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Google Maps Module v0.3

Posted by Phatbloke on 2006/2/1 13:30:00 (13251 reads) | Posted on Modules
Well after heaps of bug fixing (of which included v0.2) I believe I am now ready for V0.3. I have had a major tidy up and things should display a lot better and hopefully with no bugs this time.

Download Here

Please let me know if you find any with as much of an explaination of what when wrong as possible.

Hopefully this module will be easy enough for all to use.
It has been made so that i can plot my travels around the world on my website for all to see
and have an easy way to input new locations.

1. Just unpack and upload to modules directory as usual
2. Install in module administration
3. Configure module in prefs
4. Obtain an api for your site from google. Link is given in the config page.
5. Add your categories and points from the module menu.

-The first category will be the default display for the map. This can be changed by re-ordering the categories.
-Images and links can be added in the markers using the xoops text input as usual.
-Polylines link together the markers

Have fun with it. I will appreciate suggestions and improvements although this is a fun side project so
development wont be too fast.

Change log

Version 0.3
-Added dynamic menu system for categories
-Added first category as default display
-Added ordering for points
-Fixed some language issues
-Fixed up admin area templates
-Fixed polyline displaying

Version 0.2
-Fixed issue with IE

Version 0.1
-First release

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I just tried to download, but the link is broken.
Published: 2006/2/1 13:58 • Updated: 2006/2/1 13:58
Try it from here: LINK
Published: 2006/2/1 14:32 • Updated: 2006/2/15 7:36
That worked! Thanks
Published: 2006/2/1 15:26 • Updated: 2006/2/1 15:26
Thanks! It works well.

Two questions...

Is there any way to have the point be centered when you click on it? Currently, when I click on any point in any group it shows the map with that point at the very bottom, almost off the map.

Secondly, is there a way to set the default view to the satellite?

Thanks again!
Published: 2006/2/1 16:53 • Updated: 2006/2/1 16:53
I installed this on and recieved the following error when trying to create my first category:

Error: Out of range value adjusted for column 'map_id' at row 1

I also noticed there was no 'default' category as the post mentioned....
Published: 2006/2/1 18:01 • Updated: 2006/2/1 18:01
The post mention that the First Category YOU create will be the Default..
Published: 2006/2/1 18:32 • Updated: 2006/2/1 18:32
Great Module!

Only problem is I still get an error in internet explorer - "Internet Explorer Script Error - Sorry - The Google Maps API is not compatible with your Browser"
Published: 2006/2/1 18:50 • Updated: 2006/2/1 19:50
lazyd... your API key could be wrong. Make sure your using the right one for the directory your working in. (I had to make 2 one for dev and one for live).

If your key works but the problem still occurs you can remove the line that countains the else { } with the error in it at the botom of the index.php file.
Published: 2006/2/1 21:25 • Updated: 2006/2/1 21:25
Hi guys, a mirror for the download is here
Not sure why it didnt work the 1st time.

Also minkoilman I will add this into the next release.
A temp fix is to replace the following in includes/maps.js

var map = new GMap(document.getElementById("map"));
map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl());
map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());


var map = new GMap(document.getElementById("map"));
map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl());
map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());

Published: 2006/2/2 2:39 • Updated: 2006/2/2 5:56
Many thanks for this release, only a question: any lang diff? i've already translate to spanish
Published: 2006/2/2 4:58 • Updated: 2006/2/2 4:58
There is 1 change and a couple additions.
The instructions are now one entry rather than 5 and text in the admin for the ordering points and categories is new.
Shouldnt take you long to have a look and change if you wish.
Published: 2006/2/2 7:13 • Updated: 2006/2/2 7:13
Seems to work okay in Firefox so I guess the Google Key is fine. It is just Exporer that I have a problem with. If I remove the else {} command from the maps.js file, I just don't get a message plus and the screen remains blank with no map rendering, plus all the points seem to be missing!?
Published: 2006/2/2 12:30 • Updated: 2006/2/2 12:30
Phatbloke this is a fantastic module. Great work. This saves me a ton of trouble making maps and uploading them to my site. The kind of work I do covers a large area and this module does the trick when someone asks directions to this location or that location. Now I can just point them to this. Again great module keep up the good work

Published: 2006/2/2 14:10 • Updated: 2006/2/2 14:11
I couldnt create even the first category!


Error: Out of range value adjusted for column 'map_id' at row 1

Published: 2006/2/2 14:28 • Updated: 2006/2/2 14:28
Seems to work okay in Firefox so I guess the Google Key is fine. It is just Exporer that I have a problem with. If I remove the else {} command from the maps.js file, I just don't get a message plus and the screen remains blank with no map rendering, plus all the points seem to be missing!?

