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aMember Script Plug-in for Xoops

Posted by dlh on 2004/3/6 18:24:26 (34371 reads) | Posted on Modules

As part of my job as Director of Product Development for the Core Team - my job is to encourage outside developers to port their excellent php scripts to Xoops based modules.

I am proud to announce that Xoops can now add the very popular aMember script to our already powerful CMS! This brings us one step closer to being a true commerce class piece of software!

Here's a description:

aMember is a flexible membership and subscription management PHP script. It has support for PayPal, BeanStream, 2Checkout, NoChex, VeriSign PayFlow, Authorize.Net, PaySystems, Probilling, Multicards, E-Gold and Clickbank payment systems (complete list can be found here) and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site.

You can view the features here:

This is a for-pay script. Alex Scott has set a price of $40, which IMHO opinion is a pretty fair deal!

Words directly from Alex after he developed this module:

"Thank you for your attention and your product - I really like clear codes of your project. phpNuke should go directly to Recycle bin after that!"

Have fun!

Dan (dlh)

P.S. I do not have any stake in this effort and have not reviewed his code. Please refer and comments regarding the module to Alex Scott at his website:


Just received a clarification e-mail from Alex (slightly paraphrased):

"There are 2 facts in this story that can be understood incorrectly by

1) The module works with aMember Pro only, so total cost is not 40, but

2) This module is not a block or addition for XOOPS. It is plugin FOR AMEMBER, but it will manage XOOPS users database and it makes possible to sell membership, track expirations, protect plain HTML and downloadable files, having "single-login" with XOOPS and aMember."

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Demo for Xoops+aMember Pro?
Published: 2004/3/6 19:48 • Updated: 2004/3/6 19:48
Is hard to develop plugin for xoops?

Perhaps sombody develop plugin for free wersion of aMember
Published: 2004/3/7 5:30 • Updated: 2004/3/7 8:38
Open Source software is supposed to be free. Sound like someone is trying to profit from the hard work put in by the XOOPS team to me.

Give it away or go away, that's what I say!
Published: 2004/3/7 8:43 • Updated: 2004/3/7 8:43

I can understand why many people think this about open source, I used to myself.

If you have a read read the XOOPS License you will get a first hand understanding of GPL.

When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price. Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for this service if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in new free programs; and that you know you can do these things.

Lets not get into a flame war like the one that is happening at Postnuke at the moment..

Individuals are "free" to charge for there own developement time and efforts, this is what open source is about, "freedom", not necessarily "free" in the financial sense.

amember pro is not open source

Published: 2004/3/7 9:42 • Updated: 2004/3/7 9:46
Perhaps you should read it again. It says:

Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for this service if you wish.)

It says that charging for distribution is ok, it does not say charging for the software is.

It would be nice if every extension to XOOPS was free but in the real world I guess that's not going to happen is it.
Published: 2004/3/7 10:26 • Updated: 2004/3/7 11:08
If they were charging $140+ to redistribute XOOPS that would be a crime against freedom

But they aren't doing that. They are charging money for an app/script that they wrote. Closed source. They are free (pun) to do that.

Nothing wrong with selling your own wares for any price as long as it is your wares you are selling.

For my budget of $0 I won't be looking at this 3rd party app. But I don't see a problem with them trying to sell their product.
Published: 2004/3/7 11:09 • Updated: 2004/3/7 11:09
I have made a change in the title to reflect what has already been mentioned.

Just to clarify, aMember is a VERY popular script for automatically managing memberships to pay sites. It is wholely separate from Xoops, and functionality was added to aMember (not Xoops) that makes it work with the XOOPS user tables.

This is great news for individuals wanting to start a content business using the XOOPS framework! I for one am really excited about this since this is functionality that everyone has been asking for (free or payed) for "many a moon".

As far as I know, you can still use aMember free, it'll just require your users to utilize a double-login. In fact, if you want free - you can use PayPal and move customers in out of tables manually.

The whole issue of free software is another rant that I'll save for another day. The only question you should ask yourself is "I'm getting this great free-to-me software with a fantastic community...what am I giving back?". This goes far beyond money...Just a thought.

On another positive note, I am really please with what I have seen recently with members giving back to the community. The modules and CSS theme ideas have been fantastic. I'm really starting to see some amazing things being done with Xoops. Congratulations!

