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Night club theme

Posted by mr-reda04_fr on 2007/7/6 15:12:51 (12503 reads) | Posted on Themes

On a basis of a free template and on the code of Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis 2.0 " It is the Night Club ( 1 column ) which feature Photoshop source file included.


Resized Image

Click here to download ! (.rar)

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Establishment of XOOPS Project Council

Posted by phppp on 2007/7/2 20:53:56 (15487 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
The XOOPS Council held its first meeting on Saturday, June 30, 2007 with following agenda:

1. Mission and tasks of the council.
2. Project teams to finalize (mission and tasks).
3. Tasks to be done soon.
4. Membership and rules for the council.

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Posted by php-deluxe on 2007/7/2 9:17:27 (3765 reads) | Posted on YAXS is an free travel web catalog with 26 travel regions.
based on simple-xoops 0.7.9 (xoops 2.2.5) with seo and fullcache hack.
many thanks to for this nice theme.


sven webmaster of

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EFQ Directory module - version 1.0 RC released

Posted by wtravel on 2007/7/2 9:06:17 (6872 reads) | Posted on Modules
I am happy to announce the Release Candidate (RC) of version 1.0 of the EFQ directory module. EFQ directory is a module that allows webmasters to manage yellow pages like directories within their XOOPS installations. Because it uses customizable data fields, the administrator can set up custom made directories and categories.

I hope this module will be appreciated and that with your help this module can become of better value to you. The first focus will be on solving bugs and issues though.

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XOOPS OpenId integration first preview

Posted by pemen on 2007/7/1 16:40:00 (6981 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
I'm proud to announce the first preview of the Openid URL based identity system.

When the Openid protocol will be completly integrated in the XOOPS Core, you will use the same Openid URL to login easily in all XOOPS websites that support Openid.
This is the end of recurrent XOOPS registration because it support the simple registration extension.

Please have a look at this preview and give me return of your tests on the XOOPSPRO Forum

The Test is here :
XOOPSPRO Openid Test Website



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EWO - Using XOOPS In a New Way

Posted by ewonline on 2007/7/1 16:39:24 (6409 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Ok, this isn't exactly new, but its very much different from how many people use XOOPS. Emma Watson Online (an Emma Watson fan site) had previously used XOOPS as a community portal/site but we've transitioned that use to simply using XOOPS for content management and we happy to say that the flexibility of XOOPS has allowed us to do that.

Resized Image

We hope that this site gives inspiration to some XOOPS users as to how XOOPS can be used and taken advantage of to make great sites. The underlying framework is really excellent and one can easily build upon it, as we have. The theme system has allowed us to do whatever we want in the theme and not have to go the traditional Left Navigation Panel, Content Panel, and Right Info Panel layout. Things like search engine friendly URLs were not a problem, XOOPS allowed us to quickly implement that.

We've used XOOPS for over 3 years and since the start of the site and its really worked for us. Thats not to say there weren't initial problems, since has a high load on the server due to the CMS, but after some optimizations and custom caching mechanisms, all of those problems have been solved. And now, XOOPS allows the site to better scale with increased users and content.

We hope to have many more great years and continue running our site with XOOPS.

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GreenKat Theme

Posted by azpilot on 2007/6/29 20:07:54 (4810 reads) | Posted on Themes
My first attempt at a xoops theme. Tested on xoops 2.0.16.

Resized Image

Download file Here

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XoopsInfo 2.14 - update of security

Posted by DuGris on 2007/6/29 20:07:03 (5094 reads) | Posted on Modules
In the version 2.13, you discovered a script allowing to verify the security of your website (PhpSecInfo).

Some of you placed the files of PhpSecInfo and PhpSysInfo in the root of your site, what causes a problem of security in the measure or it is about files by default.
And nevertheless in the parameters of the module, it was foreseen that you can rename these files or place them in another file of your site.

Here is an update, that secures the direct access to PhpSecInfo and PhpSysInfo.

Documentation :

Download : ... cid=1&lid=31&lang=english

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New Xoops Site: Capital Visual

Posted by abraxas on 2007/6/27 15:26:10 (3784 reads) | Posted on YAXS
Today we are inaugurating the new Web page of “Capital Visual”, a company integrated by people who work together in this world of the visual contact, developing professional projects for their clients, contributing with new ideas and continue learning things that they did not know. They understand that the Good Design must be something daily.

That all the things have to be done with much sensitivity, taking care of the harmony of the forms and tones, clarifying each small detail, principle that they practices even in their Web page. They know that pleasant surroundings and an effective communication guarantee the understanding between the people, that’s what their page communicates.

Web deign
Hosting for Xoops sites

Resized Image

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Moving Forward

Posted by JMorris on 2007/6/27 12:47:13 (12031 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
There has been much discussion and deliberation lately about the direction the XOOPS Project and Community are going. The following information should clarify much of the confusion that has been present as of late.

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