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News 1.50 and Instant Zero

Posted by hervet on 2006/12/1 5:50:00 (15768 reads) | Posted on Modules
I am very pleased and very proud to present you a new version of the Xoops News module.

Contrary to what I had decided, this new version brings many new functionalities.

The first good news for you, users of this module, is that you will not have to wait
for the version 2.

I wanted to completly rewrite the module's code (in the version 2) before to add
some new functionalities but it requires a very important amount of work, that's
why I have decided to add some of them now to this new version wich can be
considered as an intermediate release.

As a result, it is labeled 1.50 and not 1.45

In a certain manner, I'm following the steps of the Xoops Core with its serie of
versions 2.0.x before the big new one.

The News module is coming with really many new and innovative features.

As used, there is a set of bugs corrections but you will see some very
interesting new possibilities in the module.

The second good news is that we have created our Open Source Internet company,
Instant Zero, and this one will assume the module's development, spread
and support.

Instant Zero is composed of four famous french Xoopsers, Christian, Marco,
Philou and myself

My other modules, like Newbbex, Marquee, Shortcuts, MyIframe, iSearch, UserPage
and Boox will be also developped, supported and spread out by our company.

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That's great 'News' in many ways.
Thanks Hervet for this great module

Published: 2006/12/1 6:07 • Updated: 2006/12/1 6:07
Sounds very promising. I hope I can find some time to test it during the weekend.
Published: 2006/12/1 6:31 • Updated: 2006/12/1 6:31
We did not tested the module with XOOPS 2.2 but it should run.

Ok, does the Upgrade process change anything in the DB that will prevent a rool-back to the previous version(1.43)?
Published: 2006/12/1 6:37 • Updated: 2006/12/1 6:37
Thank you

I hope you will like this new version

No, there's no change to the module's structure
Published: 2006/12/1 6:50 • Updated: 2006/12/1 6:50
Really like the looks of the New site, very nice approach and inspiring to read, and see what you are doing to help so many....
Got a little confused there are two sites there in one, one for Zero and one for communication....was like where is the log-in block gone oops maybe me, yet something to make clear for even more dopey people then myself...
Published: 2006/12/1 6:54 • Updated: 2006/12/1 6:54
Very nice site

Can't wait to install and play with the News Module. Thanks for your continued contribution to the XOOPS community.

Wishing you great success with Instant Zero
Published: 2006/12/1 7:05 • Updated: 2006/12/1 7:05
Great news, and great work, as usual. I'll have to look into some of those brand new functionnalities...

Oh, and good luck to Instant Zero.
Published: 2006/12/1 7:20 • Updated: 2006/12/1 7:20
Great job, thanks.
Published: 2006/12/1 7:30 • Updated: 2006/12/1 7:30
Yes, there are two sites, the first, is our commercial site, to talk of us and what we can do while the second is used for our community developments and you can't register on the first but you can on the second

Thank you very much, we wish you, too, great success

Merci beaucoup ! J'espère bientôt voir un article pour votre site

Thanks too.
Published: 2006/12/1 8:04 • Updated: 2006/12/1 8:04
Thank you for the module and good luck with Instant Zero!

Parse errorparse errorunexpected '='expecting ')' in ...xamppmodulesnewsclassclass.newsstory.php on line 1121

This is a test system on windows, so the problem could be with too much testing on it ...
Published: 2006/12/1 8:18 • Updated: 2006/12/1 8:18
stefan88 : about this error

waiting more info from developers.

great update !
thanks for your work
Published: 2006/12/1 8:37 • Updated: 2006/12/1 8:38

With the release of this module. I feel that my faith in this project has been revitalized.

Excellent work!

IZ looks great btw!
Published: 2006/12/1 8:43 • Updated: 2006/12/1 8:43
I have just corrected the file.

That's the same error, so also corrected

Ps : I forgoted Murphy's laws, "never change anything at the last moment"...
Published: 2006/12/1 8:44 • Updated: 2006/12/1 8:44
I uploaded and overwrote everything and then did the upgrade.php and update through admin panel but got a blank page. I then deleted all and did fresh install and still got blank page. Using 2.2.4 with php5, any suggestions?
Published: 2006/12/1 9:20 • Updated: 2006/12/1 9:20
Fatal error: Call to undefined function getmoduleoption() in /public_html/modules/xmspotlight/blocks/xmspotlight_block_news.php on line 15
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MI_formulize_NOTIFY_FORM_DESC - assumed '_MI_formulize_NOTIFY_FORM_DESC' in file modules/formulize/xoops_version.php line 164
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MONTHDAY - assumed '_MONTHDAY' in file language/english/local.php line 89
Notice [PHP]: Only variable references should be returned by reference in file language/english/local.php line 11
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MONTHDAY - assumed '_MONTHDAY' in file language/english/local.php line 89

Looks like it was something to do with spotlight module
Published: 2006/12/1 9:23 • Updated: 2006/12/1 9:23
Inside the code of xmspotlight, replace the calls to getmoduleoption() to news_getmoduleoption().
I had to rename the function because some other modules were using the same function than me and it was causing some crashes.
Published: 2006/12/1 9:32 • Updated: 2006/12/1 9:32
Great work!

