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News 1.63 : A module for creating articles in Xoops

Posted by instantzero on 2008/12/3 13:00:00 (12638 reads) | Posted on Modules
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Instant Zero is very happy to present you a new version of the Xoops News module.
This new version, 1.63, introduces some bugs corrections and introduces a new functionality, Tags

Where to download the module ?
The module can be found in its homepage: ... ory/product.php?prod_id=1

How to upgrade ?
Be sure to update the files on your server with the new one and update the module in the Xoops modules manager.
after this, YOU MUST go in the module's preferences, at least one time, to re validate them.

Some modifications were made to the translations.
Consult the lang.diff file.

Note about the tags
- The use of tags and the generation of tags cloud are linked to the use (and of the installation) of the "Tag" module created by phppp.
So you must download and install this module before to be able to use tags in the News module:
For Xoops 2.3.x :
For Xoops 2.0.x :

Best regards,
Instant Zero

- The Xoops 2.3 editors are fully supported (tested with Xoops 2.3.2a)
However a bug was found with the tinyMce editor.
The bug seems to come from Xoops itself
- The support for the Spaw editor is abandoned
- The support of Xoops 2.2.x is abandoned
- You can use tinymce if you are running Xoops 2.3
- TCPDF was updated
- Changes in translations (see lang.diff)
- Correction of a bug in the "By Topic" presentation of the articles (on index.php)

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Thanks for releasing

Is tag module suported ?

news tag plugin
Published: 2008/12/3 13:32 • Updated: 2008/12/4 16:37
Thank you to all at Instant Zero for this latest release

One of the "must have" modules IMHO.
Published: 2008/12/3 15:48 • Updated: 2008/12/3 15:48
what i like about the news module is i can use it as a blog...with the new tag feature...this is so great

it will be nice if the feature of
- easy for this module to be clone or rename be included in the next version

thank you instant zero guys are totally awesome
Published: 2008/12/3 17:26 • Updated: 2008/12/3 17:26
Love the tag function in News!

Currently I am using a "+" for two words tag and it shows at the front end, is there a way for two words tag without the "+" sign showing at the front end?
Published: 2008/12/3 19:58 • Updated: 2008/12/3 19:58
Awesome News!
I have just one question: is there a script to convert all the info from smrtsection to news module?

Take my hat off!
Published: 2008/12/3 23:08 • Updated: 2008/12/3 23:14
thank you instantzero . we will update persian translation and send for you .

how we can clone news module?
Published: 2008/12/4 1:03 • Updated: 2008/12/4 1:03
very good . I need tow module news for site . how we can clone news module?
Published: 2008/12/4 2:13 • Updated: 2008/12/4 2:14
Thank you Instant Zero. can i create with the news module articles with "clean urls"?


and with clean urls

Published: 2008/12/4 3:56 • Updated: 2008/12/4 3:56
He-hey! More great news!
How many downloads can you deal with
Published: 2008/12/4 12:04 • Updated: 2008/12/4 12:04
Currently I am using a "+" for two words tag and it shows at the front end, is there a way for two words tag without the "+" sign showing at the front end?

Not shure (not tested), but how about WORD1&_nbsp;WORD2 whitout the inderscore.

Published: 2008/12/4 14:59 • Updated: 2008/12/4 14:59
At me a site:
Charset UTF-8.
Language - Russian.

Prompt please, why in RSS letters in not to the correct coding?
Published: 2008/12/5 10:14 • Updated: 2008/12/5 10:15
persian language updated
http://xoopspersian.svn.sourceforge.n ... ules/news/trunk/language/
Published: 2008/12/6 0:48 • Updated: 2008/12/6 0:48
What to do with a file /modules/news/seo/.htaccess ?
Published: 2008/12/6 11:02 • Updated: 2008/12/6 11:02
- The support of XOOPS 2.2.x is abandoned

This is sad!
The current 2.3.2b is not yet a full replacement for the 2.2.x series of XOOPS.

Is the TAG module a prerequisite or can the News module function without?
Published: 2008/12/8 7:58 • Updated: 2008/12/8 7:58
i haven't tested this version yet, but with the previous one if i create a group that can't modify news, it CAN otherwise delete news! this is nonsense, or a bug....
Published: 2008/12/8 12:11 • Updated: 2008/12/8 12:12
Thank you very much!

All my sites upgraded without problems... The included tag feature is great!

Published: 2008/12/8 16:32 • Updated: 2008/12/8 16:32
Is the TAG module a prerequisite or can the News module function without?

As far as I know, it can function without it. The Tag feature kicks in only, if Tag is available.
Published: 2008/12/8 16:55 • Updated: 2008/12/8 16:55
I have two problems on two different installations that I can't figure.

1. UTF-8 in PDF Creation does not work. Eg. Italian àèìòù chars work fine in Printer Friendly Page but Create Pdf from the article results in àèìòù.

2. xLanguage as above. Plus PDF creation only works if English is selected àèìòù as above though.
When Italian is selected and PDF icon clicked I get this error:

TCPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file

Help please!!!
Published: 2008/12/11 9:48 • Updated: 2008/12/11 9:48


Is the TAG module a prerequisite or can the News module function without?

It's written in upper cases in the article.
Published: 2008/12/17 2:00 • Updated: 2008/12/17 2:00
- The XOOPS 2.3 editors are fully supported (tested with XOOPS 2.3.2a)
However a bug was found with the tinyMce editor.
The bug seems to come from XOOPS itself

Bugfixed... maybe in next XOOPS release
Published: 2008/12/17 6:46 • Updated: 2008/12/17 6:46
How to deduce in a theme the news and section name.

Has added a line in a file article.php

$xoopsTpl->assign('xobreadcrumb_topic'$article->title() . $complement);

in a theme has added a line:


Does not work.

Who can tell as such to realise?
Published: 2008/12/21 14:38 • Updated: 2008/12/21 14:38
Does not work.  Who can tell as such to realise?

It should work. Check if the code is not inside an if statement. Place it above
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/include/comment_view.php';

just to be sure.
Published: 2008/12/21 16:48 • Updated: 2008/12/21 16:48
trabis Thanks!
Published: 2008/12/24 10:58 • Updated: 2008/12/24 10:58