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Shoutcast Radio Module - BETA !!!

Posted by Society on 2002/8/18 22:51:34 (12216 reads) | Posted on Modules
The first Beta of the new Radio Shoutcast Module for XOOPS is finished

You can Download the first Beta here: Download

And Preview it here: Preview

It would be nice for some comments!!!

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I have added it to my website, works great..
You will have to rego to hear it.

Published: 2002/8/19 21:21 • Updated: 2002/8/19 21:21
The Module looks okay but you prob need a good bandwidth to use it all the time.
Published: 2002/8/21 1:53 • Updated: 2002/8/21 1:53
i tried that url to see it but do not work :( gimme the right one! hehe
Published: 2002/8/21 7:12 • Updated: 2002/8/21 7:12
Try this link :P ... ads/visit.php?cid=1&lid=2

3 years later wheheheheheehee
Published: 2005/3/6 12:58 • Updated: 2005/3/6 13:06
Nice work. I'm sure the larger shoutacst proponents will get some serious use out of this. It will also encourage some of them to make the movet to XOOPS. I have rarely, if ever, seen a shoutcast server site run on a CMS.

This is a module that can have far reaching effects if built correctly. Congrats on a job well done and good luck on the final release.

One feature I would like to see added in future releases, is the abilty to have a client side block. Meaning, regular XOOPS users, who listen to shoucast streams on a regular basis. Something I could personaly use and would like, is the ability to add links of my favorate streams in a side block, and have a main page with descriptions and such of the server, where I can provide a link to the streams website, etc. Sort of like a condensed version of, where the XOOPS admin selects what streams they would like.

It would be nice if themselves privided a dynamic way to collect info from their own site, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, unless Nullsoft gets a hold of it. Considering it (Nullsoft)is now an AOL enterprise, there will never be anything open or free about that sort of feature. //end semi-rant

Anyway, good job, looking forward to future releases
Published: 2005/3/6 15:06 • Updated: 2005/3/6 15:06
where can i get this module?

the links arent working.......
Published: 2005/10/1 0:45 • Updated: 2005/10/1 0:45
You mean this one? ... temid=26&func=select&id=1
Published: 2005/10/1 3:38 • Updated: 2005/10/1 3:38
thanks alot davidl2 .......
Published: 2005/10/1 6:47 • Updated: 2005/10/1 6:47

Published: 2005/10/1 7:42 • Updated: 2005/10/1 17:40
Anyone using this??

I have installed the module and got it all running but its showing the server online when its offline??... anyone have any ideas on which part of the code I need to alter?
Published: 2006/1/17 7:20 • Updated: 2006/1/17 7:20