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XSAS 1.1 Released !!

Posted by w4z004 on 2004/5/1 19:56:17 (16691 reads) | Posted on News

Changelog :

1.1 - ActivePerl updated to;
- Apache updated to 2.0.49;
- MySQL updated to 4.1.1a-alpha;
- PHP updated to 4.3.6;
- PhpMyAdmin updated to 2.5.6;
- bugfix in Gui interfase "link to mysql site";
- Added more credits info;
- GD2 PHP extenstion working now;
- IMAP PHP extenstion working now;
- ZIP PHP extenstion working now;
- Moved php.ini to Apache2 directory;
- Moved the log files of apache to xsas\tmp directory;
- Updated: xsas\diskw\cgi-bin\.htaccess:
- Various grammar update for: xsas\diskw\home\admin\CGI;
- Placed a redirector for http://localhost/a/ to redirect to the xoops folder;
- Fixed some minor errors;
- Updated the soapbox module to the 1.5rc2
- Fixes and cleaning to the xoops preinstalled.

Can be downloaded [ HERE ]

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I love you man... no man, I love YOU man...


Guess I can get rid of xampp
Published: 2004/5/1 21:32 • Updated: 2004/5/1 21:35
what does this baby this?
Whats the main purpose of it?
Published: 2004/5/1 22:27 • Updated: 2004/5/1 22:27
Here you could find all the info about it.

Using XOOPS Locally - XSAS
Published: 2004/5/1 22:34 • Updated: 2004/5/1 22:34

Poster: catscity

what does this baby this?
Whats the main purpose of it?

Essentially what it does is let you install and run Apache, MySQL and XOOPS from your very own computer in one easy to install and maintain package.

An excellent tool for developers and users alike.
Published: 2004/5/2 0:49 • Updated: 2004/5/2 0:51
get rid of xammp? no, I love the package (yes I'm lazy ) It has everything!

XSAS is a great product though! Very usefull for less experienced xoopsers (or lazy xoopser like myself). Very nice job!
Published: 2004/5/2 8:03 • Updated: 2004/5/2 8:03
I'm happy to see this is still being developed.

Nice job Sergio.
Published: 2004/5/2 19:11 • Updated: 2004/5/2 19:11
Is a php,mysql,apache package as phpdev and others right?

currently i have phpdev installed, you recomend install XSAS instead?

good job
Published: 2004/5/3 8:21 • Updated: 2004/5/3 8:21
the source code (of the executable/xsas.exe) is available??? I want to make a Brazilian version of the xsas...

thanks in advance,

Published: 2004/6/24 10:35 • Updated: 2004/6/24 10:36
nops?? anyway,... at least, it is allowed that I modify, hack, decompile the executable??? feedback, plz!!!

Published: 2004/6/25 18:20 • Updated: 2004/6/25 18:20
XBR MEGA-PACK (experimental)

download: ... /
Published: 2004/10/12 5:22 • Updated: 2004/11/17 3:12
Can't get this to work! I've tried it on Windows 98 and XP. Steps I taken so far.

1. created directory c:\localhost
2. downloaded xsas.exe to c:\localhost
3. doubleclikcked c:\localhost\xsas.exe
4. extracted all files to c:\localhost
5. doubleclicked c:\localhost\xsas\xsas.exe
6. I get two black boxes that flash to fast to read then a graphical box with Start/advanced/docs at the top and xoops2 in the middle.
7. I then get a drive w: that appears with several directories, cgi-bin, home,tmp,usr and www.
When I click on xoops2 it opens a browser pointed to http:\\localhost\xoops2 which then says page cannot be found.
8. No errors are listed anywhwere
9. I exited the graphical window and tried running c:\localhost\xsas\xsas.exe from the command line and received the following errors:

Error executing file. w:\usr\local\apach2\bin\Apache.exe. They system cannot find the path specified

Error executing file.
The system cannot find the patch specified.

I get the same path error for pv.exe and mysqladmin.exe, accept the path error for pv.exe is W:\home\admin\program.

I'm running windows XP w/service pack 2. Firewall is disabled. I have NAV CE 7.5. I have full admin control of the machine. It's a dell Inspiron 5150 with 256 mb ram.

