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Aph3x themes has moved

Posted by aph3x on 2007/8/16 3:17:24 (4438 reads) | Posted on Themes
Hello was closed today as it was reopened on

Like before, its main activity will be XOOPS themes, and like before, all downloads will be free and won't require registration.Users sql table was kept and inactive users deleted, number of posts was reseted as forum module was changed with CBB 4. Users still have the possibility to see a theme installed, as a "demo" link is present in download section for each download item.

Further more, standalone html templates will be posted on a regular basis on our download section (as my time will permit), PSD files will also be available to download whether they are templates, image sets or any graphic that will require user editing for particularization.

For IE users,browser requirement to visit the site is IE7, it means that if a user tries to enter the site using an older version, he/she will be redirected to a page where notification of browser upgrade is needed and he/she will be invited to download Firefox!

Might be a drastic measure but that browser sucks, and like any program needs a minimum of requirements to be installed/run, this site asks for IE7 therefor I apologize for any inconvenience.

Reason for not making it available in IE6 is simple...I didn't want to!

Thank you

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Martial Arts Community

Posted by young on 2007/8/14 15:59:24 (4295 reads) | Posted on YAXS or its acronym, MCM, is driven by Martial Art enthusiasts and our main objective is to build a healthier lifestyle, unity and most importantly, patriotism through various channels in Malaysia. And there is no better time to do it than now!Resized Image hopes to serve the country as a common and friendly platform for information on nationwide martial arts establishments and all its related programs. Among many of its segments are: forums, news, updates, event calendars and more. It is also a fun place in the virtual world for exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge, Martial Arts pictures and videos and also making new friends thus, promoting harmony through Martial Arts.

Please visit


GEOS International Schools - Powered by Xoops

Posted by liture on 2007/8/13 12:44:54 (13720 reads) | Posted on YAXS
GEOS International Language Schools chose xoops to power the intranet that more than 70 Schools and marketing offices use, in addition to Thousands of agents worldwide.

Xoops has proven to be a solid CMS and very flexible to support this kind of need, and we send a big thank you for all the community who helped making xoops what it is now

You can see the public part of the intranet at:

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Online Xoops Theme Builder

Posted by azpilot on 2007/8/12 5:15:16 (9307 reads) | Posted on Themes
Resized Image is working on a online theme designer.

Our first beta is available for testing and feedback.

More options will be added soon.

Just fill in the blanks and download your theme.

Goto KatThemes for more details.

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0, the first Cambodian cultural portal under XOOPS

Posted by KH_MONOROOM on 2007/8/12 5:12:14 (4111 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Hello to all international community XOOPS,

The team Web of is proud to present his site entirely carried out to you with XOOPS, a site of cultural portal for a country located on other side of the ground: Cambodia. It is the first franco-cambodgien cultural site which was initially carried out in HTML for 5 months before migrating towards XOOPS in September 2006.

To know us more, the site was conceived in Paris by a team interdependent of voluntary franco-cambodgien. With more than 10.000 pages referred by the GOOGLE, our statistics of frequentation make it possible to currently reach 110.000 of pages seen per month for some 10.000 single visitors per month, and these figures are in constant progression.

You all are of course invited as of now, to register you and with speaking about this site and its topic around you in the community and elsewhere. It functions on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, but is much more pleasant under Firefox.

We used a version 2.0.16 of XOOPS. We note particularly that this version was very stable.

We initially make a point of thanking the XOOPS community as a whole.

For any information, please contact us by CLICK HERE or by email: contact AT monoroom DOT info.

Resized Image

0 ReOpened

Posted by Northern on 2007/8/12 5:09:56 (3517 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Resized Image

I'm very pleased to announce the ReOpening of
with the loss of Mark Rabideau & Richard Strauss to xoops, but not to opensource. this site will remain up and working, the badly beat'n db has been repaired, making the old known site open to the public.
with that said.....

