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Ajax chat adapted for xoops

Posted by aitor on 2010/5/3 7:00:00 (5258 reads) | Posted on Modules
I have modified Ajax Chat to be used as module in xoops.

It can be shown in the site i am making: Getxo Chat

Is availabe to download at Xoops Spanish Support.

Ajax Chat Creators:

To install as easy as another xoops module, and for ajax chat configuration modify the file chat/ajaxchat/lib/config.php

Good Luck

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Interview of Mamba by ArabXOOPS Community

Posted by Mowaffaq on 2010/5/3 7:00:00 (2859 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

The ArabXOOPS Community was so glad to interview Mamba , to asking him many questions about XOOPS,his experience with XOOPS, New versions ...etc, Here is the English translation:

1- What got you to XOOPS?

An Open Source project in which I was active, Project JEDI, started using XOOPS in 2004 for one of its Websites, and it got my attention. So I started playing with it and the rest is history - I got addicted to XOOPS!

2- How did you get started in programming?

I took COBOL classes in the college as part of the business degree requirements, and got hooked. But it was Delphi which change my world!

3- How to strike a balance between daily life and XOOPS website ?

XOOPS is the fun part for me, so I do what I have to in my work life, and the rest is for XOOPS

4- Where is XOOPS now among other CMS ?

It's definitely in the top 5 in the world of Open Source CMS, but it's not as recognized as it could or should be. It's still the "best kept secret"
So there is still a lot of work to be done to promote XOOPS! And it is happening, but we need to accelerate it - we need to blog about it, tell our friends, ask our schools/universities to use it and to teach it in their "Web Courses", etc. If we work as a community together, sky is the limit!

5- How do you read the future XOOPS and what are your aspirations for the future?

As I always say - we want to make XOOPS the best it can be! If we could become the #1 Open Source CMS in the world, then we want this to happen! Is it possible? We will never know until we try!

Currently we're still in the phase of consolidation and rebuilding our project. There is still a lot of work with our documentation, but thanks to the hard work from people like Burning, we have now a great Theme repository, and he will be done soon with the Module Repository.

6- Does the recent problems that occurred with the former Project Manager Herko Coomans, will affect negatively on the future of XOOPS?

No, I think, it will be the opposite. It will help our community to come closer together, as everybody can see that we have a good and dedicated team, with people who are not afraid to fight for XOOPS if needed, and who want XOOPS to be a truly Open Source project that is run in a transparent way, with no tolerance for any conflict of interests or unethical behavior. If we dedicate our free time to a project we want to be sure that our volunteering hours and our donations are going to a good cause benefiting the whole community, and not an individual.

7- In XOOPS 2.4.5 and 2.5 we notice lot of innovations in the core, what other innovation are we expecting? and in which versions ?

Right now we need to finish and release 2.4.5 and 2.5.0, so there are innovations coming here. The version 3.0 will have a new architecture, but it's still too early to talk about it, and I don't know yet the details - it is still "work in progress".

But there are some other cool things coming - like the RMCommons module framework, and another Module Framework currently being developed by Trabis. So there will be more new and exciting things coming out...

8- What is the most interesting experience you've ever had from XOOPS ?

The most interesting experience for me was turning XOOPS around with a group of very dedicated developers and community members. XOOPS wasn't doing very well in 2006 and 2007. The new releases were not coming out, and there was a lot of internal fighting going on. But with a group of people who really cared about XOOPS and Open Source, working together as a community, we were able to put it behind and get back on track. In the last two years we had several good releases, and the community is growing. You can see the progress in our 2009 Annual Report. It is still a lot of work to be done, but with more and more people getting involved, it is getting better and better!

9- How do you evaluate arabxoops ?
It's one of our best and most important local support sites, and people like Mowaffaq and Mariane are doing such a wonderful job by not only keeping the Website in top condition, but also contributing to other XOOPS site - like our main XOOPS site, or XOOPS France.

There are millions of people speaking Arabic around the world, so the ArabXoops Website is a very important gateway for XOOPS to the Arab world.

And it's great to be able to show the whole world that we're a one big XOOPS family, where people from around the world can work together toward a common goals, regardless of any world conflicts around us.

10- What wishes and advises would you have for the Arab XOOPS community ?

The same as for every XOOPS community around the world: Get Involved!
Please contribute code, make financial donations, write documentation in your language, help your fellow XOOPS users, especially the beginners, and spread the word around - tell your friends, write to computer magazines and newspapers, blog about it. Each Open Source project is only as strong as its community! So please get involved - every little contribution counts!

