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Release of DokuWiki 2.10 for Xoops

Posted by jayjay on 2007/8/20 16:48:42 (7627 reads) | Posted on Modules

I have embedded the latest stable dokuwiki release 2007-06-26 into xoops. This new module is based upon the great work of D.J. on 'dokuwiki for xoops' versions 2.01 and 2.02.

Download Link for DokuWiki 2.10 for Xoops

Forum on Xoopsforge for bugfixes


  1. this is an upgrade from dokuwiki version 2006-03-09 to 2007-06-26. Since that time the entire dokuwiki structure has changed enormously. I'm thinking of bugfixes, security updates, but also functionality improvements mainly in the way dokuwiki treats plugins (division between admin/helper/action/syntax/renderer plugins). A changelog can be found here
  2. being the latest stable dokuwiki release, xoops users can now use almost all recent dokuwiki plugins
  3. these additional plugins are in the xoops module: box, discussion, feed, include, indexmenu, linebreak, note, pagelist, pagemove and tag. More info
  4. I have added a xoops_pagetitle hack to make the wiki more attractive to search engines
  5. I have fixed a small 2.02 bug thanks to user peekay on The bug prevented viewing images as an anonymous site visitor


Can I add discussion to the wiki ?

Discussion is now a dokuwiki plugin. You can enable site-wide discussion in lib/plugins/discussion/conf/default.php or you can add per-page discussion manually like this: ~~DISCUSSION~~ More info

Where is the spellchecker ?

Spell checking has greatly improved in the latest dokuwiki release. You can follow these guidelines to activate.

I can't see the quickbuttons in the editor ?

This could be due to a javascript error. Please delete all files in xoops_root/cache/ and xoops_root/templates_c and make sure xoops debug is disabled (as it should be on production sites)!


It shouldn't be too difficult to upgrade to dokuwiki 2.10. Users that upgrade should just ignore the 'uploads' folder in the zip-archive. Before uploading the 'dokuwiki' folder in 'modules', they have to change two lines in conf/local.php:
$conf['metadir'] = $conf['savedir'].'/meta/'; //edit jayjay: avoid clutter!
$conf['metadir'] = $conf['savedir'];


$conf['lockdir'] = $conf['savedir'].'/locks/'; //edit jayjay: avoid clutter!
$conf['lockdir'] = $conf['savedir'];

People that used the old 'discussion' hack in 'dokuwiki for xoops 2.02' should be able to convert it to the new discussion plugin

Kind regards,


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Classified Ads RC1 released

Posted by jlm69 on 2007/8/19 16:24:43 (6934 reads) | Posted on Modules

Classified AdsThe classified ads module RC1 is now released.

Version 3 RC1

Because of the database changes this module can not be upgraded, you must uninstall any previous version, then install this one. If you have categories aleady created use phpmyadmin to backup the category table and then restore that table after the new module is installed.

What is new

1. Users can now sort the listings.
2. To prevent sql injections I put addslashes() in the URL's, and mysql_real_escape_string() in the database calls.
3. Added a config option to let users use a different name when submiting or modifying a listing.
4. Added a config option to let users use a different e-mail when submiting or modifying a listing.
5. Needed to change the field type from 'varchar' to 'int', for sorting by hits.
6. The user can now choose if they want to be contacted by PM, E-mail, or either. (Phone number will always display unless the field is empty)

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Sky-BL-01 Theme

Posted by it21inc on 2007/8/19 16:10:46 (4470 reads) | Posted on Themes
Sky-BL-01 Theme
Sky-BL-01 Theme
We are pleased to announce a new free Xoops theme, Sky-BL-01

This is our 4th free theme. It has a blue color. Just download the theme, and place your site name on the headband jpg image.

It is a theme that is best used with 2 or 3 columns. Hope you enjoy it.
If you like our work, please browse our theme selection at our shop.

Have a great day.


Reisen Bangkok

Posted by php-deluxe on 2007/8/18 4:07:14 (4785 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Reisen Bangkok is a german travel portal, with the
the main focus, holiday in bangkok, the metropole of thailand.
built using simple - xoops 0.7.9 with seo hack.