Dan (dlh)
Published: 2004/3/7 13:44 • Updated: 2004/3/7 13:44
Great to hear abut this plugin, a demo will be very usefull.
40$ is not a lot for this kind of addon, so stop this "all needs to be free 4 all" ... it's a free world ppls, XOOPS is free, and one who wants to charge for it's site content needs to know to pay himeself sometimes....
Published: 2004/3/10 9:49 • Updated: 2004/3/10 9:49
Is there something out there for free which has similar functions? If so, where can I get it. If not, would anyone be interested in creating one?
Published: 2004/4/4 1:33 • Updated: 2004/4/4 1:33
I've purchased this script as I've need something along these lines for a long time now.

Yeah it is a good script but it is far from xoopsed, infact it is still a seperate script, there is no modulusations people still need to exit the look and feel of your site to sign up.

yes it works with the groups, but the problem I have now is it won't allow existing members to sign up, they have to create a new account through this script.

I've contacted Amember for assistance so shall await there reply patiently.

If people want a member handling subscription this is the one.

If they want the look and feel with it as a module incorperated into their site then forget this script and keep waiting for something better.

This is of course only my opinion.
Published: 2004/4/12 9:36 • Updated: 2004/4/12 9:36
I'm confused, i can only see a copy at $140, not $40
Published: 2004/4/12 17:11 • Updated: 2004/4/12 17:11
The $40 is the add-on.

You have to purchase the aMember script at $139, then you are given the option of add-ons which would be XOOPS this costs another $40 so the total is $179.

If you are in Europe and subject to VAT @ 17.5, they this will also be added making the total over $200

Which I paid and to be honest I'm not all that satisfied with, it's not a module as I expected, and there is a problem with existing users should they wish to upgrade account.

Works fine for new users, as it will create a account.

Hope this makes sense.
Published: 2004/4/12 17:27 • Updated: 2004/4/12 17:27
But can't you adjust the "look and feel" to be in line with the design of your site so that it doesn't look so separate from your webpage?
Published: 2004/11/7 17:11 • Updated: 2004/11/7 17:11
amember has template files to incorp your template into the amember system. Amember has been set up in a way it will work with any site new or old with small coding changes. As far as the plugin goes I have seen the XOOPS plugin around for free so if you look hard enough you can find it or the code and you can make the files yourself.

The amember program is awesome when it comes to the features and the money you can make off your site is endless if you have the content and the right marketing.

As for me I run an online gaming clan and we require all new clan member to pay yearly dues. This program keeps track of who has paid, how much, and what access they have to the site. This of course is done by setting the new user up in a special group of people instead of just registered users. It is a complete total package that I have used on a few different sites (buying a license for each site is required) and I am in awe of the time, features, and thought that Alex the programmer has put into this.

I say well worth the money if you going to have a site that needs subscription and a lot fo traffic to support your buying of this programming.
Published: 2005/2/10 9:32 • Updated: 2005/2/10 9:32
As far as the plugin goes I have seen the XOOPS plugin around for free so if you look hard enough you can find it or the code and you can make the files yourself.

The reason it is out there for free is because there is no license statement in any of the files (3 files total,,, and readme.txt)

The way it is set up in amember is you go to the follow path "root of website/amember/plugins/protect/" and create a folder called "xoops"

From there you place the three files above into that file, once you have the proper code.

Then just login to the admin section of the amember side and click on config then plugins (if my memory is right and then select XOOPS and you follow the instructions. Hope this helps.
Published: 2005/2/10 9:41 • Updated: 2005/2/10 9:41
Despite the cost, this does sound interesting.

Has there been any enhancements to make the plug in more XOOPS friendly?
Published: 2005/5/28 4:24 • Updated: 2005/5/28 4:24
I hate to point this out but $179 is rediculous for a script. I have seen scripts much more advanced that don't charge an arm and a leg for it. A good example is PHPMychat, Agora Cart, PhpBB, etc.

I for one will not be buying this but instead will use the funds to donate to XOOPS a REAL script that deserves some profit. As a developer I find this utterly rediculous and disgusting.