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Objects Manager 2.30

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/5/3 6:50:00 (2988 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Objects Manager 2.30

  • XOOPS 2.4.x+
  • WHMCS 3.4.x+
  • PHP 5.x
  • IonCube Zend Extension

Object manager is an invoicing system that is designed for holding objects of any type for reservation or offers for purchase of an object. Objects Manager utilizes Profile module as well as XOOPS 2.4 or later to combine the power of WHMCS as an invoicing system (see for a demo) and XOOPS application framework to make deploying for example as the default is for Properties and Land but can be configured for really any object of any type.

With unlimited fields in the module for an object you can define new fields in the manager down to category level and also control the display permissions of these fields. Designed for a property site, objects utilizes the API in the advance billing called WHMCS and invoicing system to allow end users to access and using a checkout make reservation for a ‘hire’ or ‘rent’ or make offers for a ‘sale’.

Objects manager is ideal for any Real estate site but can be used for other types of enterprises as well. Ownership of an object can also have a delegated broker (XOOPS Group) that can also edit the system. It has an unlimited amount of pictures, videos and documents that can be uploaded as well as confluent and easy to use system of navigation.

The broker group is a group added on installation of the system, which is used for a 2nd party to be able to access an object and edit it, this can also be done by the object owner or system administration (Webmaster) account. There is also use of JQuery with this module, which ensure that the slider block (Image revolution of objects) works with the existing XOOPS System.

There is also a table of objects for a block that like the slider can be categorized and adjusted, there is also a search block. There are over 40 HTML Templates with objects and it is no way a small application.

We made the choice to use WHMCS in all our modules for invoicing as for the price we cannot produce something of similar quality for the price, normally this is your payment gateway and you have everything centralized to use its API to generate invoices and bill clientele. (See: for more details and demo).

Objects manager is ideal for anyone who wants to bill on a rent/hire/buy senerio as it uses WHMCS you have the choice of over 50 payment gateways as well as being able to add your own. The API allows for invoices and clients to be generated all you have to do is set your configuration as per the modules requirements and utilization of the WHMCS API.

  • Breadcrumb
  • Choice of Editors
  • JQuery use for slider and gallerific gallery for pictures.
  • Supports Tag 2.3 RC
  • Support Multisite
  • WHMCS API Complaint System
  • Mime-type Specified for Uploads of Pictures, Video & Documents
  • Admin Control Panel Interface
  • User Control Panel Interface
  • Special Group Interface
  • Customizable fields on profile
  • Video Upload
  • Document Upload
  • Picture Upload
  • Blocked Pricing system for Reservations (ie. 1m 2w 3d uses pricing matrix to cost and item).
  • Customer Actions Checkout


$69.95 (single project license)
$699.95 (unlimited projects)

You can purchase a license from for Object Manager and this will allow you to the latest download – this depending on your license will allow you to operate on one site or many. You will also require WHMCS, unlike Xoops unless you are using all the features of WHMCS not just as your online invoicing and billing system, you would purchase this outright as you will not require upgrade.

WHMCS is available from and requires IonCube to run.

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2009 XOOPS Annual Report

Posted by XoopsCouncil on 2010/4/28 17:50:00 (4464 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image

The preliminary 2009 Annual Report, incl. the financial results, is now available (click here).

It is "preliminary", because we want to certify the financials by an outside auditor, so everybody from the XOOPS community, especially our donors, can feel comfortable with the results.

Transparency has been always our top priority and an external audit will guarantee it. Once we get the audit done, we'll publish the report as Final.

Since last such Annual Report was published for 2007, we also included in this addition the 2008 events and milestones.

In 2011 we'll celebrate 10 Year Anniversary of XOOPS! Therefore let's use 2010 to make major improvements to our beloved CMS, so we can celebrate our Anniversary with a great joy and pride!

Long live XOOPS!

Your XOOPS Council

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4 New themes from Tarik

Posted by Tarik on 2010/4/25 10:40:00 (4941 reads) | Posted on Themes
I'm glad to present you again 4 new themes converted from css templates to xoops themes from diffrent designers


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


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Sad news for XOOPS Community: Dutch court dismisses our claims against Herko Coomans

Posted by Mamba on 2010/4/24 18:50:00 (9689 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Very sad and disappointing news for our community!

As you know, in 2009, we have filed a lawsuit against our former Project Manager Herko Coomans for return of funds (around €15,000) that belong to XOOPS community and are currently held by "Stichting XOOPS"

We've been just informed by our lawyers in Netherlands that unfortunately the Dutch Court dismissed our claims. The verdict is clearly disappointing to us and we strongly believe that the District Court of Zwolle-Lelystad erred in its conclusion, and we are investigating a possible appeal.

For example, it is beyond our comprehension that the court could state that purchasing by Herko the domain on behalf of XOOPS (as confirmed by others) for $18.95 and selling it back to Stichting XOOPS for €4,000, while being approved by the same man who sells it (which is Herko Coomans himself), doesn't consitute a "personal enrichment", or as we would call it in the US: Self-dealing. At a current exchange rate that's $5,330 profit for Herko, which he approved for himself out of XOOPS money!!! If you're puzzled by such a verdict, so are we!

