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Free Xoops Design Sd-042-Mystica-Green

Posted by sinnedesign on 2010/6/18 16:50:00 (3593 reads) | Posted on Themes
I'm happy to present my new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-042-Mystica-Green.

Resized Image

Here can you find the

- XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo

- XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo

And here is the FREE

- Download Xoops Theme Sd-042-Mystica-Green

Have Fun and nice Weekend.


New Heyula-37 Themes

Posted by heyula on 2010/6/17 11:40:00 (3755 reads) | Posted on Themes
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x_movie 3 now plays videos on explorer 8

Posted by heyula on 2010/6/17 11:30:00 (5140 reads) | Posted on Hacks

We have edit jquery-1.4.2.js and change name to jquery.js and replace to x_movie/js/jquery.js

we've changed code is ==> name = name.replace(rdashAlpha, fcamelCase); <<= to:==> // name = name.replace(rdashAlpha, fcamelCase); <<=

and now xmovie 3 is working with All browsers.

If you want download from download link below: ... glefile.php?cid=12&lid=60

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Slider module ver 0.1

Posted by kerkyra on 2010/6/14 12:50:00 (9877 reads) | Posted on Modules
Hi all i just finished a simple slider module for xoops i'd like to share.

This module allows you to create as many sliders as you want, with as many slides as you want in them.

Each slide can have a picture which will be resized if GD library is available, a title and a description.

You can skip the description or the image if you like. Only the title is mandatory.

//from readme.txt

Slider Version 0.1

1. Install as any other module, upload the folder slider into /modules/
2. Go to xoops admin > modules and hit install.
3. make the folder /modules/slider/uploads writable - chmod 777

Use of the module
In the admin area you can create as many sliders as you like and add to them as many slides/pages as you'd like, with or without an image.

ONE of the MUST be active in order for the slider to work.

Make the block visible and thats it.

You can give it a try.

Download it from here

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XOOPS Links and News

Posted by webmystar on 2010/6/13 16:10:00 (4046 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Here is an XOOPS Links and XOOPS News Portal with actually 50 Links to the following topics:

Resized Image

- XOOPS Support Sites

- XOOPS Theme Designer

- XOOPS Developer

Missing you important XOOPS - Pages? Feel you free and submit the sites, because XOOPS is Powered by You!

Here is the XOOPS RSS - Feed.

Page Info: XOOPS - 2.4.4
Modules: rssc, weblinks, logcounterx, sitemap, altsys, pico, mysearch, rmbulletin, xlanguage and protector


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World Cup 2010 Module with 6 autoupdated blocks

Posted by Anonymous on 2010/6/12 17:02:54 (5783 reads) | Posted on Modules is happy to announce you the release of World Cup 2010 module with 6 languages ( arabic, english, frensh, german, spanish and portuguese).

This module contain 6 autoupdated blocks from website:

South Africa 2010 Block:
Resized Image

Follow your team during the FIFA World Cup™ by reading the latest news and seeing their fixtures and results.

FIFA Latest News Block:
Resized Image

Stay updated with the goings on in world football with this Widget which highlights the five latest news stories which have been published on

World Cup Block:
Resized Image

Get the lowdown on the 736 stars playing at South Africa 2010 by downloading our special FIFA World Cup™ widget. Check out their stats and use our special comparison tool.

World Cup 2010 Latest Photos Block:
Resized Image

Take a look at the latest footballing photos which have been uploaded on from all four corners of the globe. A picture tells a thousand words.

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking Block:
Resized Image

Follow the fortunes of your favourite national team by adding this Widget, which charts whether they've move up or down the monthly FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

World Leagues Block:
Resized Image

Get up to the minute results and standings from your favourite leagues, as well as the latest news. A scrolling ticker also gives up-to-the minute scores.

Download: click here


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XOOPS Named One of Top 3 CMS in the World

Posted by Mamba on 2010/6/11 4:50:00 (5508 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
It's nice to see that XOOPS continues to win Awards and to rank high in different CMS comparisons.

This month XOOPS has been named as one of the Top 3 CMS in the world by Webmaster9

We like the author's conclusion:

There are a lot of CMSs today that web developers and designers could choose from. But when it comes to free, successful, and user friendly CMS, there would only be 3 names for it, Drupal, Joomla!, and XOOPS.


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it's World Cup Time on XOOPS

Posted by mariane on 2010/6/11 3:10:00 (4337 reads) | Posted on Themes
I am happy to share with you today a desktop background for your pc in the occasion of the World Cup 2010.
Resized Image

you can download it from here (1280*800px) and here is the PSD file

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xNews 1.68 UTF-8 CLonable & SEO **** RC1 ****

Posted by dnprossi on 2010/6/8 10:20:00 (5681 reads) | Posted on Modules
Sorry for such long timelapse but had to move both appartment and office.

I have made lots of old and new bug corrections, changes and improvements and before making any other addition I would like to consolidate 1.68 version as is, therefore I made an RC1 version for testing and will soon realease xNews 1.68 FINAL and after that i will concentrate on 1.69 version.

In the works - New xNews Importer/Exporter Module 1.0

Here is a list of major changes. Made so many though that I did loose track of some....

- Module preferences
- changed "Show Previous and Next link" to accept None, Bottom, Top, Both visualization
- added "Display Link Icons" (print, friend, pdf icons) as above
- changed "SEO enable" to accept none, htaccess, path-info
- added "SEO path" to include a title in url

- added "SEO level" to htaccess in xoops root dir or in module dir for different url visualization


- Clone manager
- added "Force upgrade" to enable further upgrading in case things go wrong
- added "Delete" clone once uninstalled (this will remove selected clone dir and files completely).
- Other
- added "Extend meta-data input" to toggle between text and textarea for user edit meta-data input
with 255 char max length control
- added and modified htaccess one for root and one for modules/xnews as needed
- improved UTF-8 management
- Fixed Comments SEO related issues

Upgrading xNews Beta to RC1:
copy all files in modules/xnews then go to admin-modules menu and update xnews.

Upgrading clones Beta to RC1:
go to admin-xnews-Clone Manager and click on "Force Upgrade" for each clone then goto admin-modules
and update each upgraded clone.


Download link

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