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Server mieten

Posted by php-deluxe on 2007/7/23 0:12:16 (4894 reads) | Posted on YAXS is an linux server howto page.
Based on simple-xoops 0.7.9 (xoops 2.2.5), with seo hack and the new wordpress module (2.2.1).

Server mieten

The theme is from xoops french.

happy xoopsing and regards


Interface 3 Kat Theme

Posted by azpilot on 2007/7/23 0:11:43 (4575 reads) | Posted on Themes
Our newest interface theme. 3 column layout with PNG files for easy editing of logo and menu items.
Tested with version 2.0.16

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Sin chubasquero

Posted by disecor on 2007/7/22 3:14:15 (4048 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Hi friends,
This is a spanish project based on open source solutions.

We've built the community portal with Xoops, and we're very happy with the results.

You can check it here: and send us your comments.

Best regards


MyXoopsExtensions For Dreamweaver CS3!

Posted by pod on 2007/7/22 3:11:54 (14856 reads) | Posted on Themes
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At long last and by popular demand, MyXoopsExtensions 3.0.3 has finally arrived for Dreamweaver CS3 - and it is jam-packed full of goodies for everyone, advanced users and newbies alike! For the first time ever MyXoops brings you a revolutionary addition to this already comprehensive theme development suite by integrating many common XOOPS tags in Design View for seamless theme display - now you can design compelling graphical interfaces visually as you fine-tune your code and CSS, without variable statements junking up your workflow.

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Picito 2.0 released

Posted by Sophie2 on 2007/7/21 14:20:00 (6906 reads) | Posted on Modules
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Picito 2.0 is an Xoops module for easy image uploading. It has similar functionality like ImageShack website, for example. Version 2.0 is rewritten from scratch and is not compatible with older versions.


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Click here!

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0 update

Posted by drdesforges on 2007/7/21 11:29:20 (3639 reads) | Posted on YAXS
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Momentus Technologies is announcing the official launching of its new portal dedicated to Playa Del Carmen (Mexico) tourists.

Check it out !


Mydownloads version 1.43

Posted by hervet on 2007/7/21 11:28:00 (6177 reads) | Posted on Modules

I have just published a new version, 1.43, of the standard Xoops module "Mydownloads".

This version brings some changes that are listed here :

  1. Some minor changes in the download_download.html template
    1. When a file's size is not set, then the templates does not display its size
    2. When the file's platform is not set, then the templates does not display the information
    3. When the file's homepage is not set, then the templates does not display the information
  2. The module's templates can now access the module's name (with the Smarty variable call "module_name")
  3. The downloads titles are now 255 characters long
  4. When you post a comment, the module verifies that the download exists
  5. You can set the number of new downloads on the module's index page to 0
  6. You can select if you want to see the "updated" and "New" picture or not

You can download the module here.

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Interface 2 Kat

Posted by azpilot on 2007/7/20 19:45:31 (3908 reads) | Posted on Themes
Interface 2 Kat theme. 3 column style.
PNG files for editing logo and menu items.
Tested with version 2.0.16

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2 : More than five million page views

Posted by marckd on 2007/7/20 19:45:04 (6169 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Less than a year ago, I talked about the success of Xoops with my site - Tonterías, that got 500k page views in six months. Now, is receiving that quantity every two months.

It is a humor and entretainment site in Spanish, that everyday reaches more and more people.

Thanks Xoops!

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Interface Kat Theme

Posted by azpilot on 2007/7/19 17:37:09 (3849 reads) | Posted on Themes
A new KatTheme, Interface design. 2 column, includes PNG files for editing of menu and logos.

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Resized Image

Resized Image


[edit christian] : need register to download

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