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Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.3 (1.3)

Posted by wwwcad on 2006/4/8 8:47:15 (37443 reads) | Posted on Modules

Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.3
Zen Cart v1.3 - The Art of Ecommerce

Download Now at SourceForge
Normal module installation.
Be sure the "Use custom session" value in Preferences - System - General Settings is on.

The webserver should have write permissions on these folders:


Admin Url : /modules/shop/admin or you can access from the Xoops Admin through an iframe
Default Admin Username: admin
Default Admin Password: admin

UPDATING From Zen Cart Xoops
- Make a backup.

This release of zen cart have big changes in almost all the templates so if you have installed contributions
or customizations you must manually merge them later.

- Upload the module and replace files (Some files and folders can be removed, take a look at modules/shop/docs/2.readme_how_to_upgrade.html).
- Apply your sql patch in modules/shop/admin/sqlpatch.php

From 0.2 "mysql_upgrade_zencart_127_to_130.sql"

From 0.1 Both, in order.


1 Language Integration

The language selected in xoops will be the language shown in Zen Cart Xoops.
(You must manually install the adittional languages) Find yours in

2 Theme Integration
The "XoopsTheme" Template in Zen Cart lets you maintain the same aspect of the page for the shop Module.
(The theme selected in xoops must use correctly the variables xoops_showlblock, xoops_showrblock and

You can use the template variable $isshop to determine if the module is currently open through your theme.

3 Blocks Integration
Through the block "Zen Cart Blocks" you can select all the static sideboxes and some center boxes of Zen Cart.

The blocks must be rebuilt. (Modules - Zen Cart Xoops - Build Blocks Cache).

4 All the Zen Cart v1.3 features

People interested in making this module better send your request to join the project.

Support this project

1 - The Zen Cart Project -

- New Zen Cart 1.3
- Admin access from xoops admin page through an iframe
- Build Chache from xoops admin page through an iframe
- Option to install demo products in the admin
- Option to clean the catalog in the admin

- New Zen Cart 1.27d
- Patch for Mysql 5 compatibility
- Minor Fixes

- New Zen Cart 1.26d

- Contributions working
(Image Handler, Sub-category links, Product Short Descriptions Tested).
- Relative Paths Error
- No Xoops Theme in Popups

- Login Page error.
- Links not working in the Admin page

Carlos Devia (wwwcad)

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Haven't tried this version, but It's great that someone's put Zen Cart (the best) on to XOOPS.

Great Work Carlos!
Published: 2006/4/9 6:13 • Updated: 2006/4/9 6:13
Hi Carlos

looks great, well done

the links on your dev site are pointing to

Published: 2006/4/9 6:33 • Updated: 2006/4/9 6:33
Yes, it is nice to see XOOPS starting to integrate e-commerce. Great work.

Is there any way to integrate the XOOPS user dbase so people don't have to double register? Or is it already there and I have missed it?
Published: 2006/4/10 16:32 • Updated: 2006/4/10 16:32
is this yet another dead ecommerce project for xoops? or is it alive and well? i have been sifting through all the mess in the module repository and found this to be just about the only one that migth be worth using if its still supported? i too would like to know if a double log in is needed to run the zen cart.
Published: 2006/4/15 0:34 • Updated: 2006/4/15 0:34
seems very alive and well
not sure how long it took them to get out a upgraded release after the latest version of zencart
but was days rather than months

all works well, theme intergration
no dual login but not a showstopper to me

full credit to the devs of this, as one of modules that keeps XOOPS a worthwhile choice
Published: 2006/4/15 4:44 • Updated: 2006/4/15 4:44
The Admin-Link from the Modul to the Administation is false:




sorry my english
Published: 2006/4/20 13:30 • Updated: 2006/4/20 13:31
I started to modify the 1.26d version of this module some time ago and added a few hacks to integrate this better with my site.

I haven't looked at this latest version, but added the unified login hack, plus some extras to enable the zencart user to be set up automatically on user registration on the site which involved some core file hacking. I also needed to change a few files so that if a user changes his password it is also changed in the zencart table.

I also added search to the module to return products if a user searches on terms including product name, description, etc.

If anyone is interested, I will post further details here of exactly what I've done.
Published: 2006/4/28 8:54 • Updated: 2006/4/28 8:54
Yes, please share the details. I would like to know the mods. YOu may also want to post on the developer's web site forum as others there may find it useful.

Thanks in advance for sharing.
Published: 2006/5/1 14:58 • Updated: 2006/5/1 14:58
Hi everyone.

I think its great that someone integrated Zen Cart with Xoops.

I am having a little problem though. When I go to my webpage it still has the login information and all other blocks from Xoops. When I tried to remove them, my webpage didn't have the XOOPS blocks anymore but my entire Zen cart was right aligned. I tried changing the alignment for the Zen Cart block under the "top page" under blocks but to no avail. Could you tell me how to get my zen cart to look just like the demo ( That would really be appreciated.

Thanks all in advance!

Published: 2006/5/9 19:41 • Updated: 2006/5/9 19:41
xadmin is OK -this works on frame in XOOPS administration ...

but bug is little in /xadmin/index.php (my vex. XOOPS 2.0.13) - in url you must add "/"

case "admin":
'<iframe id="glu" src="'.XOOPS_URL.'/modules/shop/admin/" height="600" width="100%" onload="resize_iframe()"></iframe>';

Published: 2006/5/10 15:36 • Updated: 2006/5/10 15:36
I´m wondering if there is a way to hide the left column in the shop module?
I visited a site like and i need to integrate a site the same.
Any idea will be higly appreciated
Published: 2006/5/24 14:21 • Updated: 2006/5/24 14:21
I'm sorry for my bad english

I have installed zen cart 0.3 for XOOPS 2.0.13 I do not succeed to conclude the purchase of a product

I have created a customer. I try to approach and to select a product. I try to conclude the purchase but I have this error:

Login Time Out
We're sorry but for your protection, due to the long delay while either checking out, or on a secure page, the session has timed out.

If you were placing an order, please Login and your Shopping Cart will be restored. You may then go back to the Checkout and complete your final purchases.

If you had completed an order and wish to review it, or had a download and wish to retrieve it, please go to your My Account page to view your order.


Whoops! Your session has expired in this site

it happens also in

can you help me?
Published: 2006/7/11 13:14 • Updated: 2006/7/11 13:14
Same problum as me trying to slover the isue but cannot... also try to downgreat the version of Zen cart to 1.2.7d but can go tro but email cannot be send out maybe possible don have class.phpmailer.php and related software.. please do advised and help me on this ....

probluem slove installing XOOPS 2.016
Published: 2006/9/12 6:13 • Updated: 2007/1/12 8:15
im having trouble right fromt he start i have uploaded it installed like a ormal module like it has told me too and when i use admi and admin for the admin login page it come up with unknown user and an error in 72 of config file any ideas?
Published: 2008/7/6 10:30 • Updated: 2008/7/6 10:30
I would be careful using Zen Cart XOOPS Integration, because the version is outdated and vulnerable for attacks. The shop I installed was hacked pretty soon. So...
Published: 2008/7/7 2:35 • Updated: 2008/7/7 2:35