[Edit]Especially since the Dutch Supreme Court is very clear in its decisions about "Conflict of Interest" (see here)

This case will be definitely a warning to other Open Source projects to avoid the Dutch "Stichting" legal form, and about the Dutch court that obviously doesn't understand the Open Source project idea.

You can see the verdict in Dutch here

While we are investigating a possible appeal, the important thing for us as a community is to continue with our work and keep moving forward. Our XOOPS journey continues!

We appreciate all of your support in this legal matter and our most sincere "Thanks" goes to all the 225 people who signed the petition!

Below is the English translation done by Ghia. If there are any corrections needed, please let us know, and we'll improve it.

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tinyXOOPS 0.1 RTT

Posted by Dylian on 2010/4/24 8:00:00 (3959 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Name : tinyXOOPS
Version : 0.1
Status : RTT (Ready to test)

What is tinyXOOPS?
tinyXOOPS is a script that automatically downloads the latest XOOPS install/upgrade archive from sourgeforge to your server. And after the archive has been downloaded to your server it automatically unzips it and redirects you to the XOOPS install/upgrade wizard.

What do I need to run tinyXOOPS?
PHP 5.2+ (Lower version may work, but not tested)
- zlib must be installed
- allow_url_fopen must be "On"
- safemode must be off*

And the normal XOOPS requirements

*If you can change the max_execution_time to 0 (unlimited) yourself you don't have to disable safe mode. And if you can change it yourself I advise you to turn it on again after installation.

How do I use tinyXOOPS
1. Download the tinyXOOPS archive from [HERE].
2. Go to your webserver and make the directory where you want to install XOOPS writable. (Windows: Uncheck "read-only" in the directory properties. LINUX: CHMOD 777)
3. Upload the files in the downloaded archive to the directory you just made writable.
4. Open your browser and go to:
5. Click on INSTALL if you want to perform a clean install and click UPGRADE if you want to perform a upgrade of your existing intallation.
- Downloading and unpacking may take some time, so don't worry if it takes long to load.
6. After the XOOPS files are downloaded and upacked you'll be redirected to the XOOPS install/upgrade wizard, complete this. (Check the XOOPS documentation for help with this)

- After the upgrade/install wizard is finished make sure the XOOPS installation dir isn't writeable anymore. (Windows: Check "read-only" in the directory properties. LINUX: CHMOD 755). And that you remove tinyXOOPS.php and pclzip.lib.php from your server.

What can I expect in future versions of tinyXOOPS
- A nicer layout
- Smaller files
- A (better) solution for the script execution time problem. (if i can find one...)
- And some other things I forgot to mention.

And please remember this is a test version!

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bXOOPS - The XOOPS Song (Alpha Release)

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/4/22 7:30:00 (5041 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
XOOPS is an exciting platform powered by the dedication of Open Source Developers that passionately make version for the community. Community maintained and committed, XOOPS offers one of the most helpful environment to nurturer any web developers needs.

This is more of an Artistic Contribution my friend NQAI is making a XOOPS Song and this is the alpha edition. NQAI Records Professionally write jingles for advertising, this is not but could be used with the Video Competition.

I would like to see a song competition as well. If you would like to download the alpha click here!! (1.32Mbs) or you can listen here:

Paul from NQAI Believes this track needs some more work and have released it much like an alpha edition of software the alpha edition of the XOOPS Jingles.

He is lookin for suggestion of lyrics and information his contact details are below.

NQAI Records
Contact: Paul Doherty

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Free Xoops Design Sd-072-Light

Posted by sinnedesign on 2010/4/21 18:10:00 (4173 reads) | Posted on Themes
I'm happy to present my new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Theme Xoops Design Sd-072-Light.

Resized Image

Here can you find the

- XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo

- XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo

And here is the FREE

- Download Xoops Theme Sd-072-Light

Regards and have Fun with the free XOOPS Theme.


Spiders 1.15

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/4/21 6:40:00 (3537 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Spiders 1.15

Spiders is a robot manager tool, that imports a list of all crawler and scanner robots on the web. It allows you to use XOOPS Permissiveness to control the data that robots list online your site. It will also log the robot in using a post loader and display when the robot is online on you 'Whos Online'.

The robot text file used is taken from an online resource of Robot data and stores it in your database. Remember to adjust your mainfile.php to include the post loader after the common file is loaded.

Robot Manager (Spiders) is a good way to control what your site displays in search engines.

Spider is only written for XOOPS 2.3 and later.

Download: (144Kb)
Mirror: Live Skydriver

* Forms added to assist data cleaning

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