Edit: Ok, I was typing while the previous two posts were made :)
Will the XM-Spotlight 1.02 Beta module work with this version?

Published: 2006/12/1 9:38 • Updated: 2006/12/1 9:41
thanks, im going to translate into polish soon.
Published: 2006/12/1 10:49 • Updated: 2006/12/1 10:49
Ok, I changed three instances of the getmoduleoption but now I'm getting:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mygetitemids() in /home/public_html/modules/xmspotlight/class/class.xmspotlight.php on line 62
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MI_formulize_NOTIFY_FORM_DESC - assumed '_MI_formulize_NOTIFY_FORM_DESC' in file modules/formulize/xoops_version.php line 164
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MONTHDAY - assumed '_MONTHDAY' in file language/english/local.php line 89
Notice [PHP]: Only variable references should be returned by reference in file language/english/local.php line 11
Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant _MONTHDAY - assumed '_MONTHDAY' in file language/english/local.php line 89
Published: 2006/12/1 13:20 • Updated: 2006/12/1 13:20
same problem, replace mygetitemids with news_mygetitemids
Published: 2006/12/1 13:45 • Updated: 2006/12/1 13:45
I also got blank page with these 2 errors

Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in file /modules/system/admin/modulesadmin/modulesadmin.php line 46


if ($error == true) {
foreach ($created_tables as $ct) {
//echo $ct;
$db->query("DROP TABLE ".$db->prefix($ct));


Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in file /class/xoopslists.php line 200

function getLangList()
$lang_list = array();
$lang_list =&
return $lang_list;

Published: 2006/12/1 13:53 • Updated: 2006/12/1 13:53
These are 2 notices - not 'error' - and are not related to News but to the core of XOOPS.

Great work, herve. Keep it up

Published: 2006/12/1 14:10 • Updated: 2006/12/1 14:10
sorry, im beginner, try to install at my other XOOPS site and its working well.
Published: 2006/12/1 14:25 • Updated: 2006/12/1 14:25
yeh, indeed, thanks all of you about your support !!
We want also to greatly thank Ana, from Xoopsdesign, for the theme designed with Instant-Zero !
Published: 2006/12/1 15:21 • Updated: 2006/12/1 15:40
I got blank page when I click submit news link. This happen since news 1.44 when I update my XOOPS from 2.0.14 to 2.016.

I planned to backup and drop all the table that related to news module. Could someone list down all the tables for me?

Or where can I find it? Or do u have any better solution?
Published: 2006/12/1 15:36 • Updated: 2006/12/1 15:36
Herve keep up the good work in 2.
do you have any feature list or todo list?
source name and source like is a good one to add.
Published: 2006/12/1 16:47 • Updated: 2006/12/1 16:48
You can find database structure for each module under /modules/moduledir/sql/mysql.sql

Published: 2006/12/1 17:40 • Updated: 2006/12/1 17:40
Very Nice site!!!

Which module you use to make it multilanguage?

Have a nice day!
Published: 2006/12/1 19:08 • Updated: 2006/12/1 19:08
I just downloaded the file and still had to edit class.newsstory.php - other than that, things are looking good
Published: 2006/12/1 21:39 • Updated: 2006/12/1 21:40
First Hervet,

again a fantastic job, thanks for sharing with us!!!

I have two or three little thing:
1. english lanaguage files, the link to dublincore is a error in modinfo.php
define("_MI_NEWS_DUBLINCORE_DSC","For more information, <a hreh=''>visit this link</a>");

should be

define("_MI_NEWS_DUBLINCORE_DSC","For more information, <a href=''>visit this link</a>");

2. PDF is not working (i upgrade vom news 1.44)
3. RSS is not working correctly

Any suggestions?

Bye and thanks again!
Published: 2006/12/1 21:52 • Updated: 2006/12/1 21:53

I am getting a black screen when I try to access topics, articles, or even the admin section. The only thing I can access is in admin where I can access permissions and the module config. I can't access or add topics, articles, newsletters, etc.

I am using 2.0.16 and this was an upgrade.



Published: 2006/12/1 23:54 • Updated: 2006/12/1 23:54
Thank you

Please activate the XOOPS Php Debug's mode

Yes we have a (great) to do list but any suggestion is welcome

We used Smartlanguage

Have you downloaded the updated file on our site ?

