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bXOOPS - The XOOPS Song (Alpha Release)

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/4/22 7:30:00 (4884 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
XOOPS is an exciting platform powered by the dedication of Open Source Developers that passionately make version for the community. Community maintained and committed, XOOPS offers one of the most helpful environment to nurturer any web developers needs.

This is more of an Artistic Contribution my friend NQAI is making a XOOPS Song and this is the alpha edition. NQAI Records Professionally write jingles for advertising, this is not but could be used with the Video Competition.

I would like to see a song competition as well. If you would like to download the alpha click here!! (1.32Mbs) or you can listen here:

Paul from NQAI Believes this track needs some more work and have released it much like an alpha edition of software the alpha edition of the XOOPS Jingles.

He is lookin for suggestion of lyrics and information his contact details are below.

NQAI Records
Contact: Paul Doherty

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Free Xoops Design Sd-072-Light

Posted by sinnedesign on 2010/4/21 18:10:00 (4029 reads) | Posted on Themes
I'm happy to present my new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Theme Xoops Design Sd-072-Light.

Resized Image

Here can you find the

- XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo

- XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo

And here is the FREE

- Download Xoops Theme Sd-072-Light

Regards and have Fun with the free XOOPS Theme.


Spiders 1.15

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/4/21 6:40:00 (3408 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
Spiders 1.15

Spiders is a robot manager tool, that imports a list of all crawler and scanner robots on the web. It allows you to use XOOPS Permissiveness to control the data that robots list online your site. It will also log the robot in using a post loader and display when the robot is online on you 'Whos Online'.

The robot text file used is taken from an online resource of Robot data and stores it in your database. Remember to adjust your mainfile.php to include the post loader after the common file is loaded.

Robot Manager (Spiders) is a good way to control what your site displays in search engines.

Spider is only written for XOOPS 2.3 and later.

Download: (144Kb)
Mirror: Live Skydriver

* Forms added to assist data cleaning

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Catads 1.53.1 BETA released

Posted by Peekay on 2010/4/19 19:30:00 (4406 reads) | Posted on Modules
One of the annoying bugs in the original release of Catads 1.53 BETA was that the pagination of search results didn't work.

It makes a big difference to have this feature working, so I have released a bug-fix version (Catads 1.53.1) plus a patch-file download for those that just want to update the changed files.

It works fine in my tests using Firefox and IE - Xoops 2.3 - PHP 4 - MySQL 4. If you encounter a problem and are using PHP 5 or a later version of Xoops, please post on the main forum where hopefully I can gain some additional help in finding a solution.

Download from the 'Files' page at:


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RMCommon Utilities 2 and MyWords 2 (Alpha)

Posted by BitC3R0 on 2010/4/18 0:10:00 (6894 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
We are very glad to announce the immediate availability of RMCommon Utilities and MyWords (Alpha Releases) for Xoops 2.4

Resized Image

RMCommon is a module that contains several utilities for new modules developmente, including:

New advanced editors
New form fields very easy to use
Perfectly integrated with Xoops
New comments system to include comments quickly and easier than ever.
Advanced image management
New graphical appearance for Admin GUI
Support for plugins that can integrate with all system
much more...

You can download RMCommon Utilities from here.

MyWords is an advanced module to manage blogs with a lot of new features that improves its functionallity. The articles management is easier than its predecessor and we had added new features and improved the module GUI.

MyWords also offers a new support for friendly URLs (with htaccess files) that allows you to specify where the module will response to queries by configuring a single configuration option in the module preferences and by adding a few lines to your htaccess file.

Important: MyWords requires that RMCommon had been installed before to use or install it.

Please, note that both modules are in Alpha status and it is not recommended to use them in a production environment.

New features and functionallity are still being planned for a near future. We will keep you posted.


RMCommon Utilities

Plugins for RMCommon Utitilies:

* Akismet plugin
* Gravatar plugin
* Recaptcha plugin

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Series of Car themes

Posted by bendenice on 2010/4/16 12:40:00 (7067 reads) | Posted on Themes
We are happy to offer several themes focused on cars

Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


Resized Image


For those who prefer bikes:
Resized Image


You can download these and other themes from theme repository of frxoops

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xPNews 1.2 - NNTP Protocol News

Posted by wishcraft on 2010/4/15 1:20:00 (3992 reads) | Posted on Modules
Resized Image
xPNews 1.2

NNTP Protocol newsgroup browser for XOOPS 2.3 or later. This newsgroup browser allows you to connect your xoops to any NNTP Protocol news service, including mime type parser and clear text browsing.

You can cross post, reply and make new posts to your Usenet or NNTP service on your own server. Based on PNews the GNU PHP newsgroup browser this title will allow you to access some of the older areas of the internet before the website.

Newgroups are the orginal forums, these are available to most people and offer the enticement of older areas and protocols of the internet.

Xoops has a usenet area and we would like you to connect to it just add xoops* to your groups.

Key Features:
  • NNTP Protocol
  • Multiple Server
  • Page Retention
  • Lite Server Load
  • Group by Group Permissions
  • Servers
  • HTAccess SEO

Download today : (123Kb)

Mirror : (123Kb)


The French cuisine through 3 websites

Posted by Littlebuzz on 2010/4/14 9:40:00 (4472 reads) | Posted on YAXS
My Beautiful Company, website publisher, is pleased to present its last 3 achievements around cuisine. Discover French cuisine !


French cuisine


French pastry



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XOOPS 2.4.5 RC Is Released

Posted by Mamba on 2010/4/14 3:30:00 (5383 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Resized Image
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new release of our Award winning CMS - XOOPS 2.4.5 RC (Release Candidate) is available for download.

Resized Image

This release is a bugfix-release of XOOPS 2.4.4 and earlier, done by XOOPS Core Development Team and XOOPS community:

Updates upon community:

- Fixed: Flash banners are not displayed in the expected position (kris_fr/trabis)
- Improved current link in system block : mainmenu and usermenu (trabis/kris_fr)
- Reverted: Support for unicode object vars, reverting object behavior to 2.3.x (trabis)
- Reverted: Changes in module textsanitizer related to the code box fix (trabis)
- Added: .htaccess file to /uploads for increased security (mamba)

Please remember:This is a Release Candidate for testing only!!!!

DO NOT install it on a production site and DO NOT upgrade any production site with it!!!

Download it from Sourceforge repository.

Please post and discuss all issues related to this release in this forum

We also need help with Translations

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Free Xoops' Design "Sd-071-Lila-Theme"

Posted by sinnedesign on 2010/4/12 15:40:00 (4663 reads) | Posted on Themes
Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Theme Sd-071-Lila.

Resized Image

Here can you find the

- XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo

- XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo

And here is the FREE

- Download Xoops Theme Sd-071-Lila-Theme

Regards an happy XOOPsing.

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