Any help would be appreciated. I travel quite a bit and it would be nice to test out XOOPS modules/themes/new versions locally while flying or otherwise disconnected from the web. I have 3 other websites currently running Xoops.

OSU Rocky Mountain Alumni Group

Ironman Site for a friend of mine

Family Website
Published: 2004/11/2 14:29 • Updated: 2004/11/2 14:29
Had the exact same problem with Xampp. I fixed the problem by changing the listen port in httpd.conf from:

Listen 80

It's very strange though. If I change the listen port to 81 it works fine. For example Listen 81, I don't have to do the

Anyway problem solved.
Published: 2004/11/4 12:52 • Updated: 2004/11/4 12:52

XBR MEGA-PACK (experimental) - 110MB
Resized Image
download: ... /

XBR Micropack:

download: ... oad.php/37/xserver-01.exe

Published: 2004/11/17 3:13 • Updated: 2004/11/17 3:42
Descarga [download]:

Fotograma [screenshot]:
Resized Image

Informações sobre [info about... sorry, in portuguese. i need help with the english version]

Nova versão um pouco mais "turbinada"... agora com o codinome "Melponeme". Preciso críticas sobre esse programa. Alguém pode ajudar? Pra rodar é bem simples, basta:

1. baixar e descompactar esse arquivo:

2. baixar e descompactar esse outro arquivo no mesmo diretório do executável do xsas.exe:
Published: 2004/12/7 10:10 • Updated: 2004/12/7 10:26
new feature: chat rooms

Resized Image
Published: 2004/12/12 12:58 • Updated: 2004/12/12 12:58
Resized Image
Published: 2005/1/8 3:14 • Updated: 2005/1/8 3:14
Published: 2005/1/10 9:22 • Updated: 2005/1/10 9:22
It looks great !

Tem algum "esqueleto" da interface grafica, butoes, logos, etc?


Published: 2005/4/15 18:52 • Updated: 2005/4/15 18:52
It looks great !
Tem algum "esqueleto" da interface grafica, butoes, logos, etc?

Yes! Estou a trabalhar no XSAS XBR enquanto envio os arquivos do site XOOPS Brasil para o servidor (vai demorar, mais de 300MB. mais de 100mb de sql).

A novidade está no uso da tecnologia "Speech Application Programming Interface" para fazer com que o XSAS XBR "fale" tudo de relevante que estiver acontecendo com os utilizadores. Além de ser um valor agregado aparentemente supérfulo, gerar falas contínuas é muito menos irritante do que mensagens contínuas, e acredito que servirá como ótimo complemento.

Ok, ok, recoded to empire language: now I have peace to work again in the new xsas xbr (and "xbr" = *real* "xoops brasil"). The new version can "speak" in portugese and english, using the free "speech application programming technology" and LUA, a BRAZILIAN and "powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. Lua is free software. Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. Lua is dynamically typed, interpreted from bytecodes, and has automatic memory management with garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration, scripting, and rapid prototyping. A fundamental concept in the design of Lua is to provide meta-mechanisms for implementing features, instead of providing a host of features directly in the language. For example, although Lua is not a pure object-oriented language, it does provide meta-mechanisms for implementing classes and inheritance. Lua's meta-mechanisms bring an economy of concepts and keep the language small, while allowing the semantics to be extended in unconventional ways. Extensible semantics is a distinguishing feature of Lua. Lua is a language engine that you can embed into your application. This means that, besides syntax and semantics, Lua has an API that allows the application to exchange data with Lua programs and also to extend Lua with C functions. In this sense, Lua can be regarded as a language framework for building domain-specific languages. Lua is implemented as a small library of C functions, written in ANSI C, and compiles unmodified in all known platforms. The implementation goals are simplicity, efficiency, portability, and low embedding cost. The result is a fast language engine with small footprint, making it ideal in embedded systems too. Lua is designed and implemented by a team at Tecgraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group of PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil). Tecgraf is a laboratory of the Department of Computer Science." - lua was made here in rio de janeiro, and I think better than PHP, Java or python.
Published: 2005/6/19 23:59 • Updated: 2005/6/19 23:59