HelpXOOPS is an independent website provided to support and enhance the greater " XOOPS" community (XOOPS and XOOPScube) experience. Both developers and users alike will find many useful facilities here. HelpXOOPS is dedicated to providing both a web presence and positively motivated community focused on the development, evolution and use of XOOPS/XOOPScube (aka. greater XOOPS) as well as XOOPS-related modules, hacks, themes, and more.
It is a place where those who want to help grow, test, and mature the greater XOOPS world, XOOPS-related environments, and tools can come together and "Just Do It".

As most of you know, one of the loudest and most frequent requests from XOOPSers everywhere is the need for more reliable and accessible information. Information that is better organised and more readily available. These same XOOPSers have expressed a willingness to be involved in a community focused on co-operative efforts to "help out".

HelpXOOPS is just such a community. It is a place for contributing information, experimenting with ideas, and demonstrating new concepts in a safe non-production environment. So, if you have a good idea about something that you want to share with your peers, this is the place to voice it and see it implemented.
The HelpXOOPS effort places considerable emphases on member input.
HelpXOOPS is not just a think-tank where ideas ferment or fizzle out. We have set up clear and OPEN opportunities for members to contribute. Members are not limited to just one or two ways of helping either! We provide a variety of ways to suit each individual XOOPSer. You are only limited by your energy.

HelpXOOPS will forever be a work in progress... our progress!

Please go to and register if you havent already.
We welcome and enthusiastically look forward to your involvement.



Two Web 2.0 Style Ported Themes

Posted by insraq on 2007/8/11 2:43:59 (5484 reads) | Posted on Themes
The names are Newave and hyperglass.
Please choose "newave" and "hyperglass" from the sidebar.

Discussion in Forums:
Newave: ... p?topic_id=60278&forum=32
hyperglass: ... p?topic_id=60303&forum=32

Download URL:
Newave: ... =1186743141&post_id=49081
hyperglass: ... =1186747471&post_id=49087

If you can't download the file, try to use mediafire.

Download from Mediafire:

Check more information about the themes in my blog: ... eme-for-xoops-newave.html

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Two new municipal sites by ComunaNet

Posted by menochi on 2007/8/9 14:42:22 (4095 reads) | Posted on YAXS
ComunaNet published two new sites for Chilean municipalities: Pichidegua and Hualaihue

The two municipalities are rural municipalities in the south of Chile. The future Web masters were trained by ComunaNet in all Xoops details. They are able to arrange their Web appearance in the future on it´s own.

If other municipalities in Latinamerica should have interest to have a new Webpage or change their existing Webpage to XOOPS, ComunaNet will be at any time gladly to help. The consultation, further training, installation and the webspace are free.

The project "Web information in the country" is one of the projects of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Latinamerica.


XoopsItalia: 5000 users and theme restyle!

Posted by Defkon1 on 2007/8/9 14:36:54 (4867 reads) | Posted on YAXS

The Italian Xoops community ( ) has now 5000 registered users!

As gift to our community, we have restyled our old Obscene-derived theme inserting new features like:
- user info panel in the theme header
- new logo
- new icons
- new spotlight block with fading effect
- W3C WAI-A compliant theme
- W3C CSS validation

Now working on XHTML 1.0 compliance...

Happy Xoopsing!

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Posted by ncodes on 2007/8/8 17:42:34 (4176 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Hello everyone
I've updated my website and I want to invite you to visit it.

After moving my xoops from /home directory to / I lost 80% of visitors and 95% of search engine links. So I came up with this idea to represent SYSDAP.COM. Sysdap's google pagerank was 5(16000visits monthly) and it was going to reach 6 but moving folder changed everything.

Resized Image
Resized Image
Resized Image

I've got a few projects there, Yahoo Emotion Icons(redesigned by myself in 500x500), iRobot Marvin, Sky Monitor and more. You can find them in DOWNLOADS. also has a lot of game wallpapers and pictures token by me. You can find them in PHOTO GALLERY and GAME GALLERY. My pictures are known with these names, nSky, MySky and HiNight series.

How to help?
You can help me by linking to through this page. or you can help by sending my link to your friends.

Or add my RSS through this link.

Comments are welcomed in Sysdap, so say what you think of pictures and other stufff ;).


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