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The completely new !

Posted by marcan on 2007/8/1 14:44:29 (3851 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Recently, INBOX International has launched the completed new site of which makes a very extensive use of the SmartObject Framework.

The completely new Planetair.caWhat is Planetair ?

Planetair is a not-for-profit service offered by the Unisféra International Centre. Planetair helps individuals, corporations, and institutions to improve their climate footprint. Launched in 2005, it has three main goals:

1) To raise the awareness of individuals, corporations, and institutions about how their day-today activities impact upon our global climate.
2) To foster the behavioural changes required to reduce their GHG emissions.
3) To call for actions to offset those GHG emissions that cannot be effectively reduced.

It achieves these objectives in two ways:

1) By developing and funding a GHG emissions offset project portfolio, establishing an economic mechanism to achieve environmental and social objectives.
2) And by certifying activities, events, and organizations as carbon neutral.

How does the SmartObject Framework was used to develop this site ? uses the soon to be released SmartContent module (based on SmartObject) for displaying static content on the site. This module is also responsible for managing and displaying the navigation menus (top right menu, and centered one) dynamically.

Moreover, a completely new module was developed for this project : the SmartOffset module. This module is indeed based on SmartObject and is responsible for providing all the features to allow users to offset their CO2 emissions when using their car, when traveling by airplane or simply because of their electricity and gaz consumption. The module is integrated with PayPal to manage all payments.

We also made our first use of AJAX in module ! As you can see in the Air Travel Offset feature, the airport selection boxes are powered by AJAX requests ! We have used the Scriptaculous AJAX framework to achieve this and have created a XoopsForm Ajax Selection control so it can be easily reused.

A collaboration with Zone C Communication

For this project we have worked in collaboration with Zone C Communication for the visual and marketing aspects of the site. The very creative people of the Zone C team has developed the visual interface which was then beautifully integrated in a new theme by XOOPS Design.

Request for XOOPS Professional Services


ArgentinaMatch.Com - Socialnetworking Portal

Posted by chardiar on 2007/7/31 15:27:09 (3850 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Hi to all,

ArgentinaMatch.Com is a international community about news, videos, images, etc. The articles can be voted, commented and rated.

Here you can find our website:


Hola a todos,

ArgentinaMatch.Com es un Portal para compartir y publicar noticias, artículos, vivencias, imágenes, mp3, animaciones en flash, videos y todos los tipos de archivos. Estos envíos pueden ser votados, valorados y comentados por otros Miembros.

La dirección Web es:




GuiadelFrio.Com - New design and Sections

Posted by chardiar on 2007/7/31 15:26:23 (3807 reads) | Posted on YAXS

GuiadelFrio.Com is a international community about Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Portal. Now with new sections. (Theme design based on LucasTDS).

Greetings and thanks very much to all.


Hola, es una comunidad internacional que trata sobre Refrigeración, Aire Acondicionado y Ventilación. Ahora con nuevas Secciones. (Diseño del tema base: LucasTDS).

Saludos y muchas gracias a todos.



Vdrag by Venom, or how to play with its blocks !!

Posted by kris_fr on 2007/7/30 18:49:42 (8298 reads) | Posted on Themes
Vdrag (based on “Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis”) is a "variation" of Vart, but limited to 980px in width and it does not have a banner.

This theme with the characteristic to use a drag and drop system (to slip, deposit) for its blocks… Each page can be differently laid out and the positioning recorded in a cookie.

Resized Image

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New WEB Site about Corporative Social Responsibility in Chile, Xoopped

Posted by abraxas on 2007/7/29 2:41:24 (3611 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Resized ImageThe role of the companies goes beyond the generation of richness and sources of employment. One of its main activities is the protection of the human rights, the quality of life among the people and especially its workers, the prosperity of the community, the development of the country and the preservation of environment.

The new site mission is to inform and promote a culture of Social Responsibility in the companies, in the consumers and the community in general. The objective is to put on hands of the community and the companies, all RSC news in the world, including documents, columns of opinion and a powerful glossary.

If you don’t know what is the Corporative Social Responsability for, how it works or which are their benefits, you don’t doubt visiting us. You have the responsibility of being informed and to participate in the growth of this initiative.

You will find in our page the all the basic directives that inform this matter. We have a special section destined to the evolution of ISO 26000 Guide.

You have the responsibility of being informed and to participate in the growth of this initiative. The companies have the opportunity of being socially responsible, and the consumers to award or to punish the companies according to their behavior.

We invited to you to be a part of this instrument of communication, information and promotion of the Corporative Social Responsibility.
Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

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my persian xoops project

Posted by margkhar on 2007/7/28 5:01:53 (3820 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Introducing My Persian Xoops Preoject

On behalf of My Persian Xoops Project team, I am glad to announce the public release of as a new community-based website to provide online support for the Persian Xoops Users.

Due to some management complications with the Officially Certified Persian Support Website administration, we decided to break away and create a website based on giving more attention to user needs. We are trying to bring as much articles as possible from the corners of the Xoops world to the Persian Xoops Users (something like Xoops info but xoopsinfo is working with Google translator which does not support Persian).

In just a few days, if not hours, we already have managed to create a Persian supporting forum as well as and an up to date download directory for the Persian Xoops users to use. We are in a process of creating new informational video-based tutorials on Xoops usage for both Persian and English Speaking users as well.

Our goals, beyond any doubt, oblige us to bring additional and interactive features to provide more technical support for Persian and English Speaking Xoops Users.

Here you can find our website:

With regards,
The MPXP Administration Team

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VB Kat

Posted by azpilot on 2007/7/27 2:04:05 (4937 reads) | Posted on Themes
VB Kat, The newest Kat theme, is based on the popular vBulletin community forums. This is a small, fast theme, with a 3 column layout.
Tested with Xoops version 2.0.16

Resized Image


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2 new free themes

Posted by blubs on 2007/7/23 16:23:36 (7793 reads) | Posted on Themes
3 column style, tested with version 2.0.16

Green crayon
Resized Image

Orange Crayon

Resized Image

download Blubs Orange Crayon


Server mieten

Posted by php-deluxe on 2007/7/23 0:12:16 (4933 reads) | Posted on YAXS is an linux server howto page.
Based on simple-xoops 0.7.9 (xoops 2.2.5), with seo hack and the new wordpress module (2.2.1).

Server mieten

The theme is from xoops french.

happy xoopsing and regards


Interface 3 Kat Theme

Posted by azpilot on 2007/7/23 0:11:43 (4609 reads) | Posted on Themes
Our newest interface theme. 3 column layout with PNG files for easy editing of logo and menu items.
Tested with version 2.0.16

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image


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