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XOOPS Listed as #2 Open Source CMS by ONDD

Posted by Mamba on 2008/4/10 11:50:00 (20267 reads) | Posted on News

Recently the ONDD (Online Nursing Degree Directory" published a list of "The Top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals". Within the CMS category, they listed XOOPS as #2 after Joomla, saying:

"Manage your web content with XOOPS, whether you’re setting up a forum on your site or just want to work on your blog."

We are absolutely delighted with the recognition, and very proud of the fact that more and more people see XOOPS as the top CMS system in the world!!!

Keep those awards and recognitions coming!!!

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No offence, this is another achievement and congratulations on that but they didn't rank XOOPS number two as such, XOOPS just appeared in a list of 100 open source tools, there doesn't seem to be any ranking order.

Still it's good to know the years of work gone into XOOPS are still appreciated.

Congrats guys and long live XOOPS.
Published: 2008/4/10 17:46 • Updated: 2008/4/10 17:46
Tom, you're picky, picky

Well, the order is not alphabetical, so we could assume that it was ranked.

But in order to be on the safe side, it was exactly why we said "listed" and not "ranked".
Published: 2008/4/10 20:11 • Updated: 2008/4/10 21:44
There is some excellent software on that list. Here is what they have to say about the top 100 and I quote, "Open source tools are free, highly customizable, and secure enough to handle the sensitive data that medical professionals often work with." After reading that quote, I knew exactly why XOOPS was on the list.
I noticed they listed Joomla and Drupal with XOOPS. I might have to check those two out--they've got be good!
Published: 2008/4/10 23:03 • Updated: 2008/4/10 23:09
"Listed as #2 Open Source CMS"

This is quite frankly the most unserious 'journalism' i've seen on This non-news is a hoax and should be edited, if not deleted IMO.
Published: 2008/4/11 1:53 • Updated: 2008/4/11 1:53
Jooel, it looks like one can't be excited about XOOPS nowadays!

So how would you then rephrase it?

Maybe my English is not that good, but if you have a list of things (e.g. a shopping list) and you are trying to tell somebody where a particular item is, how would you say it? "Hey, milk is over there - it's listed as #5"

So if this is wrong, how would you pinpoint to the milk's location on your shopping list?
Published: 2008/4/11 2:12 • Updated: 2008/4/11 2:14
I would have just stated that it was listed among the top 100 open source software for medical professionals.

The "#2" thing gives the ?????ion that it is intentionally misleading. That's why i reacted a bit harsh. Sorry..

PS. haha.. seems to filter out the word i-m-p-r-3-s-s (because of a competing XOOPS branch). I was hoping for this project to be under some kind of democratic values.
Published: 2008/4/11 2:53 • Updated: 2008/4/11 2:57
As I told Tom, "ranked as #2" <> "listed as #2"

If I would say "ranked", it would be totally misleading, because we don't if it was ranked.

Would "XOOPS ranked as Top 5 Open Source CMS by ONDD" be better for you?

We know that it was ranked, because all the other CMS didn't make to the list. Right?
Published: 2008/4/11 3:02 • Updated: 2008/4/11 3:02
There are a lot fine other scripts not mentioned in this list. For instance SMForum, Typo3 etc.
The overview is just a small personal ?????ion in what is available reviewed by ONDD.
See another top 100 list:
or somebody else's list

And there are more lists like this.
What I want to say is that, if a cms/forum whatever isn't mentioned doesn't mean that script is bad or not mature.
My conclusion: it is just what and where you want to see and read.

Yes, it is nice to see XOOPS mentioned here and there. But please be objective in what you see and present as NEWS here on Xoops.
Published: 2008/4/11 3:49 • Updated: 2008/4/11 3:49

thanks for the other links. I don't think that many people were aware of it - I was not. But it's awesome that XOOPS is making Top selections of various Top 100 lists.

And yes, I'm trying to be objective and to present it as news. According to Webster:

To list:
1 a: to make a list of: enumerate b: to include on a list: register

To rank:
2 : to determine the relative position of : rate <a highly ranked prospect>

So if I used the word "listed" and not "ranked", where was I not objective?

If I'm guilty of anything, than probably only about being excited about XOOPS.

But we need to celebrate those kind of achievements, be proud of XOOPS, and show it.

To be honest, for the last several years that I've been here, I've heard so many times about what is wrong with XOOPS, but I didn't see that many times that we celebrated our achievements. I hope, that by publishing those good nows (and fortunately, they are coming lately), we'll be able to look at XOOPS in a more positive way, get excited, and start believing in XOOPS, instead listening to some people who are trying to tell us that XOOPS is dead!

There is so much good happening lately around here and outside: Suico is developing this awesome Yogurt, Wishcraf is delivering some innovative modules, so many other users are release new exciting modules such as MyQuiz, inTHEtube, X-Torrent, Image Resizer, just to mention few from the last week, Catzwolf is back and with a vengeance doing some awesome things, our users in Brasil are creating some really cool and innovative themes, we are going forward with release 2.3, and 3.0 will be awesome, if we deliver what we plan to. Outside, the press and others are finally taking notice of XOOPS.

Are there things that might be still missing? Absolutely!

But can we step back, see the glass half-full, and celebrate?
Published: 2008/4/11 4:46 • Updated: 2008/4/11 4:46
You can get a dictionary and hit us with it, but you must at least agree a bit that your words could be read as if there is a kind of ranking in there, which is emphasized by the word "after" you use.

However: strictly speaking you're right. XOOPS is listed and that's great.

But to call this breaking news...
Are we so desperate?
I don't really think so. XOOPS is powerfull and promising, so let's be glad indeed and don't waste too much words about
rest of words deleted
Published: 2008/4/11 4:54 • Updated: 2008/4/11 4:54
Xoops is the most downloaded CMS at SourceForge(!
Click Here to view.

Xoops is on top with over 6,463,337 downloads.
Typo3 - 3,197,871
Alfresco - 1,047,366
TikiWiki - 629,020
Mambo - 588,939
Published: 2008/4/17 10:37 • Updated: 2008/4/17 10:37
Xoops is the most downloaded CMS at SourceForge(!

another breaking news..congrat xoops
Published: 2008/4/17 11:01 • Updated: 2008/4/17 11:02
Now THAT'S what I call super !!!
Published: 2008/4/26 3:23 • Updated: 2008/4/26 3:23
Xoops is the most downloaded CMS at SourceForge(!
Click Here to view.

Xoops is on top with over 6,463,337 downloads.
Typo3 - 3,197,871
Alfresco - 1,047,366
TikiWiki - 629,020
Mambo - 588,939

Yup, thats pretty cool news. Spot on.

I'm just glad I wasn't alone in my initial thoughts above.
Published: 2008/4/26 21:44 • Updated: 2008/4/26 21:44
wonderful news
Published: 2008/5/2 14:50 • Updated: 2008/5/2 14:50