Reisen Bangkok

regards and nice weekend

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Theme Vstart

Posted by Lord_Venom on 2007/8/18 4:05:28 (7187 reads) | Posted on Themes
VStart on the basis of “Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis”, this theme is limited in width 960px it does not have a banner.

Resized Image

Download & Démo

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JigJak - a social bookmarking and blogging site!

Posted by lintu on 2007/8/16 3:25:02 (4466 reads) | Posted on YAXS

jigjakWe are happy to finally launch JigJak.

JigJak combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. It is a community-based portal, helping you to locate good content on the web amongst the mountain of sub standard content without having to waste much time searching for it. All the Web sites listed here have been recommended and rated by users just like you based on innovations, usefulness and creativity. The fact is, humans can determine the best sites, actually better than computers or algorithms.

As a member you can :

  1. Add and store your bookmarks on JigJak and access your favorite websites from anywhere. Your bookmarks are available and always backed up no matter which computer you use
  2. Submit your own bookmarks and share it with the world
  3. Create your own profile page (for example your biography) which is viewable by other members
  4. Share your thoughts and ideas with the world by writing your own blog
  5. Send private messages among members
  6. Get access to any new features we offer in the future

Our Special Thanks

Below is a list of some of those we would like to THANK and who have helped make JigJak! possible

  1. The XOOPS community for giving us this great cms
  2. The WordPress community for the blog publishing system

Click here to take a tour of the site.

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Aph3x themes has moved

Posted by aph3x on 2007/8/16 3:17:24 (4444 reads) | Posted on Themes
Hello was closed today as it was reopened on

Like before, its main activity will be XOOPS themes, and like before, all downloads will be free and won't require registration.Users sql table was kept and inactive users deleted, number of posts was reseted as forum module was changed with CBB 4. Users still have the possibility to see a theme installed, as a "demo" link is present in download section for each download item.

Further more, standalone html templates will be posted on a regular basis on our download section (as my time will permit), PSD files will also be available to download whether they are templates, image sets or any graphic that will require user editing for particularization.

For IE users,browser requirement to visit the site is IE7, it means that if a user tries to enter the site using an older version, he/she will be redirected to a page where notification of browser upgrade is needed and he/she will be invited to download Firefox!

Might be a drastic measure but that browser sucks, and like any program needs a minimum of requirements to be installed/run, this site asks for IE7 therefor I apologize for any inconvenience.

Reason for not making it available in IE6 is simple...I didn't want to!

Thank you

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Martial Arts Community

Posted by young on 2007/8/14 15:59:24 (4303 reads) | Posted on YAXS or its acronym, MCM, is driven by Martial Art enthusiasts and our main objective is to build a healthier lifestyle, unity and most importantly, patriotism through various channels in Malaysia. And there is no better time to do it than now!Resized Image hopes to serve the country as a common and friendly platform for information on nationwide martial arts establishments and all its related programs. Among many of its segments are: forums, news, updates, event calendars and more. It is also a fun place in the virtual world for exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge, Martial Arts pictures and videos and also making new friends thus, promoting harmony through Martial Arts.

Please visit


GEOS International Schools - Powered by Xoops

Posted by liture on 2007/8/13 12:44:54 (13796 reads) | Posted on YAXS
GEOS International Language Schools chose xoops to power the intranet that more than 70 Schools and marketing offices use, in addition to Thousands of agents worldwide.

Xoops has proven to be a solid CMS and very flexible to support this kind of need, and we send a big thank you for all the community who helped making xoops what it is now

You can see the public part of the intranet at:

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Online Xoops Theme Builder

Posted by azpilot on 2007/8/12 5:15:16 (9348 reads) | Posted on Themes
Resized Image is working on a online theme designer.

Our first beta is available for testing and feedback.

More options will be added soon.

Just fill in the blanks and download your theme.

Goto KatThemes for more details.

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