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Netquery 3.0 Adds GeoIP Data Option

Posted by RVirtue on 2005/3/20 5:56:44 (5318 reads) | Posted on Modules
NEW in Netquery Version 3.0
GeoIP & Updateable Data Options!
See it HERE! Download it HERE! Discuss it HERE!

Version 3.0 of Netquery, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, provides updateable data installer option paks for ports services and exploits and for its new GeoIP country detection and display feature. GeoIP is available to use with the client data "sniffer" (introduced in version 2.4) for display and logging and also with DNS lookups. The latter permits users to determine the country for which any IP address or DNS resolved hostname has been allocated. GeoIP accuracy is about 95% as some multinational ISPs and proxy usage may produce aberrant results.

The introduction of updateable data installer packages allows site administrators to choose an inital Netquery "core only" installation and to add options best suited to their own purposes and those of their site users. Of course, all of Netquery's features remain fully configurable so that its options and settings, together with its customizable CSS styles and CMS sideblocks, can readily be made to suit the needs and layout of almost any web site or portal. Best of all, compared to less versatile commercial utilities costing $thousands, Netquery is free open-source GPL to use and adapt in any way you wish.

Netquery's current major features include:
- client "sniffer" with GeoIP option, Resized Image
- user data logging and display,
- multidomain & IP/AS whois lookups,
- autodiscovery for whois TLD server,
- DNS and Dig (ANY, SOA, NS, MX) queries,
- email address format & MX validation,
- port check with services lookup option,
- HTTP HEAD and GET requests,
- ICMP pings (local and/or remote),
- traceroutes (local and/or remote),
- looking glass router interrogation,
- updatable GeoIP & ports data installer paks,
- user submissions with admin notice & approval.

The administrator can enable or disable each feature individually and can configure local execution and/or a remote server script for the ping and traceroute features. The administrator can also edit all of the data tables used by the whois, port services and looking glass features and can allow site users to submit port services and exploits information for acceptance. Optional GeoIP and ports data tables can be downloaded and installed independently of the module core.

For additional details, please see the Netquery Manual or go to the VIRtech Forums for discussion and answers. Comments may also be posted under the Dev.Xoops Project.

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Perhaps I did something here that was wrong, but I doubt it:

When I unarchived this file, from the tgz, the files inside were not layed into a directory. Instead, each file was named as such:


No subdirectories. You might want to check this.
Published: 2005/3/20 16:37 • Updated: 2005/3/20 16:37
This has been reported in a few cases, but I've not been able (so far) to pin down the exact cause. I've downloaded and tested the TGZ packages several times and everything extracts just fine for me. I've even run several byte-by-byte binary comparisons against the original source. I suspect there must be some incompatibility quirk between some people's unarchivers and my TGZ archiver. I'll look for a better one.

The only suggestion I can offer for now is to download the ZIP package. It should be OK.
Published: 2005/3/20 16:51 • Updated: 2005/3/20 16:51
I had the same problem with both (zip/tar).

It seems to be related with the Winblows-Zip-Program you've used to pack the files, as the problem only occurs, when trying to unpack on *NIX systems.

My solution was to unpack on Winblows, and FTP it onto the server.
Published: 2005/3/20 20:55 • Updated: 2005/3/20 20:55
Strange. I have Netquery installed without problems on both server OSs, but these DL packages were created on my local XP box using IZarc. Maybe it's a directory separator (\ vs /) issue. I'll check with some other *nix users.
Published: 2005/3/20 21:29 • Updated: 2005/3/20 21:35
I have recreated and reuploaded all of the TGZ packages. I would be grateful if someone would please try extracting on a *nix box again and let me know how it goes.

One would have to wonder what good are any Windoze TGZ utilities (like IZArc) if their tarballs don't reproduce the directory structure properly on *nix platforms.
Published: 2005/3/21 0:18 • Updated: 2005/3/21 2:52
Good question.

Also, when trying to install the module, I had a number of problems that were showstoppers, not the least of which was the fact that the module, as displayed in the modules admin page, was not a module, just a "module not found". If I wasn't juggling cats right now, with a number of new websites, I would dig into this, but I am presently busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest.

If I get more information for you, of course I will pass it on.
Published: 2005/3/21 8:43 • Updated: 2005/3/21 8:43
Well, you didn't say if you tried the repackaged download, but any problems with recreating the directory structure would certainly result in "not found" errors and other "show stoppers" as well. The module works just fine when it's properly set up on the server as you can see for yourself on any of the demo installation sites.

Anyhow, in the absence of more input, I've more or less concluded that the safest way is to toss that IZarc applet and just create the TGZ packages right on their own server. I'll do that later today.
Published: 2005/3/21 12:29 • Updated: 2005/3/21 12:29
As promised, I have completely redone both the full and core download packages directly on my UNIX site server. To me they seem OK, but I saw no problem with the originals.

It would really be helpful if someone else (preferably someone who was seeing a packaging problem before) could verify and acknowledge that at least one of the current Netquery core DL packages now properly recreates the directory structure when extracted on a *nix box.

Please don't just leave me hanging here, forever in suspense and uncertainty.
Published: 2005/3/22 14:42 • Updated: 2005/3/22 14:42
I downloaded the .gz package and it expands just fine. Only problem is that all files are flagged executable (755 for example). 644 would be better for files. 755 is fine for the directories.
Published: 2005/3/23 9:42 • Updated: 2005/3/23 9:42
Thanks, DonXoop. Much appreciated. I sometimes get the impression that more people are eager to point out problems than the number willing to participate in their resolution.

Thanks also for the "head up" on that flagging issue. Blame it on my file manager's recursive option. All fixed now.
Published: 2005/3/23 10:59 • Updated: 2005/3/23 13:50