Do you have an example of this I can take a look at it tommorow.
Published: 2006/2/2 23:33 • Updated: 2006/2/2 23:33
Error: Out of range value adjusted for column 'map_id' at row 1

Hi khuhner
I think i know the prob which might occur with older databases as most other people have had no probs. What version is you mysql? It searches for the last entry and it obviously hasn't found one being a new setup which may have brought the error. Do you have access directly to the DB? You could add in an entry manually maybe.

Im not sure what is happening? What version of IE do you have? Also when you get the page to display (the blank one) in the bottom left of IE it should display a javascript error if you could tell me the line no it might give me a clue
Published: 2006/2/3 5:09 • Updated: 2006/2/3 5:09

Congratulations on what you've accomplished with the module and thanks for sharing it. You also deserve a pat on the back for keeping on top of any problems that arise and the quick updates.

Thanks again.
Published: 2006/2/3 9:32 • Updated: 2006/2/3 9:32

Using MySQL 5.0 :) I do have direct access to the DB and entered a category, but not sure what data some of the columns require. Even after entering a category manually into MySQL, it still failed. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your quick responses, BTW.

Published: 2006/2/3 10:09 • Updated: 2006/2/3 10:09
Seems to be a problem with internet Explorer 5.2 running on the Mac.

When the blank screen comes up and I click on a catergory, I get a problem with Link_Javascript_1()
Line 335 'map' is not an object error.
or line 356, depending on what catergory I click on.

Check it out your self at
Published: 2006/2/3 22:23 • Updated: 2006/2/3 22:23

thanks for this release

Some ideas :
- add a submenu in main menu so that users will be able to add points by themselves
- permit them to add a photo and email to a point

some corrections
- title in admin index page are not translated
- one error (with mysql4.0.17) when i add a category
Error Code: 0013
ERROR: Could not query the database.
Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' '1', '2')' at line 1

Published: 2006/2/4 12:39 • Updated: 2006/2/4 15:15
This has been the most fun module I've played with in a while.

I like the suggestions in earlier comments about users being able to plot points or lines. That would really add a component that would surely keep visitors on the site for a while!

This thing can really be addictive, install it when you're going to have lots of time to play around cause you won't get much else done for a while!

Matter of fact, I'm going to go mess with it some more right now!
Published: 2006/2/5 1:32 • Updated: 2006/2/5 1:35

Error Code: 0013
ERROR: Could not query the database.
Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' '1', '2')' at line 1

I've had this problem as well but only after I "manually" added the first category into MySql. (I believe it's because 'the 'Zoom' factor is a required field. You can either zoom in the map OR place a zero in the Zoom field and hit save).
Published: 2006/2/6 10:53 • Updated: 2006/2/6 13:40
Hi All,

Have been playing with this module and even added some hacks to it, and it seem to work super-duper in Safari, but IE on Win will not load the page!

Have a look:

Hack made: Custom markers for some points, and another default marker for the rest. Still need to do the webinterface to change it, though...
Published: 2006/2/7 7:22 • Updated: 2006/2/7 7:22
Think I answered my own question here but thought that this info might be useful for other people aswell. It appears that the google map API is only compatible with the following browsers:

* IE 6.0+ (Windows)
* Firefox 0.8+ (Windows Mac Linux)
* Safari 1.2.4+ (Mac)
* Netscape 7.1+ (Windows Mac Linux)
* Mozilla 1.4+ (Windows Mac Linux)
* Opera 8.02+ (Windows Mac Linux)

Published: 2006/2/7 11:45 • Updated: 2006/2/15 7:37
Well, I'm using IE 6.0.2800.1106 on Win2K and it's working fine on but not with the module on my own site - so I guess there must be something wrong... debugging on the way...

It seems that IE in this case errors out because 2 requests get a 404 error (not found).

This must be XMLHttpRequests, and the URL's look lke this:

Published: 2006/2/7 14:18 • Updated: 2006/2/15 7:35
Can you please consider adding "To Here" and "From Here" in the info pop up window.

There is a example on this page.


Published: 2006/2/23 17:52 • Updated: 2006/2/23 17:58
Please, can anyone tell me where can I find
"Longitude of point:
Latitude of point:
Level of zoom:
for my city?

Thanks a lot.
Published: 2006/2/25 8:07 • Updated: 2006/2/25 8:10
I don't think or should say don't know if google maps has any info for Romania. I was not able to zoom in very close at all. With my mapping software I use on my own computer I couldn't get zoomed in close enough to get e good long/lat reading. I used both Delorme and Microsoft but neither one of those are international versions.

If someone from Europe has mapping software for that part of the world that supports long/lat they should be able to get you that info for you. But like I said I'm not sure what parts of the world google maps supports.

