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Module CV of xoops

Posted by smart-http on 2007/11/5 20:39:49 (7649 reads) | Posted on Modules
Hello everybody:
Here is the module of Cv for a long time waited for xoops, and finally proposes this module free for the user of xoops.

This module invites your members to create their CV in a min, with the possibility to put it up to date and the impression besides after every enrollment an email is sent automatically to the member with an addresses URL for his Cv to communicate it on the internet


the module is téléchargeable on

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what does this module do? I am not familiar with CV.
Published: 2007/11/5 22:26 • Updated: 2007/11/5 22:26
WikiQuote: "Curriculum vitae (Latin for "course of life"), also known as a Résumé; a summary of academic and professional history and achievements"
Published: 2007/11/5 22:52 • Updated: 2007/11/5 22:52
Could you please explain how to install it??
because on I install it I had thes sentance on the module: "Configuration des CV">>!!!!
What is the meening of this????
And I look for a read me file but it hasn't..
Published: 2007/11/6 1:32 • Updated: 2007/11/6 1:32
yes, i install it. same output. conclusion, no admin for this module yet but u can access the module by

by the way, for this developer, what not you make collaboration with nivelamento's developer?
Published: 2007/11/6 6:12 • Updated: 2007/11/6 6:12
Thank you...
But when I do this:
a blank page was what I have?????
Published: 2007/11/6 9:24 • Updated: 2007/11/6 9:24
do you replace to your domain?
Published: 2007/11/7 2:16 • Updated: 2007/11/7 2:16
You can download a new version(with correction) on the same file now there are directory of admin, and you don t have to change anything, now all is ok.
please see now verssion in :

dowload here
Published: 2007/11/7 3:38 • Updated: 2007/11/7 3:40
Testing this now.
A lot of french words are not translated yet, but I filled in the cv, hit the 'envoyer' button and got this error : erreur insert Table 'xxxxxx.xoops_cv' doesn't exist
So I think the tabel xoops_cv is not created.
Published: 2007/11/7 6:08 • Updated: 2007/11/7 6:08
ya for translation there are some thing not yet, but for table must be creted, see sql file.
this is demo for this model en frensh:
and here exemple of consul cv
Published: 2007/11/7 6:20 • Updated: 2007/11/7 6:20
I install the new one but the problim still exist!!!
this is what I have:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP 2.0b1\www\test-17\modules\mon_cv\fct.php on line 22

All errors (0) queries (12) blocks (3) extra (0) timers (5)
SELECT * FROM xoops_config WHERE (conf_modid = '0' AND conf_catid = '1') ORDER BY conf_order ASC
SELECT sess_data, sess_ip FROM xoops_session WHERE sess_id = 'h85mbe5us7ab6q58pu793t5625'
SELECT * FROM xoops_users WHERE uid=1
SELECT * FROM xoops_modules WHERE dirname = 'mon_cv'
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xoops_banner
SELECT * FROM xoops_banner LIMIT 0, 1
SELECT * FROM xoops_config WHERE (conf_modid = '0' AND conf_catid = '3') ORDER BY conf_order ASC
SELECT DISTINCT gperm_itemid FROM xoops_group_permission WHERE gperm_name = 'block_read' AND gperm_modid = 1 AND gperm_groupid IN (1,2)
SELECT b.* FROM xoops_newblocks b, xoops_block_module_link m WHERE AND b.isactive=1 AND b.visible=1 AND m.module_id IN (0,2) AND IN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) ORDER BY b.weight,
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xoops_priv_msgs WHERE (read_msg = '0' AND to_userid = '1')
SELECT * FROM xoops_modules WHERE (hasmain = '1' AND isactive = '1' AND weight > '0') ORDER BY weight ASC, mid ASC
SELECT * FROM xoops_group_permission WHERE (gperm_name = 'module_read' AND gperm_modid = '1' AND (gperm_groupid = '1' OR gperm_groupid = '2'))
Total: 12 queries
قائمة الأعضاء: No Cache
تسجيل دخول: No Cache
القائمة الرئيسية: No Cache
Total: 3 blocks
XOOPS took 0.163 seconds to load.
XOOPS Boot took 0.067 seconds to load.
Module init took 0.007 seconds to load.
XOOPS output init took 0.085 seconds to load.
Module display took 0.004 seconds to load.

Please explain!!!!
Published: 2007/11/8 2:26 • Updated: 2007/11/8 2:26
I think you have to change a version of easy PHP that you use, download new version 7 or 8.

Published: 2007/11/8 5:40 • Updated: 2007/11/8 5:40
Ok, I found the error.
The program expects the prefix of 'xoops'in the mysql database, so doesn't check what the real prefix is.
I don't use the XOOPS prefix in mysql and I think many users will not also.

Published: 2007/11/8 15:44 • Updated: 2007/11/8 15:44
I am with you svaha..
Published: 2007/11/10 1:37 • Updated: 2007/11/11 9:07
We still waiting for the solution of this problem....
Published: 2007/11/11 9:08 • Updated: 2007/11/11 9:08
Ok I will solve this problem of prefix as son as possible tks.
Published: 2007/11/22 11:35 • Updated: 2007/11/22 11:35
the problem of prefixe is solved, now you can try it, good luck and best regards
Published: 2008/6/27 7:27 • Updated: 2008/6/27 7:27
Hello you can find the new version of this module in c ... ion-203-par-smart-httpcom
best regards
Published: 2008/10/22 11:26 • Updated: 2008/10/22 11:26
downloaded but got this error when trying to unpack the archive:

"An error has occured while expanding the file "mon_cv.rar" (Format Error).
Published: 2008/10/22 13:59 • Updated: 2008/10/22 13:59
Dowload the new version of module mon_cv V2.03 in
Published: 2008/10/26 16:50 • Updated: 2008/10/26 16:50