1/ I've spent a lot of time to search for a difference between your define and mine and I can't see one ... ???
2/ What web browser are you using ? Can you try with another ?
3/ Download this file : ... nglefile.php?cid=2&lid=23

Can you activate the XOOPS Php debug's mode please ?

At all, can you please use our forums to report bugs ? ... bex/viewforum.php?forum=1

You must register (because of spammer) but it's easier for us and comments here should not be used to report bugs

Thank you all
Published: 2006/12/2 3:11 • Updated: 2006/12/2 3:11
Hi Hervet

The different is very small

Thats yours <a hreh
Thats mine <a href

PDF is not working, but please wait, i must install the adobe reader, i use only the foxit reader at the moment. The rss feeds in IE 7 works, but not in Firefox (i use a nightly build I will update Firefox this night, to see is there a bug.

Thanks Hervet

Hervet, PDF is now working, it was a error in the german languagefile of fpdf. The line must be:

$pdf_config['url'] = XOOPS_URL;

in the german language file (but there is more to do in this file i see) shows me that line this content:

$pdf_config['url'] = check_and_add_domain(XOOPS_URL);

I correct it, and now it works without any problems.

The rss feeds give me some warning about the session limiter is already started, i will check this, because of the same (it´s my own) server, only a different account the rss feeds works.

One more question Hervet. In the language file modinfo.php you add new in v 1.50 the line

// Added in version 1.50

In the german language file the line _MI_NEWS_BNAME9 alreday exist. Can i give them a next number, in this case 10, see follow:

// Added in version 1.50

Thanks for your patience!
Published: 2006/12/2 6:55 • Updated: 2006/12/2 7:48
The new features list is extensive and very impressive. This is now a mature and well established software that must surely be one of the leading XOOPS modules.

Grateful thanks to you and your team for providing XOOPS community with a fabulous upgrade.

Also good luck with 'instant-zero' Looks like another innovative site with some interesting features.
Published: 2006/12/2 7:56 • Updated: 2006/12/2 7:56
Hervet - I downloaded from ... inglefile.php?cid=2&lid=8 last night and again this morning. Line 1121 in class.newsstory.php is
function auto_summary($text, &$titles = null)
I was getting the "expected ')' in line 1121" message from php debug. I removed '= null' based on the posts in your forums.
Published: 2006/12/2 11:12 • Updated: 2006/12/2 11:12
Would also like to see trackback and pingback functionality to make it up to par with blog functionality.
Published: 2006/12/2 15:54 • Updated: 2006/12/2 15:54
skenow wrote:
I was getting the "expected ')' in line 1121" message from php debug. I removed '= null' based on the posts in your forums.

I also had white screen, got the same error in debug and did the same fix. That worked to bring my site back, but the PHP debug error is now:
Warning: Missing argument 2 for auto_summary() in /home/comoorg/public_html/modules/news/class/class.newsstory.php on line 1121

So that was a short-term fix. Could you please let me know what the line should be?

Many thanks.
Published: 2006/12/2 18:08 • Updated: 2006/12/2 18:08
I'm getting the same error (&$titles = null). I'm thinking that loading this optional parameter with a default value of null isn't working in all versions of PHP.

Herve, do you know the target version of PHP that you were going for with this new release?

I have PHP Version 4.3.10.
Published: 2006/12/2 18:35 • Updated: 2006/12/2 18:35
Congrats with your new company and houray for the new module ;)
Published: 2006/12/3 3:40 • Updated: 2006/12/3 3:40
Just want to say thanks to Hervé et al.

I'm building a new site at decided to take the plunge in going from News 1.44 to 1.50.

At first glamce, all seems to work okay once the class.newsstory.php file is edited ( just removed the =null thingy). I also edited the modinfo.php file whilst I was at it.

Got to say that I was a little worried at first..............

Good luck with the new venture.
Published: 2006/12/3 7:35 • Updated: 2006/12/3 7:35

The file is up to date : ... inglefile.php?cid=2&lid=8

Published: 2006/12/3 12:50 • Updated: 2006/12/3 12:50
Hervé, thanks for your work.
I downloaded the updated 1.5 and uploaded the changed files. There were a couple files which had minor changes, correct?

Also, there is a new file named "test" in the archive - does that need to be uploaded, or was that just accidentally left there?