Published: 2006/2/25 9:48 • Updated: 2006/2/25 9:50
:) I only want to display the satelite view. This one, i know for shoure it has, but i can't find that longitude and latitude :(. Can you help me with this?

Published: 2006/2/25 22:59 • Updated: 2006/2/25 22:59
well, my coordinates was good (26.83333/45.51)

And level of zoom 3-4

Thanks a lot
Published: 2006/2/25 23:09 • Updated: 2006/2/25 23:14
you can go to, switch to satellite view and browse to where you want to go. When you are happy with the view, click the "Link to this page" link at the top and look at the information in the URL. It will show the coordinates.
Published: 2006/3/1 23:35 • Updated: 2006/3/1 23:35
Hi - is there a way to link to zoom to a particular point by calling a URL, i.e. to zoom to a particular point by linking from elsewhere on the site?

Great work on the module!

Published: 2006/3/8 11:27 • Updated: 2006/3/8 11:27
Can you please consider adding "To Here" and "From Here" in the info pop up window.

Yeah, I second that. That would be very useful for people want to visit the point!!
Published: 2006/3/14 8:30 • Updated: 2006/3/14 8:30
Some other features I would love to see in next release...

1)ability to pick different pins or colors for different catogories.

2)abillity for members to add themselves to the map in a members catogory. would be best if they could add there zip code and it would geocode there pin to the center of that zipcode (not sure if anyone would want exact location)

3)Geocoding by address in general would be great...

wish i had as much php skills as i did ideas.. lol
Published: 2006/3/16 10:14 • Updated: 2006/3/16 10:14
Hi all,

I´m trying to download the module right now, but both link aren´t working.
Is there any mirror? Thank you...
Published: 2006/3/22 16:34 • Updated: 2006/3/22 16:34
Fantastic module. This is really useful for our band. We do lots of jobs around the county so I can direct not only band members, but also the public to this great module.

One tiny problem I'm having is that the map appears a little bit too big for the page. I've tried removing the custom block above but it makes no difference? Is there a quick way to control the size of the map area? Take a look for yourself... it's under "Maps and Directions" on Epping Forest Band.

Final thoughts, yes to "Directions to this point", a list of custom markers and maps of other planets for good measure (ignore the last idea).

Published: 2006/4/3 10:28 • Updated: 2006/4/3 10:28
Your map looks good in my browser (Firefox 1280x1024). However, you still can change the Level of zoom in the module configuration.

And yes, please add "direction to here" and address/zip function. Nice module!!
Published: 2006/4/3 16:19 • Updated: 2006/4/3 16:19
Is it possible to add a custom map when Google Map doesn't show any image?

Perhaps replace the area with a custom image at a certain zoom level?
Published: 2006/4/9 7:41 • Updated: 2006/4/9 7:41
link is broken! ... up_id=1307&release_id=873
Published: 2006/4/16 15:39 • Updated: 2006/4/16 15:39
Great module. For consideration for next release would be the ability to print map as per standard google map. You know, the print this page java thingy at the top.


Published: 2006/4/22 1:10 • Updated: 2006/4/22 1:10
Any plans to move to V2 of the API?

Also, Is there a way to get a 'scale' included with the map?


Simon Halliday
Published: 2006/4/25 21:26 • Updated: 2006/4/25 21:26
API V2 is said to be far better in performance and stability wise. Also it has got higher resolution satellite images and newly added cities of the world included in it.

Plus, V2 is 99% backward compatible, they say. In Gmap API blog says that just bay changing v=1 to v=2 it should work on most of the cases.

I have tried doing this, on maps.js in the include folder, but so far it doesn't seem to work with this module.

However if you replace the first 3 lines of following code:


//create map

var map= new Gmap(document....

with the following :

var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map"));
map.addControl(new GSmallMapControl());
map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());
map.setCenter(new GLatLng(37.4419, -122.1419), 13);

Then you will be able to get a very simple API V2 working on your site with the controls.

But this method will not integrate those cool features the module currently have.

I hope a newwer version comes sooner.
Published: 2006/5/2 13:21 • Updated: 2006/5/2 13:21
after install
it said that file is not exist
Published: 2006/5/2 13:35 • Updated: 2006/5/2 13:35
i click preview in broswer for the index
so it open (only by this way)

it's empty
i have no idea why

my XOOPS folder isn't the root
does it make any peoblems?

it said that the admin file isnot exist ... ooglemaps/admin/index.php
Published: 2006/5/3 12:45 • Updated: 2006/5/3 12:50
try uploading all the files again.
There is a file called index.php under admin folder of googlemaps.

Also make sure, you have a correct API key from Google.
Published: 2006/5/9 10:31 • Updated: 2006/5/9 10:31