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XOOPS For Dummies and MyPage Mirrored

Posted by JMorris on 2005/12/1 8:00:00 (8835 reads) | Posted on News
As of recent, the XOOPS for Dummies guide was pulled offline. In the interest of maintaining this valuable resource to the community, the XOOPS for dummies documentation has been temporarily mirrored at MyWebResource.


The permanent home of the XOOPS for Dummies guide has yet to be determined, but I will make sure that the guide remains available until the permanent home is decided.

Also, the MyPage module download was removed at the same time as the XOOPS for Dummies documentation. Personally, I have found this to be one of the most versatile and handy little modules around. In the interest of keeping this module available, I've recreated the module with a couple small changes. You can now download the PageWrap module (renamed from MyPage) at MyWebResource as well.

Link: PageWrap Module Download Page

Please Note: The XOOPS for Dummies guide and the MyPage module are the original work of JackJ and I take NO credit for his work. He has made a tremendous contribution to this community with these two resources and should be thanked appropriately. I have found these resources to be indispensable and am eternally grateful for them. Thank you JackJ!

The sole reason I've chosen to mirror JackJ's work is to ensure that this resource will always be available to those who need it.

Best Regards,


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Hello James,

I have the following message when I try to donwload the module :

This file doesn't belong to the site you came from

Please e-mail the webmaster of the site you came from and tell him:

Definition of a Leecher: One who is to lazy to link from his own server or steals other peoples hard work and makes it look like his own

Your IP address has been logged.
If the page does not automatically reload, please click here

Published: 2005/12/3 12:59 • Updated: 2005/12/3 12:59
You have to download the module directly from MyWebResource. I've blocked hot linking. I just checked, and I can download the module directly from the site just fine. If you want to mirror the link on your site, email me and I'll add your domain to the allow list. is already on the list.

If you did try to download the module directly from MyWebResource and you got that message, let me know and I'll see if I can hunt down any bugs.

Best Regards,

Published: 2005/12/3 13:16 • Updated: 2005/12/3 13:16
ok, it runs this time
Published: 2005/12/3 13:20 • Updated: 2005/12/3 13:21
JackJ's 'XOOPS For Dummies' seems to be back online
Published: 2005/12/4 5:52 • Updated: 2005/12/4 5:52
It's been alternating between being available and returning a 404 error. That's the primary reason I mirrored it. That way, there will always be at least one site that has it available.
Published: 2005/12/19 7:10 • Updated: 2005/12/19 7:10
hi everyone!!!!!!
can anyone tell me where to get MyPage?!?¿!? i can't get it anywhere
a will appreciate it a lot!
See you soon...
Emilio Leyes
Published: 2006/6/30 17:09 • Updated: 2006/6/30 17:09
What would really be nice if there was a basic example of creating a block to display a message. Is there anything like that somewhere on that net? Something that has basic code necessary to display something on the right or left menu but it not a whole program that you have to sift through...
Published: 2007/6/8 16:55 • Updated: 2007/6/8 16:55
The original home of this tutorial is gone. The owner of mywebresource sold his site, but the tutorial is still mirrored there. According to the founder of mywebresource, the new owner has agreed to continue mirroring the tutorial.

Lets hope somebody will update this tutorial some day.
Published: 2007/8/4 10:13 • Updated: 2007/8/4 10:13
Hello, I am the new owner of MyWebResource.

The XOOPS for Dummies will remain online at MWR for as long as it is active. I realize that this guide helps the community more than any other. I will also keep this guide Ad free. I am also in look of very experienced XOOPS developers to help continue what JackJ has started.

If you are interested I will always be open for adding more extensive tutorials about XOOPS on that guide with out interfering with JackJ's original work.
Published: 2007/8/12 0:17 • Updated: 2007/8/12 0:17