Thanks- Tony
Published: 2006/12/3 15:26 • Updated: 2006/12/3 15:26
The file "test" is just pdf file without extension.
No need to store it.
Published: 2006/12/3 16:22 • Updated: 2006/12/3 16:22
Thanks hervet for the great module and good luck with your new company
Published: 2006/12/4 9:25 • Updated: 2006/12/4 9:25
from php debug, got same problem as mactoeknee

Warning: Missing argument 2 for auto_summary() in /home/comoorg/public_html/modules/news/class/class.newsstory.php on line 1121

already, make the update from the link that hervet give us.

And I tried using diffrent theme.
1. Using x2t theme - can view /modules/news/ but blank when go to modules/news/submit.php
2. Using default theme by EXM XOOPS Mexico - cannot view at all.

This is the difference in page Add/Edit News between my new and upgrade version of Xoops

Screenshot of My Upgrade Version of Xoops
Form for Post New Article missing.

Screenshot of My Fresh Installation Version of Xoops

oversized images replaced by links - davidl2
Published: 2006/12/4 9:47 • Updated: 2006/12/4 21:12
Ugghhh - what a nightmare. I wish there was some kind of verification process of modules - cause this thing shouldn't have been released.

Total crash on XOOPS 2.0.16 (upgrade)...

Does it work with PHP5? Other modules like spotlight? Etc Etc...

Where's the standard of release Mr. Xoops?
Published: 2006/12/4 20:21 • Updated: 2006/12/4 20:21
The correct address for support is
Published: 2006/12/4 22:10 • Updated: 2006/12/4 22:10
Module re updated : ... inglefile.php?cid=2&lid=8

please use our forums for support
Published: 2006/12/5 4:09 • Updated: 2006/12/5 4:09
I upgraded according to instructions and all seemed to go well. The only problem is, when I click on 'News' on my main menu, my News page (modules/news) has no articles listed. If I select a topic from the drop down list, articles for that topic are listed. I would expect all articles to be listed with no topic selected. Also, if there are no articles listed, why does the navigator show 2 pages?
Published: 2006/12/5 16:22 • Updated: 2006/12/5 16:22
Yes, Hervet no more problem when trying to submit a new but after updating the module I got this kind of message

failed open fileModule data updated.
Updating templates...
Template news_item.html inserted to the database.
Template news_item.html recompiled.
Template news_archive.html inserted to the database.
Template news_archive.html recompiled.
Template news_article.html inserted to the database.
Template news_article.html recompiled.
Template news_index.html inserted to the database.
Template news_index.html recompiled.
Template news_by_topic.html inserted to the database.
Template news_by_topic.html recompiled.
Template news_by_this_author.html inserted to the database.
Template news_by_this_author.html recompiled.
Template news_ratenews.html inserted to the database.
Template news_ratenews.html recompiled.
Template news_rss.html inserted to the database.
Template news_rss.html recompiled.
Template news_whos_who.html inserted to the database.
Template news_whos_who.html recompiled.
Template news_topics_directory.html inserted to the database.
Template news_topics_directory.html recompiled.

Unable to write to main menu.

But I didn't realize any error yet.

One more thing, just DHTML and Compact Editor working.
Published: 2006/12/5 22:59 • Updated: 2006/12/5 23:10
Performed a new install and an upgrade without any problems.

EDIT: once the changes were made to the XM-Spotlight module per Hervet's comments, it works fine
Published: 2006/12/6 16:02 • Updated: 2006/12/6 20:59
one question - Does this module allow user to RATE article? i need rating feature, can anyone recommend a news module with this feature?

Published: 2006/12/9 18:24 • Updated: 2006/12/9 18:24
Yes, this module allows users to rate articles. You can set this option in the module preferences.
Published: 2006/12/9 19:27 • Updated: 2006/12/9 19:27
read this ... p?topic_id=55661&forum=27

bugs in the mod
Published: 2006/12/12 2:44 • Updated: 2006/12/12 2:44
It's not of any help at all for me unfortunatly.
Published: 2006/12/13 2:35 • Updated: 2006/12/13 2:35
Yesterday evening, we posted a new version : ... inglefile.php?cid=2&lid=8
Published: 2006/12/14 3:45 • Updated: 2006/12/14 3:45
Whenever I try to use the tabbed setting for Recent News block, it's blank. Everything else shows up and works very well.

When I log in as admin and look at the template for that block, even the preview of the tabbed version is working. But it's not showing up in the real block on the site.
Published: 2006/12/16 16:44 • Updated: 2006/12/16 16:44
I am liking version 1.51 very much. Great work.
Published: 2006/12/18 23:10 • Updated: 2006/12/18 23:10

Please do not use comments as a place to ask for support. use the forums or even better if you read the above article you will see Quote:
The second good news is that we have created our Open Source Internet company,
Instant Zero, and this one will assume the module's development, spread
and support.

Published: 2006/12/19 14:06 • Updated: 2006/12/19 14:06