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XOOPS gets 5 Stars from Germany's CHIP

Posted by Mamba on 2008/3/31 17:50:00 (20417 reads) | Posted on News
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We've learned recently that CHIP, the leading computer magazine in Germany, has placed XOOPS on its Download list, and gave it 5/5 stars.

In the summary they wrote: If you would like to develop a larger Web-project, you won't be able to do it without a CMS software. With XOOPS you have a powerful tool to achieve it.

We are definitely very proud of this positive feedback about XOOPS from CHIP. It is exciting for us to see that leading computers magazines are finally taking notice of XOOPS. With our new "Communication Team" taking shape, we hope to have more of these positive news in the future.

For more info visit CHIP Website

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congrats XOOPS
Published: 2008/4/1 9:00 • Updated: 2008/4/1 9:00
Sorry, but in my opinion CHIP is far from leading .
Anyway: Congrats . I still like XOOPS (but it's time for 3.0, isn't it )
Published: 2008/4/1 9:28 • Updated: 2008/4/1 9:28
This is positive news, Mamba. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
Published: 2008/4/1 9:31 • Updated: 2008/4/1 9:31
great news and super vote qoute at
Published: 2008/4/1 9:43 • Updated: 2008/4/1 9:43
I will not not conceal the problems in the past (let us leave the problems from the past behind), but i will never miss xoops, so congrate from me too and if i could, i give you 6 stars!

Published: 2008/4/1 10:05 • Updated: 2008/4/1 10:05

You shouldn't say "I give you 6 stars" - it should be "I give us 6 stars"

Remember - we are one team, the "XOOPS Team"!


yes, we need to take more time for good and positive news! And there will be more coming soon!!!!
Published: 2008/4/1 10:15 • Updated: 2008/4/1 11:52
I give us, XOOPS and you 6 stars, thats ok?
Published: 2008/4/1 11:02 • Updated: 2008/4/1 11:02
A nice acknowledgment indeed !!!
Published: 2008/4/1 16:08 • Updated: 2008/4/1 16:08

XOOPS 3.0, is it coming?
Published: 2008/4/1 23:43 • Updated: 2008/4/1 23:43
I am more interested in Joomla & Drupals Rating, if we got 5 stars I am hoping with the current version of XOOPS getting 5; they got least a little less.. Time to Dominate, quick tell a friend

I think some of the suggestions etc, that I have been putting to DJ are happening...

Multisite is going to be in the next version, so you can have &, and so on even www.thatothersite of yours..

phppp and the rest are typing frenzie; i get hardly any time to talk to DJ... I am going to be including graphing capabilities in 3.x with a graphing system much like.. the current class sections. ie. where xoopeditors are at /class/xoopeditors/... there will be a /class/xoopsgraphs/...

I would like to see a complete SEO of this domain, but after the code
Published: 2008/4/2 4:38 • Updated: 2008/4/2 4:40
wishcraft, these are exciting news!!!

You know what the XOOPS 3.0 code name will be, right? The "Joomla Killer"
Published: 2008/4/4 12:54 • Updated: 2008/4/4 12:54
Multisite is going to be in the next version, so you can have &, and so on even www.thatothersite of yours..

I could kiss you!
Published: 2008/4/5 4:47 • Updated: 2008/4/5 4:47
Nice news wonderful keep it up XOOPS
Published: 2008/12/11 14:56 • Updated: 2008/12/11 14:59
You know what the XOOPS 3.0 code name will be, right? The "Joomla Killer"

Published: 2008/12/11 15:04 • Updated: 2008/12/11 15:04
I did read that feedback on Chip about Xoops, which just attracted to me to check XOOPS out.
I had heard about it in the past but never used it.

Published: 2009/3/10 4:09 • Updated: 2009/3/10 4:14