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Adobe Edge selects XOOPS as one of Top 3 CMS

Posted by Mamba on 2008/4/3 21:30:00 (22981 reads) | Posted on News
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Published every eight weeks, the Edge is a free publication that contains original content geared towards informing, enlightening, and inspiring web designers and developers.

In the April addition addition they provided an overview of five of the top open source software (OSS) solutions: CMS Made Simple, Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, and XOOPS.

It is already an honor to be named as one of the top five Open Source CMS solutions. But it gets better - they selected XOOPS as one of the best three for building an e-commerce site, together with Drupal, and Joomla!

XOOPS Rocks!!!!

Thanks to btesec who made us aware of this story!!!

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Congrats, but - cough - one of the best for building an e-commerce site?

Maybe I missed some good modules? All oscommerce-derivates are NOT working properly. Kshop is not working properly. The zencart port should not be used, because it is full of security holes. The module from instant-zero is commercial.

So which shopping-cart solution was Mr. West taking into concern?

Just curious...
Published: 2008/4/4 3:10 • Updated: 2008/4/4 3:10
great news, XOOPS rocks and the community is returning to xoops.
Published: 2008/4/4 4:03 • Updated: 2008/4/4 4:03
I'm with Frankblack. What a nonsense:

Drupal, Joomla!, and XOOPS are best for building an e-commerce site because all three offer:

Inventory management
Support for third-party payment processing mechanisms (such as PayPal)
Modules for shipping and sales tax calculators
Shopping cart functionality

Published: 2008/4/4 4:04 • Updated: 2008/4/4 4:05
It looks like we can have two choices here:

1) Be happy that they included XOOPS in the CMS line-up for the article. When was it the last time that somebody included XOOPS in such analysis? Then, of course, we can be ecstatic that they put us in the Top 3.


2) we can pee on the parade

This is the same when somebody's daughter comes home and tells her father that she got placed in the Top 3 of her school's beauty content. One father would be very proud, while the other would tell her in disbelief "But why? Didn't they see that you are missing a tooth?"

Guys, XOOPS is a good platform, and eCommmerce solutions are here. Some of them are better than the others, but we have them. And I thought that some people got the KShop to work properly. And the eCommerce package from Instant-Zero looks great, even if it is commercial one.

Come on, let's enjoy the moment and be positive!!!!
Published: 2008/4/4 6:45 • Updated: 2008/4/4 6:45
Bigups to XOOPS it's a great CMS like it or not. I'm with you Mamba.
Published: 2008/4/4 7:05 • Updated: 2008/4/4 7:05
It wasn't my intention to belittle the success, but FMPOV the strength of XOOPS are NOT ecommerce capabilities.

osxcommerce-derivates: parts were not working with php4, parts were not working with php5, plus really a mess making a nice design for it

zen-cart-port: installed and faster hacked than I can write down Oberpostdirektionsstempelautomatenmechanikerlehrling

k-shop: partially not working, debugging difficult for me because of AJAX parts

instant-zero-module: cannot afford it or not willing to buy

So what's left? And asked again: What was the basis for Mr. Wests election?

Still curious...
Published: 2008/4/4 7:19 • Updated: 2008/4/4 7:19
Good news !
Nice to see that XOOPS is still in the game.
Published: 2008/4/4 13:08 • Updated: 2008/4/4 13:08
Congratulations on that guys, XOOPS is an amazing CMS, however as rightfully pointed out it's weakest point is E-commerce, it always has been.

This doesn't take anything away from XOOPS being a great CMS's though.
Published: 2008/4/4 15:10 • Updated: 2008/4/4 15:10
The article doesn't mention ecommerce anywhere. The information it does provide is of little use. My english teacher would have written 'WAFFLE' across it in red pen.

Who on earth considered this to be newsworthy?

Sorry Mamba, I retract that (went all Citizen Kane there for a moment) but there are a number of inaccuracies in the reporting of this endorsement of Xoops.
Published: 2008/4/4 15:41 • Updated: 2008/4/4 22:15

That's gotta be Germanic for 'crap'?
Published: 2008/4/4 22:24 • Updated: 2008/4/4 22:24
Don't misunderstand me, Mamba, I love Xoops.

But your equation about the daughter in the beauty contest is wrong.
The father should not say that she's missing a tooth, but wonder why they choose his SON for this contest...

Besides this small detail I'm happy with the progressing positive things here!!

Published: 2008/4/5 4:54 • Updated: 2008/4/5 4:54
I'm going to wholeheartedly agree with Frank Black.

Funny this article shows up this morning for me. I just finished purchasing the instant zero module and have run into a huge roadblock for my site in the fact that my site still utilizes PHP 4.*.*. and his will not work with anything less that 5. I'm going to be spending the rest of my weekend either fixing upgrade bugs or not using Herve's module at all.

Script Fu mentioned earlier of a cool shopping cart module in the works for another offshoot fork of Xoops. I'd mention it but his original post was erased for referring to it.

Drupal eh? Hmmmm.......

I kid.
Published: 2008/4/5 11:37 • Updated: 2008/4/5 11:37
I realy love XOOPS but i'm agree too with Frankblack. XOOPS it's very good for a lot of things but not for os commerce. And i have to tnx again the XOOPS staff and to people make so great modules.
I hope XOOPS maybe will do a contest for a good os-commerce module because XOOPS need it.
I'll sure donate a mininum a 150-200 euros in advice for have a good os commerce XOOPS module under GNU for the winner. I'm talking to Instant-Zero staff too maybe can make their module pubblic and develop it for some money. I'm sure they have done an hard work (as for the superb news module) but as i'm me i don't like to buy a module i can't test or maybe have bugs on my impostation (and Gnu - pubblic means less bug and more people can help you).
Published: 2008/4/7 17:26 • Updated: 2008/4/7 17:41