The developers of this module need to take a page from the Linux community. That is true Open source software that should be payed software but because of the promise made to the users it still remains free. And linux coders and XOOPS coders pounds the dog #OOPS# out of the ignorant little overcharging coder who made this fantastic peice of #OOPS# module.
Published: 2005/11/6 15:47 • Updated: 2005/11/6 15:47
It is ridiculous in your opinion! I think aMember is very good value considering how feature feature rich it is and the range of available payment gateways that no other module for XOOPS even comes close to. Plus the fact that aMember is tied directly to generating income for you site, I think the cost is quite justified.

Besides, to get something to that level and keep it there requires time, effort and skill, and the costs of doing so have to be covered somehow. I would much rather have the option of paying a couple of hundred to have something professionally built and maintained like aMember than the alternatives. Talk is cheap Cowboy123. You say you are a coder, so if you find this so "rediculous and disgusting" how about your put your money where your mouth is and produce a viable alternative.
Published: 2005/11/6 18:02 • Updated: 2005/11/6 18:02
Does anyone know where I can get the XOOPS plugin for aMember-pro?
Published: 2006/1/24 1:40 • Updated: 2006/1/24 1:40
Yes! yo can find it at aMember's site, here.

Note: Make sure that the script is compatible with your XOOPS version (ask aMember) since it is is quite old.
Published: 2006/1/24 9:29 • Updated: 2006/1/24 9:31
I am trying to determine which subscription module / script is going to work best on my site.

I am using the trial version of aMemberPro right now, but the XOOPS plugin isn't included.

I don't want to pay $40 for the plugin just to test it.

If anyone knows where I can get if nothing else a 'trial' version of the XOOPS plugin, I would really appreciate it.

Or if anyone knows where I can get the plugin for free, or a plugin that is similar for free, that would be appreciated as well!

I plan on buying the software. But it's a heafty price, and to have to buy the XOOPS plugin seperately is beyond my capacity.

I have seen on this forum that other people have found this plugin on the net. But I have searched for a few hours and I haven't found it.

PM me or post here please.
Published: 2006/1/24 11:41 • Updated: 2006/1/24 11:41
So my collegue bought this script, both aMember Pro, and the XOOPS plugin.

I have been trying to help him get it installed.

I have contacted the aMember support about the issue, but I haven't gotten anything back from them yet.

Here is what my collegue posted in the aMember support forum:


I am having problems installing the XOOPS module with my XOOPS site.

I get this error: ""XOOPS Board Db and Prefix - incorrect value. Error: Table xxxxxxxxxx doesn't exist"

xxxxxxxxxx = equals the name that I used.

I am running Cpanel, and my DB name is the first 8 charactors of my user name for my hosting account, with an _dbname

looks like this: username_dbname

So to install it, it needs the dbname, and the table's prefix, and it should look like this: username_dbname.dbname_ (according to their example in the module)

I have tried every variation of that, and I haven't been able to make it work.

Im waiting for support to help me out with it now.

Any ideas in the meantime?

If this helps, I used the MySQL Account Maintenance module in Cpanel to check the name of my DB.

Here is what I found (x's in place of acutal name)

DB: xxxxxxx_xxxxx
Username: xxxxxxx_xxxxx

I checked phpMyAdmin to see what the tables prefix.

The prefix is: xxxxx_

So the XOOPS setup, where the module asks: XOOPS Board Db and Prefix

the example is: nuke.nuke_

So my entry should look like: xxxxxxx_xxxxx.xxxxx_


I think that the redundant underscore is what is throwing it off. But that is how my database name looks. ?

I tried it without the proceeding xxxxxxxx_ and just tried xxxxx.xxxxx_

But it didn't like that either.

So I tried just: xxxxx_

Didn't like that.

So I tried xxxxx

It didn't like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Published: 2006/1/26 1:16 • Updated: 2006/1/26 1:25
Dear Xoops,

I paid for the aMember Pro script that comes with the XOOPS plugin. Now completely baffled:

How do you install the XOOPS plugin? I've asked Alex and he says it's done, but just don't see any connectivity whatsover.

So do you now use the php include (from aMember) in the pages, basically not use the group memberships as defined in XOOPS anymore? That's ok with me, but would still like 'current members online' and other, so it has to communicate somehow between XOOPS and aMember.

What comes first, the users in aMember, or from XOOPS .. how does this work?

It's a amazing script, if I could just make it operational!

Have you implemented aMember into your XOOPS setup?

Look forward to any reply to point me in the right direction.

Sincere regards,
Published: 2006/6/5 11:28 • Updated: 2006/6/5 11:28