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#1 Posted on: 2005/7/25 10:20 image manager & uploads
I'm using myAlbum-P for my gallery, as I want users to be able to include formats like pdf, 3d project files etc, and as far as I could tell, XoopsGallery or others would only let you add video and picture files.

I've been adding screenshots for non-image files by inserting them in the description, after adding them in the Image Manager.

The problem is, I want non-admin users to be able to upload screenshots to go along with their gallery submissions as well, and host the pics on the site itself and not Photobucket or similar, but I don't want to give access to the image manager. Is there hack or a way to add screenshots?

Also, I noticed that when you insert an image from the image manager, it inserts the actual full virtual path to the file, and not {X_SITEURL}uploads/...

Will this mean that I'll have to re-upload all the images in the image manager if I move to a new site (so there's a different virtual path), and find all the pages that use Image Manager images and change the code?

Will this be fixed if I use the {X_SITEURL} tag and then the relative virtual path to display images? I'm assuming that you can change the $X_SITEURL value in mainfile.php if needed.

Sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated.


Just popping in
Just popping in
2005/7/24 21:05
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#2 Posted on: 2005/9/9 11:48 Re: image manager & uploads
I've the same problem and I just make an hack.

download link

I've have tested it on XOOPS .




Just popping in
Just popping in
2002/8/16 8:22
From Italy
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