the users will not have possibility to reply (like a special message). And finally you'll have a tab where you can clean up old logs from Db + a tab with settings for the chat.

Setting: In settings you can choose "Show footerbar yes/no", "Type of footerbar: tiny/full", and "Skin type of message window"

svn.: Download from xoops svn (currently down)
Mirror: Download from

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